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  • 23 hours ago by The New York Times

    The New York Times
    How did Fox News' coverage of the health care debate, the terrorist attack in London and the Russian investigation vary from its rivals?  Our reporters watched from 6 a.m. until midnight on Thursday to find out.
    One Nation, Under Fox: 18 Hours With a Network That Shapes America
    23 hours ago Naomi Derner 174
    During that time our reporter inexplicably lost 27 IQ points and most of his teeth.
    23 hours ago Liam McGregor 4
    And developed Type 2 diabetes
    23 hours ago Kathy Malmstrom
    23 hours ago Maja Katic
    23 hours ago Oliver Steiner 65
    Dear NYT, thank you for your sacrifices. 18h Fox is truly inhumane. I hope youve asked for a bonus for dangerous and hard working conditions.
    23 hours ago Sonal Sheth-Iyer 4
    Lol. I watched it for 30 mins... what I wouldn't do for that time back!!!
    23 hours ago Kim Howell 1
    I watched it with my father in law a while back. It is AMAZING how they edit videos out of context, use unnecessarily forceful and leading language, and demonize liberals (sometimes called the "alt-left"). I was also surprised at how they would show video and their interpretation of the words just spoken would be completely opposite of how I took them.
    23 hours ago Derrick Davis 62
    Fox is nothinf but plutocratic and white supremacist propaganda.
    People who watch it are brainwashed.
    Swing by the Fox FB page and you will see what i mean.
    23 hours ago Justin Levine
    They think the same exact thing of you. How can you say your not the brainwashed one?
    23 hours ago Traci Schmekel
    I just looked. Wow🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄
    23 hours ago Ishka Bibel 42
    I hope you are paying for the therapy your reporter will be needing.
    23 hours ago Jonathan Seligman 25
    That's really sweet calling them a network and not a propoganda machine.
    23 hours ago Luise Malloy 18
    It's just so discouraging to read about how high their viewership is.
    23 hours ago Bob Smith 1
    That's what bothers me the most
    23 hours ago Joel Christian Cook 1
    Idiots like those 'alternative facts'
    23 hours ago Ankara
    This just tells how many hillybillies and uneducated people still in USA..
    23 hours ago Tony Maguire
    Maybe some think its a comedy show ?
    23 hours ago Kristin Morey Rosler 16
    They should have to include a disclaimer at the bottom of their broadcasts that watching will make you dumber and a worse person.
    23 hours ago Kevin Brown 7
    Kyle Cox Brad Ryktarsyk can you imagine enduring 18 hours of this nonsense propaganda. If Trumpcare had passed, you'd be out of luck finding the mental health care needed after this.
    23 hours ago Angel McAtee 5
    #foxnewsfakenews you just can't spin it to make the administration look good no matter how hard you try. A fool is a fool!
    23 hours ago Hugh Thomas 4
    egad, I hope your poor reporters are now resting comfortably
  • 1 day ago by The New York Times

    The New York Times
    We're at Metro Al Madina in Beirut with the Lebanese band الراحل الكبير The Great Departed, who are playing some songs and talking about their music. Comment with your questions for the band, and NYT journalist Ben Hubbard will ask some.
    1 day ago The New York Times 24
    If you're just tuning in, the Lebanese band فرقة الراحل الكبير The Great Departed is going to play a couple final songs for us. Thanks for watching, everyone.
    1 day ago The New York Times 19
    If you're just tuning in, Lebanese band فرقة الراحل الكبير The Great Departed is playing some songs for us. Do you have any questions for the band? Leave them in the comments.
    1 day ago Donna Cain Carty 11
    I love that you are doing this sort of thing. The more cultural access all people have, the better chance things like the NEA have.
    23 hours ago Dottie Donnelly Brienza 10
    Thanks for sharing this. Great to experience music from another culture. THIS is what builds our humanity! And love the band's sense of sarcastic humor.
    1 day ago The New York Times 7
    Welcome, everyone. We're with the Lebanese band فرقة الراحل الكبير The Great Departed. Share your thoughts and questions below.
    23 hours ago Deborah Anne Queree
    Hi Y'all from Florida🇺🇸
    1 day ago Muhammad Aljadid 7
    I love Beirut people and I respect their culture
    1 day ago Renee Marie 5
    Let Obamacare explode. He says. Because he cares so much about the people.
    The insurance companies need to be regulated and monitored . Our prices need to match the rest of the world.  That's the real issue here..
    23 hours ago Ben Hubbard 2
    I hope you liked the music.
    23 hours ago Deborah Anne Queree
    Love the music from Florida🇺🇸
    1 day ago Tanvir Iqbal 4
    Listening from Pakistan. Beautiful Arabic music. Allah! Help them out of the current miseries.
    1 day ago Alastair G Rogers 3
    Watching from God's little green island. PEI on Canada's east coast! Love it!
    23 hours ago Kimberly Atkins 1
    Really appreciate the NYT giving us all previews of people, music etc from around the world... (we all need this exposure in time with such judgement, us vs them mentality)
  • 1 day ago by The New York Times

    The New York Times
    President Donald J. Trump immediately blamed Democrats for the bill’s failure — even though Republicans control both the House and the Senate.
    The Health Care Bill Has Failed. Let the Finger Pointing Begin.
    1 day ago Kathleen Daubel 346
    Blaming the Dems is like saying you lost because the other team wouldn't let you score enough points. #UCMTSU
    1 day ago Charles Zarrell 22
    Even when you had more players and the referee on your side
    1 day ago Jorge Thacker 14
    The Lord of the Lies and his Republican minions have been defeated. This is the first Congressional winning in the war against mental insanity in America. Next get verdict from FBI about Trump/Russian connection, Push for Universal Health Care, Congress in 2018, and return to sanity in 2020.
    1 day ago Joey Armas 6
    Nailed it!
    1 day ago Kisha Jones 3
    Love it!
    23 hours ago Ginger Alexandra 3
    "Lord of the lies" - 👌 excelente, sir.
    1 day ago Kathleen Daubel 1
    1 day ago Dawn Hachey-Kink 1
    1 day ago Danny Laesch 1
    Perfect. Sharing.
    23 hours ago Janet Harrod Abdulla
    23 hours ago Robin Charleston
    1 day ago Howard P. Forman 166
    POTUS will continue to engage in petulant and grandiose narcissistic behavior. But make no mistake, he is POTUS for all, not just the GOP. And this lack of insight will haunt him until he steps down from this office (which probably cannot come too soon). Presidents can criticize wars and policies of predecessors, but they must govern and that includes owning it ALL. President Obama did not win every policy fight, but you never saw him walking away from it, hoping that it would just disappear on its own. POTUS owns it all (ACA and everything else) and if it doesn’t thrive, it is HIS failure.
