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  • 11 hours ago by The New York Times

    The New York Times
    Plants are not passive players in pollination. This photographer paid special attention to their role in taking care of business.
    Watching Their Dust: Photographing Players in Pollination
    11 hours ago Jeff Epperson 1
    I'm not a player I just pollinate a lot
    11 hours ago Mary Mack
    11 hours ago Megan Doherty
    Missed opportunity to say "players in pollinaCtion" Linda Rosenblum
    11 hours ago Trina Lorraine Wheaton
    Brenda Wheaton
  • 11 hours ago by The New York Times

    The New York Times
    A roundup of our coverage of Donald J. Trump's presidency thus far — from the biggest news stories to the most provocative tweets.
    A Roundup of Our 100 Days Coverage
    11 hours ago Kevin Perry 10
    Trumps speech:
    25% bashing media
    25% bashing Obama
    25% lying and excuses
    25% patting himself on back
    0% talking real issues
    11 hours ago Travis Berndt
    I know. The Correspondents Dinner and Samantha C's parody of it were FAR less predictable 😉
    11 hours ago William Elliott
    He's already done so much to unravel 44's disastrous misdeeds, and it's only been 100 days!
    Good job, Mr. President!
    11 hours ago Greg Antonacci 3
    PLEASE!! Stop this. If you want to cover something find out why so many Trump supporters believe a civil war is coming, why they welcome it and how they think it will help! THAT'S A STORY!
    11 hours ago Greg Antonacci
    Sorry William, who are the hysterical morons you are referring to?
    11 hours ago Julie Gittens
    Donald Trump insulted CNN and the NY Times at his rally. He neglected to mention one of his biggest supporters (Bill O'Reilly) is unemployed thanks to sexually assaulting his co-workers.
    11 hours ago William Jones
    Because they are hysterical morons...There done...happy now?
    11 hours ago Chris Grow 2
    The "roundup"? 😜 he's still an idiot, even after 100 days of sitting in what was once the most powerful seat in the world. Shame on all of us for allow this to continue.
    11 hours ago William Elliott
    He is doing the job he was elected to do.
    Don't like it?
    Come up with an opposing candidate who can actually defeat him in the next election! Go ahead, I dare you!
    Name ONE DemoRat who can defeat Trump!
    The DemoRatic party is feeding on itself and is DOA on the national stage.
    It's going to be a very long 8 years for you!
    11 hours ago Charlie Cross
    Gonna paste this on every comment?
    11 hours ago Iggi Gershon 2
    Everyone knows that Humpty Trumpty is a vile racist sexist perverted vindictive lunatic and the worst mistake is US history! The difference is that his delusional supporters don't care how dangerous and corrupt he really is!
    11 hours ago William Elliott
    First of all, you're assertions are simply not true.
    You are just regurgitating self-serving left-wing rhetoric that just destroys any meaningful dialog.
    President Trump is doing the job he was elected to do, and he's doing a good job at it, considering the choir of America-hating leftist like you who only want your own agenda perpetuated.
    Sorry, but that's not the way it works, get it?
    DJT was duly elected, won the election fair & square, defeated all opponents, Republican & Democrat, and now he's our President.
    Deal with it!
    You sound so childish with all your silly name calling!
    When the debate is lost,
    Slander becomes the tool of the losers.
    That's YOU, Iggy.
    It's going to be a very long 8 years for you!
    ...and to think!
    You'd rather have HILLARY!!!
    Wow, talk about a liar!