    1 day ago Dan Collins 27
    Jessica Johnson How has Trump helped you? Serious inquiry.
    1 day ago Bethany Funkhouser 12
    He's doing such a great job! Two travel bans stopped by the court, under investigation for collusion with Russia, lost Flynn to the Russian controversy, Sessions had to recuse himself, Kellyanne hawking Ivanka's stuff and making up massacres, Sean Spicer saying Trump had the biggest crowds in the history of crowds (period!) and now this the abject failure of a Republican healthcare plan. Gosh I'm so sick of winning!
    1 day ago Angela Stickman 11
    Personally, I am relieved Trump has been such a failure. Every time he fails, we the people win. Keep it up America! The people have a voice!
    1 day ago Summer Wogoman 8
    Don't this point it serves no purpose trying to explain what is clearly happening, to those who are still in campaign mode. 🙂
    1 day ago Danny Laesch 4
    Bump^ (Also, the only failure I see was in the orange One's leadership yesterday. Perhaps he will soon come to understand that government is not a business, nor should it be run like one.)
    1 day ago Philip Schlanger 3
    She is so clueless.
    1 day ago Grant Menzies 3
    I don't think anything can help this ignorant person. Trump KoolAid erases what concept of irony any of these dolts had to begin with.
    1 day ago Christiane Leigh 2
    Good question, Dan. Jessica is a job hopping, freebie finding 'blogger'. Im curious to know what she has gained here, freebie wise...
    1 day ago Christiane Leigh 1
    Good question, Dan. Jessica is a job hopping, freebie finding 'blogger'. Im curious to know what she has gained here, freebie wise... the only things coking for free from washington are loads of lies and 💩
    1 day ago Jessica Johnson
    Obamacare like Obama will always be our biggest failures. Trump is doing a great job. If only losers would grow the hell up.
    1 day ago Angela Stickman 126
    Trump will now do everything in his power to seek "revenge" and try to sabbotage the ACA in any way he can so he can then say, see, it failed. This is no president. He cares nothing for a single person in this country. He cares about himself, his ego, his money and thats it. Just watch.
    1 day ago Cindy Carr 6
    He will do everything he can to sabotage the ACA rather than make improvements to it. This pile of turkey skin will revel in Americans dying because of his spiteful toddler ego.
    23 hours ago Peggy O'Bryan Hess 3
    Jakub G Jakubowski What have the republicans been doing for 7 years? They also control the house and the senate.
    23 hours ago Ruth Martin 2
    Philip, true because they are like him, dirtbags!
    23 hours ago Angela Stickman 2
    Philip Schlanger True, he might care for his children, but only because they are spawns of gimself and an extention of him. If any of them went against him on anything, I could see him disown them completely. The man has serious issues.
    23 hours ago Peggy O'Bryan Hess 1
    Where is trump's "really" good plan. Everyone will like it????
    1 day ago Bernd Heuser 1
    Spot on. 👍
    1 day ago Philip Schlanger 1
    I don't know, he might care for his children.
    23 hours ago Gail Mayfield 1
    I believe you are right Angela Stickman.
    23 hours ago Jakub G Jakubowski
    Obamacare is dying and destroying itself.
    It will collapse because it was a poorly written law that was not read before it was passed in the middle of the night.
    23 hours ago Tamara Hoffmann Shipp
    Philip Schlanger That's really caring about himself.
    1 day ago Chris Primini 109
    I can't take all this winning. I'm actually sick of winning.
    1 day ago Barry Cohen 4
    He won on the Muslim ban. And, never forget his victory making his Trump University fraud suit go away for a paltry $25,000,000!
    1 day ago Todd Hendricks 1
    LOL. Oh god, make it stop!
    1 day ago Todd Hendricks
    LOL. Oh god, make it stop!
    1 day ago Todd Hendricks
    LOL. Oh god, make it stop!
    1 day ago Bethany Funkhouser 92
    THEY HAD SEVEN YEARS! Trying to blame the Democrats when the Republicans control every level of government was an interesting choice. Only the moderate Republicans got it right: Trump and the Freedom Caucus are to blame.
    1 day ago David William Allen 53
    GOP missed the opportunity to not only pass an ACA, which had seven years of formulating, but also presented the lack of skill, talent and will to come together for the common goal. To move forward on tax reform would be harmful for America. This is not the time to tackle anything like tax or budget reform. Not when you have a president that has already shown that he takes no responsibility for anything that does not play well with his ego. We need to demand not only a freeze on government spending, hiring or reform, but most importantly we need a hold, a freeze on Trump and his administration actions until all investigation are completed and a concrete resolution has been reached. No matter how long, and what direction these investigation take. POTUS must be limited and monitored in his scope of power. This would be paramount, before any restructuring of any legislation or direction in our government. America demands an independent investigation into Russian hacking into our presidential elections. Demand an independent investigation into Trump's administration into Russian ties of collusion, money laundering, and foreign interference into his campaign and presidency. Call your local congress members. Here's the switchboard -they'll put you thru 202-225-3121.
    1 day ago Angela Colón 1
    23 hours ago Patti Turner Steel
    Totally agree!
    1 day ago Angela Colón
    1 day ago Kris Coolbersky 51
    Before the election: He's plainspoken and tells it like it is!
    Now: He speaks in complex metaphor and analogy!
    1 day ago Barry Cohen 4
    He was "plainspoken"????? If you're Trump University-level gullible.  "Tells it like it is"??? How about tells it like he was selling you a $30,000 magic real-estate course?
    1 day ago Pierre Morin 2
    Now he speaks like a Con on meth and is anal!
    1 day ago Cindy Carr 2
    Nothing about Trump is nuanced. Everything he says is like being hit over the head with a frying pan.
    23 hours ago Donna Woonteiler 2
    I don't think he ever told it like it was, and doubt he knows what a metaphor is!
    23 hours ago Gail Newby Wilkie 1
    Tells what like it is, just wondering. Crazy pants.
    1 day ago Bill Sheehan 45
    He only blamed the Democrats in air quotes, so he doesn't really mean it.
    1 day ago Michelle Marconi 41
    "Blame is just a lazy person's way of making sense of chaos."
    ~Doug Coupland
    1 day ago Betty Aniello
    I like that one.
    1 day ago Marc Duncan 21
    This is just the beginning...only a defeat in the domestic political arena...just wait until international leaders smack him down and make a fool of him as well #GreatAgain
    23 hours ago Elizabeth Rohr
    Can't happen soon enough.
  • 1 day ago by The New York Times

    The New York Times
    Canadians welcomed Syrian refugees into their lives. Letting go might be harder.
    They Adopted Refugee Families for 12 Months. Then Came ‘Month 13.’
    1 day ago Sean Sciulli 19
    You mean Canadians weren't all killed by refugee terrorists? That can't be.......Breitbart and Sean Hannity said they were all killers.
    1 day ago Hildegard Becker Lipp 10
    Well written article! I wish we had programs like that here. I have often wondered what I specifically could be doing to help the refugees from Syria.
    1 day ago Jill Brown 10
    Bless the Canadians for figuring out a method of settling illiterate refugees to help them flourish. Hard, hard work
    23 hours ago Jill Brown 1
    Not all are but this couple never got to be educated. So it is harder. Many refugees are educated but not all. And all deserve help
    23 hours ago Josée Oliver 1
    Canadian here. They are not illiterate, Jill. Many are very well educated. Yes, they need to learn one or both official languages of Canada. Though many already have notions of English. We must give them the credit they deserve. How many of us would accept to leave everything behind and take the journey these people have?
    23 hours ago Richard Barrett
    Illiterate? Wow.
    23 hours ago Jill Brown
    I agree Josee. I think this family faced particularly large challenges but from what i understand most refugees are very educated. I meant nothing more than admiration. How hard it has to learn a new language and to read at same time. Unless them
    23 hours ago Jill Brown
    Bless them is what i meant
    1 day ago Brad Beeney 9
    Regardless of what our foolish delusional president says, keep articles like this coming, amazing Saturday morning read The New York Times
    1 day ago John Michaels 8
    We don't do that here. Is this program coming to America? I want to see some people volunteer to take in refugees.
    1 day ago Irina Hodakovsky 7
    Thousands of households gladly would. Count me in.
    1 day ago Cindy Benson 6
    We did it in the 70s with the Vietnamese refugees. My dad worked with a family in our town. It turned into a relationship that lasted the rest of Dad's life. He said he gained so much more from them than he gave them. I know they didn't agree.
    1 day ago John Michaels
    1 day ago John Michaels
    Cindy Benson
    Wqy different time. Way different circumstances.
    1 day ago Amy DeLeon 7
    Building community is hard, but critical in growing and prospering as healthy and balanced humans, not just for the refugees' benefit. As article states, "Part of what made it so difficult to step back was that the Syrians and Canadians filled gaps in one another’s lives in a way none of them had anticipated."
    1 day ago Tony Rocco 2
    Good for Canada it is a big country and population is just 25 millions so they can absorb another 100 million people
    23 hours ago Rachel Clement 9
    Jenny Schaum sure why not, at least we are welcoming. I will have to check with the other 32,999 million and will get back to you.
    1 day ago Rachel Clement 8
    Correction Tony, we are 33 million.... This is 2017, instead of sarcasm, Google "Canada"..... Does not make you sound smart...
    23 hours ago Dani Mglubu 2
    Canada is not a liberal safe haven. it might be less racist than america but they have their own bigots. a lot of them, actually
    23 hours ago Mallory Brown 1
    It is a big country but it isn't all livable land
    1 day ago Jenny Schaum
    Rachel Clement well like he said you can take another 100 million of them since Canada is so welcoming.
    1 day ago The New York Times 1
    Read the other articles in this series:
    1 day ago Tony Grant 1
    It is really frustrating to feel that strain on your compassion. There are times when I wonder if the refugees were even sufficient back home.
    1 day ago Brian Cheek 15
    Look at our history. Are those 1 million Vietnamese refugees we took in the 70s doing well? Yeah, they pretty much are. All evidence shows refugees are far and away very productive and a benefit.
    1 day ago Tony Grant 6
    I totally agree. I just do a lot of translations for our local Iraqis here in CT, and I want them to be self-sufficient so quickly I forget to put myself in their shoes
    23 hours ago Alyssa Roberts
    Most of their own children didn't have children so they lack grandchildren. They are attempting to fill the void by assuaging their white guilt but it isn't working as they see they've been played for fools by migrants who share none of their values. Yes they want cars immediately and why not? It proves you can't build a compassionate, liberal society with other people's and culture's children.
  • 1 day ago by The New York Times

    The New York Times
    He has already been buried in 3 places. Now they're considering moving him to a fourth.
    President James K. Polk’s Body May Be Moved. Again.
    1 day ago Jerry Applebaum 14
    Put him in a casket on wheels and they can just move him to a different place every week...maybe a self-driving one that can roam the country on its own
    1 day ago Jerry R Hernandez
    1 day ago Alex Baez
    1 day ago Jonathan Samnath 11
    Willing to bet most Americans don't know who James K. Polk is.
    1 day ago Mike Knight 5
    They named Al Bundy's high school after the man.
    1 day ago Nick DeStefano 1
    Yeah, thanks tons for waging a war for that land with the express purpose of expanding slavery. Good work.
    23 hours ago Debbie Brady Shellady 1
    Probably correct unless you live in Iowa. Polk was president when Iowa achieved statehood. The capital of Iowa is in Polk County.
    23 hours ago Callie White 1
    Polk was widely considered one of the worst presidents ever, but America was just warming up back then.
    1 day ago John Williams
    23 hours ago Tracie Price
    They should listen to They Might Be Giants.
    23 hours ago Tucker Mollers
    The funny thing is he made good on almost all of his campaign promises. He stole the Southwest, and he bullied England for the northwest. It was the 54-40 or fight slogan that did it.
    1 day ago Coltin Todd Baker
    If you live anywhere west of the Louisiana Purchase you owe him a thank you
    1 day ago Ishka Bibel 7
    Is there actually anything to move at this point? I do not understand the worship of remains.
    1 day ago John Omlor 5
    I hope they get They Might be Giants to play at the new interment.
    1 day ago John Williams 3
    "Golf clubs and cemeteries are the biggest wasters of prime real estate."- Al Czervik
    1 day ago Toby Lavergne 1
    For the win!
    1 day ago Nick DeStefano 2
    Yay for starting wars to spread slavery, James K. Polk.
    1 day ago Walter Winfield Jr. 1
    So will we now be changing the joke to "Who's buried in Polk's tomb?" 😉
    23 hours ago Art Colucci
    Well, you just can't keep a good man down!
    Kidding, he was a miserable Prez!
    23 hours ago Todd Kerr
    Let's move him back to the White House. He was the only President to accomplish everything he promised.