    11 hours ago Ahmed El Oufir
    11 hours ago Baroy Duterte 2
    An open letter written by I am Pinoy, Proud ako. #sharing #NoToCorruptMedia TO THE NEW YORK TIMES EDITORIAL Board: This is the voice of Filipino Overseas Immigrant and Workers. We wish to write to express our severe disappointment at your April 25 editorial calling on the world to condemn and in effect cause the overthrow of the democratically-elected President of a sovereign country, Philippine President Rodrigo R. Duterte. It is outrageous that a leading newspaper of a country which is supposed to be the beacon of freedom and democracy in the world would in effect completely ignore the sovereign decision of the Filipino populace, who gave him a clear mandate in the 2016 elections and who continue to support him in overwhelming numbers. As many countries of the world today, including the United States, continue to face this drug menace, it is absolutely galling that the NY Times would call for the prosecution before a world court of a true leader who is actually working to enforce local laws set to protect Filipinos from the scourge of illegal drugs.  It is in fact insulting to the Filipino people that the NY Times would think itself as being in a better position than the Filipinos themselves to decide who should be the leader of our country, and if we should in fact withhold our support for a leader we freely elected.  For the information of your newspaper, there have been about 1 million Filipino drug offenders who have voluntarily surrendered to the police for rehabilitation. These Filipinos were not at all subjected to extermination.  What is taking place are legitimate police operations to enforce the law. There is certainly no policy of indiscriminate killing of anyone for any reason and certainly not on account of political affiliation, ethnicity, creed, gender or other such factor.  There have been investigations to ensure that police officers who exceeded their duty and acted in contravention of the law are punished. And all these reports in the end must be compared to the individual cases of over one million persons who voluntarily turned themselves in to authorities.  Manila is certainly not a city where people are just dying in the street at the hands of police officers as you are indicating. Your allegations and figures are totally unsubstantiated and are but the mere protestations of opposing political groups who still cannot accept that they lost the 2016 presidential elections in the Philippines.  Even a Commissioner of the independent Philippine Commission on Human Rights itself, Commissioner Gwen Pimentel-Gana (an appointee of the former President), concluded last March that there is no evidence that these killings are state-sponsored.  But instead of quoting her, you quote from the President’s political opponents, who wish to use publications like yours in their campaign to oust him even via unconstitutional means.  Surely the NY Times has not made itself into a publication whose motto is to ally itself with opposition groups in foreign countries calling for the removal, on the basis of unsubstantiated claims, of democratically-elected leaders who continue to enjoy massive popular support? But if that were in fact the case, then it would be very difficult to take your newspaper seriously as a publication which reports the truth and verifies its allegations, instead of one merely serving as a propaganda mouthpiece for tainted political groups who are far from being true believers in the principles of freedom and democracy. We the FILIPINOS demand an apology! Please Share!!!
    11 hours ago Michael Barrett 1
    Trump’s falsehoods are eroding public trust, at home and abroad. Trump’s falsehoods are eroding public trust, at home and abroad.
    11 hours ago Kiernan Majerus-Collins 1
    It's not easy to cover Trump. His relentless lies and attacks serve to muddle the truth in the public consciousness. It's at times like these that we need journalists more than ever. The New York Times has led the charge for accurate, in-depth, and consequential reporting.
    11 hours ago William Elliott
    NYT is a leftist rag that lied to dopes like you for the duration of the presidential campaign by insisting that Hillary was going to win the election!
    Aren't you just a LITTLE MAD about that?
    Welcome to the land if the easily led...
    11 hours ago Josh Woodhouse 1
    Failure, noun - 1 lack of success 2 the neglect or omission of expected or required action... also see Donald Trump.
    11 hours ago Michael Barrett
    Why Trump Lies –

    This approach to truth is already well established elsewhere, and has a long history. Most recently it is a tool of Putin’s administration, to which Trump appears to be taking much of its inspiration. It can be seen in most dictatorships, or dysfunctional pseudo democracies.
    11 hours ago Michael Barrett
    Donald Trump: Liar in Chief - Rolling Stone  Here, broken down by subject, is a selected list of Trump's lies in office.
  • 12 hours ago by The New York Times

    The New York Times
    "You continue to fact-check the president as if he might someday get embarrassed."
    At Samantha Bee’s ‘White House’ Dinner, Journalism Is Toasted as Trump Is Mocked
    12 hours ago Kiernan Majerus-Collins 126
    Trump is the biggest liar to ever serve as president, and that includes Richard Nixon. With a man in The White House who just refuses to tell the truth, journalists are more important than ever.
    12 hours ago Julie Gittens 4
    ^^Ridiculous statement
    12 hours ago Eddie Archos 4
    I think what you have to understand is that trump's supporters are bigger liars than he is. Except that they don't just lie to others, they lie to themselves. "There's your truth and there's my truth" is what the trumpites I know say to me... and they aren't talking about philosophical truth. I don't know how you expect to convince them to act rationally when they refuse to accept reality. I mean, you're going to have to come up with a new line to reach some of those people... get a few TV preachers of your own to sway some of them.
    12 hours ago Julie Gittens 3
    I was at the Trump rally. His supporters follow him blindly...
    12 hours ago William Isenberg 1
    The Joke is there is no such thing as journalism it is pure propaganda; when was the last time you heard about the Princeton 2014 study concluding the USA gov is a corp controlled Oligarchy?
    12 hours ago Juanjo Romero
    you know very well that Obama also proposed ideas as a candidate that were never made real as a POTUS, stop the hypocrisy.
    12 hours ago William Isenberg
    obama also prosecuted more whistle blowers than all other administrations combined ending anyone wanting to do investigative journalism.
    12 hours ago Juanjo Romero
    and also: you know that Hillary never intended to do what she proposed... that is why she lost.
    12 hours ago Terry Gunderson Voxland
    You are basing all media on a "study"?
    12 hours ago William Isenberg
    It is hard to believe how dumb one must be to buy into partisan rhetoric.
    11 hours ago Brady Drown
    Didn't Obama say, " I promise you can keep your dr and etc. Wow, are you all wrong. Trump never lied.
    12 hours ago Kevin Perry 78
    All Trump's ralllies look look like a special crossover event between Duck Dynasty and TheApprentice
    12 hours ago Kris Coolbersky 3
    12 hours ago Steven Marzuola 1
    Lol (you misspelled "rallies")
    11 hours ago Philip Pugh
    they look like klan rallies to me.
    12 hours ago Steven Marzuola
    I caught the tail end of the White House Correspondents' Dinner. The main comedian, Hasan Minhaj, aimed his best shots at the media, especially CNN. "You guys have to be perfect."
    12 hours ago Will Wallace 27
    "I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic..." #FactsMatter
    12 hours ago Karen Krimmel 5
    William Isenberg oh grow up.
    12 hours ago William Isenberg 1
    No one defends against the domestic enemy. The Joke is there is no such thing as journalism it is pure propaganda; when was the last time you heard about the Princeton 2014 study concluding the USA gov is a corp controlled Oligarchy?
    11 hours ago William Isenberg
    lol, the intellectual giants you find online, no wonder less than 1% of the population controls over 90% of wealth.
    11 hours ago William Isenberg
    karen was that just a little too much honesty for your intellectual capacity?
    11 hours ago William Isenberg
    gisela, lmfao, I am going out on a limb and guessing history is not your forte. Ever read about T/R winning his 1912 trial in Ny over saying there is no difference between party bosses? While you are looking things up look up the 6 companies that control over 90% of all media.
    12 hours ago Maureen Falk
    copy paste, repeat
    11 hours ago Gisela Damaris
    Guess what William, history books will tell a different story. It's not propaganda... we're literally all watching this crap with our own eyes. Unfortunately YOU have given in to the brainwashing alt right propaganda and you don't even realize it. Sad.
    12 hours ago Jeff Hansen
    Copy paste...copy paste...
    12 hours ago Julie Gittens 25
    I was in Harrisburg, PA for the Trump rally. And it was a pre-election rally, except for mentioning Neal Gorsuch and the Republican health care plans. Everything else was PRE-election talk. It was pathetic to watch so many people cheering for him so blindly. Oh and the Cuban man I met who discovered he's only White in Cuba...
    11 hours ago Sallie Bradford
    Just yesterday I read pro trump postings by you Julie. Something is wrong here!
    11 hours ago Alina Badia de Lacour
    Ha! I know those Cuban "whites". Very funny.
    11 hours ago Lauren Crøss 7
    He's never going to be embarrassed, ashamed, repentant, honest, trustworthy, moral, or sane. Ever. Period.
    11 hours ago Sumi Rebeiro 5
    Fact-checking Trump has nothing to do with embarrassing him and everything to do with damping down the propagation of his lies.