    1 day ago Luke Schell
    Just think when it Trump's time we will never have to worry about his remains. He will decend back to BEELZEBUB arms.
  • 1 day ago by The New York Times

    The New York Times
    Chelsea Clinton, on Twitter, has:
    -Accused a Trump adviser of spreading misinformation
    -Admonished a Republican congressman for racist comments
    -Pushed the president to speak out against religiously motivated attacks
    Now on Twitter: Chelsea Clinton, Unbound
    1 day ago Owen Hardy 412
    Please stop trying to prop up Chelsea Clinton for an inevitable run for office somewhere.  No more bushes. No more clintons. No more dynastic families in politics. No more. Just stop. Seriously. Thank you.
    1 day ago Christina Sorensen 110
    That's hilarious considering that Trump has placed his family all over the White House oh give us a break how come you're not screaming about his daughter and son-in-law having a seat at the table you would be screaming on the highest mountain top if Hillary had of one and did the same thing nothing but a bunch of hypocrites. She's not running for office and has every right to speak up as a citizen like you do
    1 day ago Irene Tan-Sullivan 106
    I hope you are saying the same about Ivanka Trump.
    1 day ago Owen Hardy 65
    Christina/Irene, if you can believe it, it's possible to be critical of the clintons AND oppose the trump administration...
    1 day ago Sheri South 42
    Why in the world should anyone be kept for pursuing a career in life because others in their family have gone before them? You can't dictate another person's path in life because of who their family is.
    1 day ago Christina Burdick 30
    Except a Kennedy...I'll take a Kennedy please.
    1 day ago Leslie Goldman Maaser 20
    I'll take Joe Kennedy III for a leader!
    1 day ago Nicolò Passaro 11
    Owen Hardy Exactly.
    Infact I think Trump and Clinton are two stupid gets. The worst candidates USA ever had. I'm so sorry for americans.
    1 day ago Sean Brassman 7
    'Dynasty' is one of those thoroughly misused words.
    1 day ago Jane Kiernan 6
    Not up to you
    1 day ago Karen Wenghofer McShea
    .....Says the Italian troll....
    1 day ago Alicia Dela 153
    The snowflake tears were exquisitely sweeter yesterday... Now that the ACA is over. WE need to demand Devin Nunez be immediately removed from the Intel Committee. The Russian investigation must continue!
    1 day ago Ken Shimamoto 14
    Time for a special prosecutor if Congress can't do the job.
    1 day ago Sean Brassman 13
    1 day ago Tom Graham 7
    ACA is over ? Lol ...look again
    1 day ago Casey J. Morris 2
    The ACA isn't going anywhere so I don't know what "tears" you're on about.
    1 day ago Edwards Greg 2
    Just imagine to the realization Repubs are waking up to this morning: "Yep, we elected a dud of a president."
    1 day ago Paul Blazewick 1
    Nunes isn't going anywhere. he didn't violate law or committee rules. cummings can't be trusted as shown by his collusion with lerner, koskinen, etc during the IRS investigation. cummings leaked secret documents to those under investigation.
    1 day ago Karen Morgan 1
    Nunes is an idiot but I don't think he'll be removed. And I bet he is sorry he opened his mouth.
    1 day ago Jane Kiernan 1
    Not your call
    1 day ago Rob Bullock
    Snowflake tears, Blacklivesmatter, mansplaining, white privilege, illiberal left, and the Clintons helped bring us Trump.
    1 day ago Amy Sloboda 116
    Not that Clinton would have ever given Chelsea an office in the West Wing because she is ethical, but if Clinton's most important legislation was in front of congress, there is no way Chelsea would have been on a ski trip. America missed an opportunity for a great president and presidential family simply because they couldn't see themselves voting for a woman. Sexism and misogyny (in addition to racism) is the reason we are in this mess.
    1 day ago Mary Riley 15
    If you voted for Trump and continue to support him, you appear to gravely misunderstand the basic meaning of "ethics"--or you embrace an extraordinarily skewed double-standard.
    1 day ago Andrew Kemle 9
    Ignoring whatever the hell Tim's raving about, I personally wouldn't go so far to say that Clinton would have been a great President (mostly because I lean far enough left that I'm actually out of the limited range of the American political spectrum).  But I do definitely agree with you Amy that sexism, racism, and a whole whack of issues, systemic or otherwise, robbed America of a clearly much better qualified President--probably *the* most qualified candidate in the race as far back as the primaries, even if I'd have preferred a different Democratic front-runner.
    1 day ago Timothy Holmes 2
    Clinton and Ethical have never been compatible words.
    23 hours ago Mary Riley 2
    Awww, Damian, why don't you smack your head with your phone again? It might help. (Even if it doesn't, somehow it still seems like a good idea.) #StillWithHer
    1 day ago Samantha Hagan 2
    Aw, and you're the great uniter that bridged the delusions eh Damian?
    1 day ago Damian Kruhmin 1
    That post was so stupid I smacked my forehead with my phone. Clinton supporters aren't that far off from being as ridiculously delusional as Trump supporters.
    1 day ago Timothy Holmes
    I feel bad that Chelseas real dad died in prison trying to protect Hillary.
    23 hours ago Debbie Miller
    I couldn't see myself voting for man or woman with that level of corruption. Or someone so stupid they couldn't safely use a computer. Or let four Americans for without lifting a finger. Or accept money for political favors. I not voting for gender, but for policy.
    23 hours ago Debbie Miller
    I couldn't see myself voting for man or woman with that level of corruption. Or someone so stupid they couldn't safely use a computer. Or let four Americans for without lifting a finger. Or accept money for political favors. I not voting for gender, but for policy.
    1 day ago Susan Yasi 85
    I'm curious as to why the NYT continues to cover this young woman. She seems sort of interesting but there are literally millions of young women the world over who are admirable for so much more than who her parents are. Why don't you get on out there and find these young people who could use the signal boost to the benefit of us all?
    1 day ago Mary Haraf 40
    I believe Chelsea is admirable for who she is. Sure, she may be most recognized because she is a Clinton, but don't diminish her personal accomplishments. It's not fair to act as though she does nothing but stand behind her parents.
    1 day ago Karen Morgan 40
    Becky Smith.....Chelsea received a Bachelors from Stanford, Masters from Oxford, Masters from Columbia and a PhD from Oxford. List your educational qualifications for us.