    12 hours ago William Isenberg 4
    The Joke is there is no such thing as journalism it is pure propaganda; when was the last time you heard about the Princeton 2014 study concluding the USA gov is a corp controlled Oligarchy?
    12 hours ago Sarang Banne 12
    Judging from your Facebook page, you listen and read a lot of propaganda and lies yourself, lighten up, live your life, and remove the tin foil hat.
    11 hours ago Andy House 3
    So, I guess you get all your information from primary sources then?
    12 hours ago William Isenberg
    since it is better to show some one than tell them... Sarang what propaganda and lies are you referring?
    11 hours ago Bert J Owens
    You are dead wrong about journalism. People who read and pay attention have known about the big money taking over a large part of government. It is only with the Donald has this been show so blatantly.
    12 hours ago William Isenberg
    Sarang what a moronic comment save your projection for your therapist.
    11 hours ago Andrea Conrad Bachman 4
    Made my day! Seriously, nothing makes me happier than Trump being ripped a new one!
    12 hours ago Juanjo Romero 2
    she is so right... every POTUS has been so wrong as a candidate as he is... and all they changed their minds on the first 100 days... why waste time on this silly comparison of what the candidate proposed and the POTUS executed? NYT: you are making a joke of yourself.
    11 hours ago Lynda Mckee
    funny how these people will do and say almost anything to stay relevant keep it up im sure millions are watching every week and want four years of their entertainment viewing focused on politics!.
    11 hours ago Larry Czarnecki 5
    As long as this administration is run like a reality show, more will become aware that they've been Trumped.
  • 12 hours ago by The New York Times

    The New York Times
    Are you a grammar geek? Test your editing skills in our new quiz.
    Quiz: Copy Edit This!
    12 hours ago Susan Winter 78
    The biggest challenge was ignoring the many errors in punctuation. If you ignored them and realized you were supposed to be finding the word that was used incorrectly, it was much easier.
    12 hours ago Kimberly Olson 3
    Exactly! Drove me 🥜!
    12 hours ago Angie Strain Dunn 2
    Me too!
    11 hours ago Deahtra Byrd
    12 hours ago Matthew Chouest 45
    The Oxford comma was also missing in the fourth one.
    12 hours ago Susan Radford Campbell 7
    AP Style does not use the Oxford comma.
    12 hours ago Nikki Francois 6
    Oxford comma is the devil in the journalism world.
    12 hours ago Lucy Quinlivan 4
    Newspapers rarely use the Oxford comma.
    12 hours ago Matthew Thomas Nicholson
    +2 for attacking both sides of that dirty bird.
    12 hours ago Will Harrel 30
    Is antennas an acceptable pluralization of antenna? I always thought it should be antennae.
    11 hours ago Ivan Saah Forleh 2
    You make a good point. The 'ae' pluralizes it too.
    12 hours ago Cindy Courtright 29
    As a strong Oxford comma proponent, I had a tough time with the lack of one in several of these quizzes. Either I'm a slow learner, or shouldn't take these post midnight; next time I'll know how these work since I didn't get the hang of them till #9 🙁
    12 hours ago Louis Lucero II 6
    I did it! It took me only 10 tries to spot all 10 mistakes, and what’s more, I *promise* I didn’t lollygag. May I keep my job for a very long time, please?
    11 hours ago Louis Lucero II
    No, but my fine successor’s fine successor did!
    12 hours ago Giovanni Osorio
    I was about to ask if you made the quiz
    12 hours ago David E. Boos 1
    Sorry, NYT, but I'm not exactly a wordsmith (that's why I majored in Math in college).
    12 hours ago Bodica MacDonald 1
    Sonja Randhawa this was reeeeally hard considering I'm supposed to be a writer lol
    12 hours ago Dan Hortsch
    One of these jumped out so much when it appeared that I posted it on FB. Glad to see it show up here. I won't give it away here. (No, I did not get a perfect score. A couple of those matters are pretty subtle.)
    12 hours ago Alexis Greene 1
    "high school degrees"😏
    11 hours ago Alex Hill
    OK, now THIS is a challenging quiz. I agree about the punctuation error issue - no way to highlight that. When a good quiz (Also agree about the antennas/antennae issue).
    11 hours ago Ann Troy
    I've been waiting for opportunities to correct the increasing number of errors I've seen in the Times for the past few years. So pay some of us to proof the articles!
  • 13 hours ago by The New York Times

    The New York Times
    If it’s an exaggeration to say that the News Feed has become the most influential source of information in human history, it's only slightly so. But can it adapt to the world it created?
    Can Facebook Fix Its Own Worst Bug?
    13 hours ago Saul Caspa Miranda 48
    Considering most of the world population are uneducated or lack critical thinking, it is a major issue to solve and that responsability doesn´t fall just on him or his corporation.
    13 hours ago Rob Williams 3
    So by your logic, those that cannot think critically should continue being bombarded by confirmation bias from a stream that essentially invented the most popular modern method of receiving confirmation bias.
    12 hours ago Tyler Estep 3
    Responsibility* it's spelled wrong twice. Once in the original comment, and once again in the replies. So you aren't allowed to make statements about education. 😊
    12 hours ago Doña Delia 1
    🤷‍♀️ the problem is deeper than what rob Williams is saying... it has to do a lot with education. However, I agree with you that zuckerberg is not that much responsable.
    12 hours ago Nehemiah D Frank
    World's population is
    13 hours ago Rob Williams
    In other words, if they bought it once make them eat it forever.
    12 hours ago Doug Kerr 11
    Yup. This is pretty much how everyone in North America, Western Europe, and much of Latin America, South Asia, Africa & Australia get their information these days. This isn't a college dating platform anymore. In many ways, the fate of the planet is in the hands of Facebook algorithms now...
    12 hours ago Earl Warren
    You assume everyone is on Facebook while only a small percentage of my regularly seen friends are.
    12 hours ago Donovan Lewis
    Earl Warren Says over a billion people are on Facebook. Then there's other social media apps
    13 hours ago Jason Burns 11
    Facebook needs to stop changing things, stop suggesting things, and running algorithms to try to pinpoint their user's needs. Targeting people and trying to force and influence what users want will destroy what started out as a platform that let people choose their own friends and add who and what they wanted to
    13 hours ago Darcy Malarchik 10
    You think we voted for Trump because of what we read on Facebook? Hahaha!!! The Times is just upset that they have lost relevance and revenue, and this article disguises that very poorly.
    13 hours ago Eddie Archos 46
    no, we know you voted for trump because you're a simple minded racist.
    12 hours ago Tim Cole 8
    Well they haven't lost relevance, and their subscribers have increased quite a bit so you're wrong on both counts. I guess it's not surprising though that you believe Trump when he says "failing New York Times".
    12 hours ago Peter Knowlton 7
    Actually the Times is making record profits. Also, you are still following them, or just trolling?
    12 hours ago Tyler Estep 4
    Darcy Malarchik, what does being Hispanic have to do with being racist? You imply only certain races can be racist?  Not to mention you're white as a sheet. You may have Hispanic lineage, but you are not Hispanic.
    12 hours ago Stephen Mitchell 1
    The witless notion that all Trump voters are simple minded racists clearly displays why Trump won.
    12 hours ago Darcy Malarchik 1
    Sales and net profit are down. They were down 95.7 percent last quarter of 2016, and then they restructured to increase social media presence. Net profit fell, they were barely breaking even, and they laid off a lot of employees. Yes, I've still been following them. But I most likely will no longer follow anymore.
    12 hours ago Tyler Estep 1
    Hehe now I'm racist 😀 and don't talk down to me for being young, middle aged woman. But were you born in Mexico? Spain? A Hispanic country, or America? Because you have Hispanic lineage, just like I have Italian lineage, but am not Italian 😀
    12 hours ago Darcy Malarchik
    That's quite a racist comment. We don't all look alike, young man.
    12 hours ago Darcy Malarchik
    Agreed, 100%.
    12 hours ago Darcy Malarchik
    Actually, I'm Hispanic.
    12 hours ago Sandra Marv 4
    NYT - Please remove Bret Stephens. Climate science is settled. Allowing him to confuse people about it is criminal. I will be canceling my subscription tomorrow.