    1 day ago Antoinette Crowne 32
    Such hateful comments from all of you, Chelsea Clinton was raised in politics, went to the best schools, and is an extremely accomplished woman that has a lot to offer society, by far more than the shallow Trump children and opportunist Ivanka can ever contribute. Chelsea Clinton has name recognition and has every right to use it to share her opinions with the public. At least she is not costing us unsightly tax dollars to be in the public eye like the airheads whose names end with Trump.
    1 day ago Al Pratt 27
    Try reading about Chelsea's accomplishments. She's done a great deal more than Ivanka and has done humanitarian work. She's run non-profits and is far better at business than the Trump family.
    1 day ago Becky Smith 5
    Just what are Chelsea " accomplishments"??? She went to school, married well and had two kids? No real career other than that short lived reporter thing and worked for the family ( business) now defunked foundation...
    1 day ago Mark Flanigan 4
    Mary Haraf she only has the spotlight because of her family name. There are billions of other women the world over who deserve to be heard instead.
    1 day ago Karen Morgan 3
    She is just as interesting as Ivanka Trump. She wouldn't be where she is if she was standing in her Daddy's shadow, either.
    1 day ago Don Guy 1
    Why do people say "well she's better than Ivanka "? Is that as high as the bar is set? Are people not allowed to hate both the Clintons and the Trumps? I don't think most people still get why Trump won. Most people don't trust ANY of the candidates. They want fresh ideas. People that are not tied to corporate interests.
    1 day ago Andy Lichterman 1
    Its because they get either money or favors to try to prop up this useless person so when she tries to run for office she'll have a chance out of sheer name recognition.
    1 day ago Andy Lichterman
    Did you just say she would be in the same place today if her parents weren't the Clintons? That's literally the only reason anyone knows her
    1 day ago Kim Pham 62
    When did we start judging people on their.names and not their merits? Chelsea Clinton should be allowed to make her own way into politics if that is her desire. We need more young people to step up. I wish her well.
    23 hours ago Justin Borawski
    Without her name there would be no article, so I'd say the name carries a bit of weight, no?
    1 day ago Esmeralda Haddad
    Small minded people who have only chemicals on their brains to exist
    1 day ago Ron Kornfeld 60
    So basically the daughter of the person who was elected POTUS by the majority of Americans has more integrity than the daughter of the person who is actually in the role of President. Sad.
    1 day ago Grace Novarr 13
    Mike Huser California is in the United States and underneath the same government as the rest of us.
    1 day ago JoAnn Kirkwood Doherty 7
    I think you misunderstood the original comment. Chelsea is the daughter of the person who was elected POTUS by the majority of Americans. Ivanka is the daughter of the person currently holds the office of President.
    1 day ago Karen Wenghofer McShea 5
    NOT a majority of Americans! And, at least Chelsea doesn't self promote, like Ivanka!
    1 day ago Mike Huser 2
    Take away California, your precious lead goes bye bye.
    1 day ago Lisa Godley 1
    That occurred to me as well.
    1 day ago Chris Lindsey 1
    Oddly I hear more on the newsfeeds more about Chelsea than Ivanka.
    1 day ago Mike Huser 1
    Grace Novarr so? I don't care. The electoral college is what matters. Perhaps you guys should've warned the hapless, lying democrats instead of blindly supporting oil guzzling corporatist warhawks.
    1 day ago Cathy Rogers
    read that as NOT the daughter of the current president. Get on w your life.
    1 day ago Victoria Ann Kennard
    Karen Wenghofer McShea complicit
    1 day ago Ron Kornfeld
    @ Karen We agree.
    1 day ago Mike Yoder 46
    I'd like to apologize for getting triggered by the Bernie Bros who saw the word "Clinton"and decided to post something snarky and vaguely misogynistic in response. It's like they don't even realize they could have prevented this. They still pretend like trump and Clinton are interchangeable, which is obviously garbage thinking. Anyhow, people have a right to express their opinions, and I'm sorry yours are so infuriating that it makes me say bad words out loud.
    1 day ago Owen Hardy 10
    I'm sorry that you see opposition to corruption in all forms as covert misogyny. In a perfect world, trump wouldn't be president, but in a more perfect world, we never would have had to make the choice between he and Hillary in the first place...
    1 day ago Katharina Elizabetta 9
    Voted for Clinton. Disgusted by political dynasties. Guess I'm a #berniebro
    1 day ago Mildred Calabash 7
    The irrational Clinton hate is ridiculous. You act like she is Wilson Fisk with a bra. Stop being Putin tools.
    1 day ago Duncan Maloch 6
    Or Clinton voters in the primaries could have voted for the only person polling to crush Trump in the general...or do you guys not believe in polls just like the current president?  Clinton voters in the primaries are the reason we have Trump. You voted for the worst Democratic candidate in modern history and cost us the election.
    1 day ago Wendy Overom Paymard 3
    I have a Republican friend, who really liked Bernie, and probably would have voted for him, if it hadn't have been for Clinton. So, she voted for Trump, even though she wasn't keen on him. She told me last night, she hopes Bernie runs, again, in 2020. I'm betting there are many others like her.
    1 day ago Paul Aurelius 3
    Duncan Maloch did you write bernie's name in crayon or did you vote for tofu palin? it's a fact that if you dipshits would have voted for clinton, she would have won. instead we're stuck with trump because of YOU
    1 day ago Paul Aurelius 1
    they are the biggest morons, worse than trump supporters. and I voted for bernie.
    1 day ago Duncan Maloch 1
    Paul Aurelius I live in California, a state Clinton carried by 30 points. Do you know how elections work?
    1 day ago John Seabolt
    Dude be quiet
    1 day ago Sharon Metzler 33
    Great job too many people forget that she has endured way too much badmouthing of Her mother. If you do not have anything nice to say shut your mouth!
    1 day ago Sharon Metzler 3
    Why do you feel the need to degrade females?
    1 day ago Margaret Fauchier 1
    You seem a little bit bossy
    1 day ago Sharon Metzler 1
    Yes I would she is a smart successful woman why wouldn't I ? Would you Nanci be kind to someone politics aside?
    1 day ago Nanci Fenstermaker 1
    So you call out people who bad mouth Ivanka too?
    23 hours ago Nanci Fenstermaker 1
    Sharon Metzler Good. Since I am an independent and affiliated with no party I sure can put politics aside when looking at issues. Good to know you do as well. We need more people like us in the world.
    1 day ago Mike Huser
    Why do you support a loser?
    1 day ago Mike Huser
    No. the clintons caused trump. F*ck them straight to hell.
    23 hours ago Sharon Metzler
    Nanci Fenstermaker I agree I never vote across a party line I try to think of the issues at hand and read , read, and read! I felt really bad when Baron was targeted or any child for that matter. They do not choose to get thrust into the limelight!
    23 hours ago Mum Shanley
    Jeremy George so the Trump clan can all die too. Sure would save us a lot of money if we didn't have to provide security for every stinking one.
    23 hours ago Jeremy George
    Chelsea will hopefully die right along with her whole bloodline. These dynasties need to go away. If it takes the deaths of each and every last one of em than so be it
    1 day ago Lynda Goggin Mowbray 31
    Keep on keepin' on, Chelsea!!! You are an individual, no one else. Don't let these naysayers get you down, darling! My best to you.
    1 day ago Sarah Alida LeClair 5
    At least she's speaking. Her mother disappeared after the election when she should have been out there fighting the administration if she truly believed, as did so many of us, that he was dangerous. Why isn't she leading? Bernie sanders hasn't stopped. Elizabeth warren hasn't stopped. Hillary Clinton is no ones activist. Kudos to Chelsea Clinton if she has something to say and wants to use her voice for that.
    23 hours ago Jan Garec Dino 6
    Cause people keep telling her to go away.. so she did. Besides, she already spent most of her youth and adult life being an proactivist. I don't blame her for taking a rest from all that hate she's undeservedly gotten for the past 30 years
    23 hours ago Justin Borawski 1
    Therese- that was her whole strategy in the campaign- to hide and try to let Trump hang himself. Didn't exactly work, did it???
    23 hours ago Sarah Alida LeClair 1
    That's not good enough. The entire DNC screamed at Bernie Sanders to shut up and stop distracting; his supporters and delegates were treated with unconscionable disdain and outright contempt at the national conference; and both democrats for Clinton and Republicans have dismissed him as a crazy old man. Still he is in there fighting the fight. He was out there in his shirt sleeves on the OBama white house lawn protesting the dakota pipeline. He's led the charge on all the cabinet hearings. He speaks constantly on social media and in interviews against the myriad of issues this administration uses to attack the American people. I'm so sick of people propping up Hillary Clinton as this great hero and voice for the people when in the hour of our country's greatest need for unity against this administration she disappeared.
    23 hours ago Sarah Alida LeClair 1
    She could organize. She could lead. She could unify. This entire pantsuit nation movement inspired women of all ages across the country to get out the vote, to become socially and politically active, and she ended her campaign with the idea "I want to let young girls know that anything is possible..." and then disappeared from sight. You're telling me her voice, even her face as a figurehead, couldn't inspire women, particularly young women, to become and remain politically active? She couldn't be out there speaking (isn't that her great strength, giving speeches? isn't that what she did to raise money throughout her fundraising process?) and inspiring little girls to go out and be a part of the political process? I'm sorry. She has an opportunity to use the voice she's been given to effect major change and she's remaining silent because what--she didn't win? So a woman is only a warrior if she wins? When Elizabeth Warren was silenced on the senate floor and prevented from reading Coretta Scott King's letter about Jeff SEssions she didn't shut up. She went on social media and read that letter and made sure it went viral. She couldn't win one way but she sure as hell made sure everyone heard what she had to say. EW is a hero.
    23 hours ago Therese Hilleary 1
    I think Hillary understood that if she remained in the spotlight she would be a distraction and continue to be a scapegoat for 45's incoherent conspiracy rambling. by stepping back, she is allowing him to implode all by himself. and truly, what could she add to the conversations that isn't already being said? I think she'll be back but not until she can be a productive part of mending the damage our toddler-in-chief.
  • 1 day ago by The New York Times

    The New York Times
    You're going to fall in love with this dish. (via The New York Times Food)
    Moroccan Chicken Smothered In Olives Recipe
    1 day ago Le Roy Roy Ackermann 1
    Who sent you the recipe? Trrrorists?
    1 day ago Paul Wilson 15
    There always has to be at least one idiot in the comments. Congratulations on being the first. Do the universe a favor and add a cup of arsenic to the recipe.
    1 day ago Ahmed Seghir 9
    Midleast ? It shows your ignorance, go back to watch your trash TV ,
    1 day ago Kathleen Bedwell 6
    This is in at least the top five of most ignorant comments I've seen on Facebook. Wow. Really. I suspect you're just a troll with nothing better to do. Otherwise, try expanding your horizons a little. This is a great recipe for those who enjoy Mediterranean food, which is quite healthy. Go eat 5 or 6 pounds of fat and cholesterol and let the rest of us enjoy our varied tastes.
    1 day ago Deb Lindhorst 5
    Umm..first, North Africa is not the middle east and second the middle east also has excellent food. Get an education, fix your ignorance and open your mind.
    1 day ago Felix Gross 4
    Le Roy Roy Ackermann Get well soon.
    1 day ago Josh Keller-Rehse 4
    All right, I know you're a troll, but I'm going to take the bait anyway.  The dish is Mediterranean, not Middle Eastern, and none of the folks who would typically eat this would offer any food to idols. I'm assuming you're referring to Muslims. They are extremely anti-idolatry. I'll also point out that the King of Morocco was the first sovereign to recognize the United States as a country, just for the same of historical discussion since you seem to need education.
    1 day ago Kathleen Bedwell 2
    1 day ago Kathleen Bedwell 1
    An injunction? Really. WTH...
    1 day ago Le Roy Roy Ackermann
    There's an injunction to not eat food offered to idols.
    1 day ago Le Roy Roy Ackermann
    It's a middle eastern dish from middleeastia. Typical thing to post by the best buddies of middleeastery to publish their own recipes.
    1 day ago The Law Of Attraction - What you seek is seeking you 1
    Never push a l oyal person to the point where they no longer care.
    1 day ago Felix Gross 2
    Nobody cares, f*** off.
    1 day ago Stephen Donaldson
    Your pushing me
    1 day ago Ber-nard Rubble Crumley 1
    Moroccan chicken!. or 'Moroccan style!' chicken! ..seems a long way to go for chickens!. 🙄🙄🙄
    1 day ago Linda Dworaczyk 1
    I really appreciated when your recipes included the spice mix details. Miss them.
    1 day ago Lasse Meier Jensen 1
    Asta Clement Flø skal jeg lave det en dag habibi
    1 day ago Asta Clement Flø 1
    Ja tak.
    Det ser rigtig lækkert ud
    1 day ago Pranav Gabhane
    Sara Piazon when are you making this? 😬
    1 day ago Stephen Donaldson
    Looks delicious
    1 day ago Rick Kierman
    I'm not "creating an account" to see a recipe.