    12 hours ago Earl Warren 2
    I support anyone who sues them for any reason!! A freaking joke that Snoopes is one of their fact checkers as they proclaim stories fake if a stock file photo is used w an article as opposed to declaring they cannot confirm or deny a story.
    12 hours ago Jorge Farall 2
    Guess it can't. We keep learning nothing from Frankenstein and other fictional and distopian settings and statements. I had an account as Zuckerberg sends for a little more than 8 years, and finally had it eliminated, not deactivated. Before that, I opened this one just for working reasons, no contacts, no publications, etc. I also follow a few pages, like this one, and sometimes make some comments I feel like to. That's it. I've seen loads of misunderstandings, relations gone wrong due to several factors, like overexposition because a lot of people acts as their own and others paparazzi, making this their own reality show, and many times it goes awfully wrong. This has been taken to an even worst level, by adding to this the live streaming feature. Guess everybody has some more or less recent facts coming into mind, as examples of terribly gone wrong podcasts. This is the problem of creating something with original good intentions, without considering the possible negative side effects, collateral damages, etc., due to misuse and abuse, like nuclear fusion et al.
    12 hours ago Timothy Kashuba 1
    It's not Facebook's fault or their problem. The people of the world have ALWAYS been like this. Geographic location has kept most cultures and beliefs isolated. But now they have the ability to expose themselves in a matter of seconds. And 7 billion people will never agree on the same thing.
    12 hours ago Matthew Thomas Nicholson
    If Hillary had won the election would this even be an article?  There is an obvious back and forth frequency between parties for both the executive and legislative branches that predates SM -- or the internet at all. Could it simply be because that's how 8 years with one party holding the presidency almost always ends?
    12 hours ago Luke Robinett
    I know most people will just react or comment based on the headline, but this was a really excellent and thought-provoking read. I encourage you to dig into it.
  • 13 hours ago by The New York Times

    The New York Times
    Phoenix's new album hints at a darkness that surrounded the group while it recorded in Paris during a turbulent time.
    Phoenix’s New Album Arrives in a Darker World, but the Beat Goes On
    13 hours ago Mike Ford 3
    Not crazy about the lead single, but firmly believe Phoenix can do no wrong.
    13 hours ago Sandra Marv 1
    NYT - Please remove Bret Stephens. Climate science is settled. Allowing him to confuse people about it is criminal. I will be canceling my subscription tomorrow.
    12 hours ago Andrew Karrde
    Thank you for taking a stand.
    13 hours ago Amil Patel
    yo Glenn
    13 hours ago Murray Bolesta
    there is no darker world so long as Bernie and his followers gain prominence
    12 hours ago Chase Blowers
    Torrie Ede
    13 hours ago Mike Ford
    These guys have crushed the lead single to death, we can still hang.
    13 hours ago Jasmin L. Contos
    Josh Smith
    13 hours ago Andrea D. Lim
    I miss singing 1901 with you. Jessah Milvar
    11 hours ago Ptgopal Shastriji
    - + 919784518484 love-marriage}} {{wishful love}} {{work-turnover}} {{husband and wife}} + 919784518484 love marriage, vashikaran, ridiculous enemy, husband wife unbelief
  • 14 hours ago by The New York Times

    The New York Times
    Netflix has "13 Reasons Why" and "Breaking Bad." They've got “The American Bible Challenge" and a series about people who are visited by Jesus.
    Forget Netflix and Chill. Try Pure Flix and Pray.
    14 hours ago Tristan Poor 209
    Yeah, I think I will take a Passover on that, thank you. With the sheer amount of porn I have watched on my tv it would probably go up in flames.
    13 hours ago Edward Gregory 7
    Slow clap for you, real American hero.
    13 hours ago Vee Kay 6
    Christians' TVs are more flammable than yours, Tristan. #redstateslovegayporn
    14 hours ago David Fernando Paris Santos 3
    You're hilarious, brother.
    14 hours ago Tiffany Stemen Conley 2
    13 hours ago Jessica Nash 2
    Take a Passover! Hahaha
    12 hours ago Devin Ransom 1
    This guy 😂😂 Zachary Kennedy Corey John Hihar Mason Reingapert
    12 hours ago Corey John Hihar 1
    No chill
    13 hours ago E.e. Okoh 1
    13 hours ago Guy Rovella 1
    I bet your average pure flix customer couldn't match or beat you on porn. Hypocrisy is there specialty.