    1 day ago Patrick Lowe
    I made preserved lemons that would be great with this dish, haven't tasted them yet but will this week.
    1 day ago Matthew Collins
    Fiona Ward come visit soon so i have an excuse to make this.
  • 1 day ago by The New York Times

    The New York Times
    "Movement activates all the brain cells kids are using to learn, it wakes up the brain."
    Why Kids Shouldn’t Sit Still in Class
    1 day ago Joelle Nelson Tegland 25
    As a para that has worked in classrooms from Kindergarten to high school, I can attest to the benefits of movement breaks. They are so beneficial for a number of reasons. They stimulate the brain, they offer a chance to "get the wiggles out" and they are a great reset button when students are feeling stressed or overwhelmed with subject matter or emotional/social difficulties.
    1 day ago Tamara Gerhart 20
    This new information must be a shock to people who don't teach children, work with children, know children, have their own children, or who never were children themselves.
    1 day ago David Rachael 8
    Learning ain't just intellectual. The more teachers can engage and develop the inborn emotional, social, and physical being of their students, the deeper the learning goes.
    1 day ago Linda Cleary 6
    For the same reasons, adults need to get up and move from their desks at work, too. I have a HOVR foot swing under my desk at work and it helps me focus and keeps my knees from stiffening up. No more groaning when I stand up after long periods of sitting. Those of us who are old enough to remember Romper Room remember taking stretch breaks to "Bend and stretch. Reach for the stars. There goes Jupiter,. Here comes Mars."
    1 day ago Jaime Dale 4
    My son got in trouble in elementary school for awhile in first grade. He himself asked his teacher if he could stand and do his work in the back of the room that way. His wonderful teacher allowed him to do so. It instantly worked for him. He did that all the way through elementary school (except one year for the beginning semester, the teacher didn't like the idea of son was constantly coming home on yellow...After parent teacher conferences and a few more pleas from us, she caved. He was allowed to stand the rest of the year...rarely any yellows after that) and we never had many behavioral problems when he was allowed to stand. Once he hit middle school, the teachers stopped allowing him to stand. He is a freshman now, and while he doesn't get into trouble, I think he would still prefer to stand...and honestly I don't see why they can't allow it. Kids need to move more. Actually, we all do. We were built to move.
    1 day ago Susan Kling Freeman
    Wiggle seats/cushions work really well also and are available on amazon
    1 day ago Kerry Chartrand
    Interesting. Might to try this for my littlest. Thank you for sharing.
    1 day ago Kerry Chartrand
    Interesting. Might to try this for my littlest. Thank you for sharing.
    1 day ago Kerry Chartrand
    Interesting. Might to try this for my littlest.
    1 day ago Melissa Dow 2
    At staff meetings, I'd volunteer to write on the white board (or whatever) to keep me from falling into a state of 'dull brain'. Sitting is awful. Even for the adults.
    1 day ago Ina Kadile 1
    This 'new information' must be a shock only to americans ... All the other world knows that for years... poor people .... I worked with this kind of method 40 years ago!!!
    1 day ago Susan Stone Floss
    When I was a kid, teachers always made us take a break from sitting. They would have us stand up, stretch, move around a little, just to keep from having our eyes glaze over. I wish we did this more now. Common core and state testing doesn't allow for any such break.
    1 day ago Donna Vincent Flynn 5
    How does Common Core prevent moving and stretching breaks?
    1 day ago Erin Jones Hilligoss
    This makes so much sense and should not be surprising. This concept would be so beneficial to our children and should be implemented without question. Wonderful idea!
    23 hours ago Nancy Hewitt Manford
    I, as a music and motor teacher, have known this for years!! Try teaching a song to young children just sitting. Then add movement! They will learn the song almost immediately!
  • 1 day ago by The New York Times

    The New York Times
    College basketball teams have coaches. And then they have life coaches.
    For the Court, a Head Coach. And for the Head? A Life Coach.
    1 day ago Andrew Newman 2
    Go Gamecocks Go Duane Notice! Love your D!
    1 day ago Ashley Danielle 1
    My gamecocks ❤️🐔
    1 day ago Mark Larvick 1
    And they have agents show me the money
    1 day ago Pearce Rose
    1 day ago RA HU L
    1 day ago PK Shastri
    [[#Love_Problem_Solution_Astrologer]]+91-7823815120 लव मैरिज ,वशीकरण, सौतन दुस्मन छुटकारा ,पति पत्नी अनबन गृहक्लेश ,कर्जा मुक्ति ,लॉटरी नंबर ,निःसंतान, निराश प्रेमी प्रेमिका संपर्क, कर What'sup>>>+91-7823815120
    1 day ago Abhishek Vishwakarma
    How dare nyt to say against modi
    1 day ago Sharon Marison Cantrell
    Darrell Cantrell here is the article
    1 day ago Cynthia Crawford
    Coach Martin has shown us what college basketball should be.
    23 hours ago Regina O'Nan
    Change your headline NY Team Chaplain!
    23 hours ago Michael Walz
    All black team?
    23 hours ago Julie Gittens
  • 1 day ago by The New York Times

    The New York Times
    After a season that saw temperatures soar at the North Pole, the Arctic has less sea ice at winter’s end than ever before.
    Arctic’s Winter Sea Ice Drops to Its Lowest Recorded Level
    1 day ago Francis Frank Carbone 14
    Waking up today Trump will look like the used car salesman he is. Many will wonder how they missed it. This is what Americans do. The right thing. Eventually. As the saying goes. How we screwed up this climate mess while watching the slowest, longest train crash in history is beyond me (plus we were warned!). It's so damm sad. Humans have evolutionary rallied. Are we too positive? Do we always think it will be fine? Do we doubt individually action can make a difference? The individual consequences are disparate and hard to fathom. Until you're Miami. Or it's 120 degrees, like India. Putin. Brexit, Trump should prove to you leadership is dead. Churchill nor Roosevelt is coming to save you. We know this. And our response is baffling.
    1 day ago Ishka Bibel 1
    Sean Hood I suppose if you are stupid enough to support Trump, you are stupid enough to not realize what is happening now.
    1 day ago Francis Frank Carbone 1
    Sean Hood OH Snowflakes. Ouch. SO yesterday (literally yesterday @ 3:30 when your AOH buddy pulled the bill).
    1 day ago Bonnie MacSaveny 1
    Love the "slowest longest train crash in history"
    1 day ago Kathy Howell
    If he lasts 4 years without being impeached he will never be reelected
    1 day ago Sean Hood
    Get over it snowflakes. Trump will be President for the next 8 years and there is nothing you can do about it
    1 day ago Carsten Ørris Jeppesen 14
    Can't wait to hear "FAKE TEMPERATURES" any second now from the man (sorry, toddler) in charge...