    13 hours ago Sam Fell 1
    Haha true I know Jenn H Kim and Nicole LaPan are right there with you #pornhub4dayz
    14 hours ago Harry Geist 185
    Yeah.......I think I'd rather have a colonoscopy than watch any of those shows
    14 hours ago Mike Norris 23
    You could request a video of your exam. Probably make for more interesting viewing
    13 hours ago Paula Saarinen 7
    People call Nordic countries socialist (and on a certain way they are). And they have a national church. So Dave, your statement doesn't hold water. Communism is a different matter.
    13 hours ago Darryl LeJeune 1
    lol you must have missed a dose of your meds
    14 hours ago Esther Rebekah
    ^^ You said it best
    13 hours ago Dave Fishers
    One of the key steps to creating a socialist state is erasing all religion. Along with seizing controls of healthcare and educations.
    14 hours ago Dominic Hoffard 130
    I bet the Jesus that visited them spoke english and looked like Ted Nugent too..
    14 hours ago Dominic Hoffard 20
    Come to think of it, I've never seen Ann Coulter and Ted Nugent in the same room..
    14 hours ago Leonard Cogan 4
    He also is Murican and carries a gun.
    14 hours ago John Halloran 4
    Dude, Jesus is trans, and looked like Ann Coulter.
    14 hours ago Scott Stevenson 3
    I've never seen Ann or Milo in the same room together.
    13 hours ago Dominic Hoffard 2
    Wang Dang Sweet Poontang is almost English!
    13 hours ago Cohen Moriarity 2
    Ted Nugent doesnt even speak English though
    14 hours ago John Watson 61
    Why not? The "faith based" entertainment industry, unable to come up with anything original on their own, has already given us "christian rock" and the even more hysterically unlistenable "christian rap". Now Kirk Cameron will be able to flog his nauseating movies straight to his gullible co-delusionists.
    14 hours ago Nathaniel Ralstin 5
    To be fair, although quite a lot of Christian entertainment is garbage, Lecrae is an excellent rapper...
    13 hours ago Winnie Arthurs
    Lecrae is great!
    14 hours ago Silvanus Slaughter
    He's such a thespian. , after all. 😉
    14 hours ago Andrew Cowen 39
    Some of those Jesus flicks can be pretty laugh worthy for those who know better, though I'd never pay money for it
    This was serious marketing genius on the part of whoever came up with it.
    Joel Olsteen doesn't have 200 million dollars because God favors him, he has it because he knows his demographic, cynical as that might sound.
    14 hours ago Joanne Torre Hyman 9
    There's a sucker born every minute. PT Barnum
    14 hours ago Andrew Cowen 6
    Especially with fundies.
    They are notoriously stingy and outside of church do nothing but go to work. American evangelicals are a gold mine for that reason :p
    12 hours ago Andrew Cowen 2
    Should you ever want to know the mind of what fundemantalist America is like, drive through rural indiana. Like not on the highways
    The state routes and county routes.
    Every town you pass through will have some businesses a church and a school, and if it's lucky a big ominous plant of some sort at some interval between 3-4 of them.
    That will give you a good picture of that demographic
    12 hours ago Guy Rovella 2
    No one ever lost a dime or an election underestimating the intelligence of the great plain America. - HL Menikin
    13 hours ago Andrew Cowen 1
    There's a difference between working hard and working obsessively because scripture dictates it.
    For evangelical Christianity, our lives are not meant to be anything but a challenge for god before judgement at death, meaning the pleasures of this world are false and not to be indulged beyond what is stated as permissible in scripture, namely the old testament books of laws like deutoronomy and leviticus.
    Meaning most of what the modern world has to offer isn't permissible in biblical law.
    I went to a seminary HS, and used to pass the time by probing my very devout morality instructor on what this meant, and this isn't people working hard because they want their kids to have a better life, they work hard because they believe that if they don't they will fall into idleness and sinfulness.