    1 day ago Laura Ionata 9
    We've passed the point of no return. All we can hope to do now is delay our demise a bit. There's no stopping it now. 😥
    1 day ago Bridget Manter 4
    Gerard, intelligent people laugh at you. You sit there in your mommy's basement reciting words you heard uttered by an idiot who can't speak above a third grade level, all the while ignoring what intelligent people tell you. Your opinion means nothing because you don't actually have one. I'll continue to listen to the scientists, thank you very much.
    1 day ago Laura Ionata 3
    It's not natural, and there's tremendous evidence supporting my statement. No need to attack me. Look into it if you feel this strongly. But kindly don't attack someone for no reason.
    1 day ago Laura Ionata 1
    Yes, thank you, Bridget!
    1 day ago Tricia McAvoy 1
    Never get into the debate but people please whether it's climate change or the natural pattern of nature. Either way the world is in trouble. So let's stop debating what is causing the change let's concern ourselves about what we had better do real soon about the envitable results of this change
    1 day ago Gerard Gallagher
    Yeah, of all the morons spouting this garbage.
    We're still coming out of an ice age. And will be for another couple hundred thousand years.
    1 day ago Tricia McAvoy
    Never get into the debate but people please whether it's climate change or the natural pattern of nature. Either way the world is in trouble. So let's stop debating what is causing the change let's concern ourselves about what we had better do real soon about the envitable results of this change
    1 day ago The Law of Attraction _ What we think we become. 5
    Dear person reading this I hope your day has been going well, if not, I hope it gets better. You are an amazing person who will inspire others to do great things so keep up the hard work. I know you may feel unimportant or insecure at the moment but know that you are a beautiful human being inside, outside and you are important.
    1 day ago Anthony Teo 1
    I hope you melt like sea ice.
    1 day ago Leo Lorusso
    spam New The New York Times
    1 day ago Chris Walter
    Danke gleichfalls.🇩🇪❤❤❤
    1 day ago Larry Shulman 5
    "Democrat." That word should have new meaning for all of us today. We can't be consumed by our petty differences anymore. We will be united in our common interests and we will once again be fighting for our freedom... Not from tyranny, oppression, or persecution... but from Trumpism. We are fighting for our right to live. To exist. We won the day. We will not go quietly into the night! We will not vanish without a fight! We're going to live on! We're going to survive! Today we celebrate our Independence Day! Long live the Affordable Care Act!
    1 day ago Sra Rosa 1
    Sean, you're acting like a 5 year old. Grow up.
    1 day ago Pearce Rose
    1 day ago Sean Hood
    Dumbocrat. The party that obama drove into the ground and will be insignificant in 2 years
    1 day ago Tricia McAvoy 4
    I rarely get into the climate change vs natural progression of nature debate.But either way people our world is a downward spiral of negative wearher ebents. Increased droughts rain whiplash weather ice melts tornadoes etc. So instead of debating about what is causing it let's direct our concerns voices and action on dealing with the change no matter what is causing it.
    1 day ago Daniel Hoffman 2
    The majority of voters who say this warming is part of a natural cycle that has been going on for hundreds of thousands of years will also agree that God created the world less than seven thousand years ago.
    Most of them voted for Trump.
    1 day ago Tricia McAvoy 2
    And to all the proof readers out there yeah I know I spelled events wrong but let's focus on what important and not my spelling/grammer. My proof reader had the day off
    1 day ago Daniel Hoffman
    Religion and politics is what got us into this mess.
    There were two different selection forces Darwin wrote about and natural selection was only one of them.
    1 day ago Anna Anastasia Simonelli
    Daniel Hoffman wow, get religion and politics into it...I have a solution! Let's bombard a nice big super volcano. The outcome would solve all the mysteries...the Darwin theory: survival of the will get rid of all controversies, religions, vegans etc. The cycle will start again and Earth will be the winner until next time.
    1 day ago Steve Zehender 3
    So, tell me if I have got this right. Trump has been in for a couple of months, and you guys are blaming him for the dropping sea levels! Wow. You people need help bad. You are very very sick.
    1 day ago Rhonda Tominello Campanella 6
    Every human and politician before, during and after him is to blame if they keep saying climate change is fake.  But funny how President Obama was blamed for everything he inherited.
    1 day ago Max Morin 3
    ^ x4 green energy output, struck down Keystone and DAPL and co-ordinating the Paris Climate Conference. How's that for doing something?
    1 day ago Daniel Hoffman 1
    We are blaming people who don't love America or our government and want to destroy it. Their votes gave us the Republican Party of today which is nothing like the responsible party of 40 years ago.
    1 day ago Sean Hood 1
    Obummer was the most incompetent President in history.
    1 day ago Steve Zehender 1
    Might sound funny, but remember, Obama was in for 8years, and did nothing to help stop this.
    1 day ago George Russell Burr 1
    It's not just ice that's melting. How's the measuring of methane and CO2 being released by Russian & Alaskan permafrost going these days? One climate scientist has predicted the melting alone will release enough to raise the temperature 10 F. Bought time to find a safe place to go.
    1 day ago Adam J Yoplick 1
    But contrails have 0.0 effect on the weather according to GW scientist dispite the fact they warm the surfaces up by as much as 8F. Gee...maybe it's because Al Gore and others might have to give up their flights.
    1 day ago David Robey
    "Than ever before" and "lowest recorded level" are not the same. Evidently, you missed Dawn of the Ocean on NatGeo last night. Funny they mentioned millions of years ago CO2 levels were 350 times higher than today.
    1 day ago Martin K. Vestergaard 4
    Thing is... Millions of years ago, there were no humans. That means, no one Florida who would lose their homes due to sea level rise, no one in California who would run out of drinking water due to drought. Also there are currently no natural fenomena like volcanos and souch to explain the current rise in CO2 levels. So no matter how much people say that we need the jobs in coal and oil, there can be no question, that those two industries are to blame for the majority of the climate change we see today. (And my excuse for any spelling mistakes is, that I'm from Denmark)
    1 day ago Jean Knowles
    Pedantic much?
    1 day ago Daniel Hoffman
    Canada is in trouble. They are going to be overwhelmed by a zombie invasion of illegals from Florida to Arizona who flee the heat and flooding their own hatred of America and its government caused.
    1 day ago Dani Steele
    A few billion years ago, Earth was just a molten ball of rock and metals! So, really, why does climate change matter?

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