    13 hours ago Joanne Torre Hyman
    Lots of people work hard and a lot are not suckers.
    13 hours ago Jessica Martin 31
    She is wearing pants! AND they are almost touching! Where is the room for the Holy Spirit? Also - does this service feature white supremacy videos? If not, I think they have a real growth potential there.
    14 hours ago Patrick Darrow Bohan 21
    So instead of getting Netflix, which already carries Christian movies and a lot more, I should sign up for this service that only carries Christian movies, and they all suck? SOUNDS GREAT!
    13 hours ago Jessica MacIntyre 10
    Are they going to have a series based on the guy who offered up two of his daughters to be raped so that two angels didn't have to be? Or how about Real Housewives of the Bible? It could focus on women who had to marry their rapists because making her your wife makes everything hunky dunky. Some interesting possibilities for programming here.
    13 hours ago Daniel Bruseth 9
    Pure Flix is pure garbage. they rely on caricatures of anyone not Christian (the atheist professor in "God's Not Dead"), to flat out lying about events (like in "I'm Not Ashamed"), they put out ignorant faith-porn for the self-righteous to stroke themselves to while feeling superior to anyone who doesn't follow their brand of imaginary friend.
    face it: if Muslims were putting out the same exact movies, but with Islam switched in for Christianity, these hypocrites would be the first ones screaming that it was trying to brainwash their children.
    Hugo and Jake from The Bible Reloaded do a great job of demonstrating why their movies are such trash:
    13 hours ago Vee Kay 5
    "Before breakfast at Sixteen, a restaurant in the Trump International Hotel and Tower here the morning after the premiere for the film 'The Case for Christ,' David A. R. White and Andrea Logan White requested a pause."  😂😂😂 I'm surprised Trump hotel didn't go up in flames.
  • 14 hours ago by The New York Times

    The New York Times
    Director James Gunn's first thought about "Guardians of the Galaxy"? "A talking raccoon — that’s a stupid idea."
    James Gunn, Guardian of the ‘Guardians’ Franchise
    14 hours ago Kevin Perry 11
    You had a talking tree and you were worried about a talking raccoon?
    14 hours ago Victoria Chasse-Jabusch 4
    14 hours ago Suzanne Dunn 7
    The true guardian of this franchise is Nicole Perlman who plucked it out of obscurity and recreated it for two years.
    14 hours ago Ishka Bibel 2
    That was a raccoon?
    14 hours ago Imam R 1
    14 hours ago Andrew Christiansen
    Still a stupid idea
    13 hours ago Joyce Harrington
    Love the raccoon!
    13 hours ago Julien Côté
    It's still stupid but $$$ anyway...go figure.
    12 hours ago Ted Stewart
    He's come a long way since PG Porn. Though, PG Porn was amazingly hilarious, so maybe that was prophetic.
    14 hours ago Kris Coolbersky
  • 15 hours ago by The New York Times

    The New York Times
    You're sharing more than you know with that concerts meme.
    ‘10 Concerts’ Facebook Meme May Reveal More Than Musical Tastes
    15 hours ago Joshua Blank 122
    Really looking forward to the "List 10 maiden names - 9 of them can't be your mother's." meme.
    15 hours ago John Shaw 118
    Please list your favorite social security number that belongs to you.
    15 hours ago Jeff Drummond 59
    "Paranoia it destroy ya." - The Kinks, Joe Lewis Arena, 1979
    11 hours ago Joey Butler 1
    Obviously this was the concert he didn't see.
    12 hours ago James Crisp
    Thought it was they destroy ya
    11 hours ago Kevin Bigman
    Everything about this is wrong. The song is from the 80s and Joe LOUIS Arena didn't open until mid December of 1979.
    15 hours ago Richard Kline 33
    Ehhh I did this and listed concerts over a 30 year period. All the little games on Facebook are mining information. BTW it's not a meme, a friend posts a list, and asks you to do the same.
    15 hours ago Jennifer Teeters 9
    Actually, the original definition of a meme is just a part of collective culture that catches on and goes viral. We've just taken the word and made it to basically mean funny images with text on top. Since that didn't have a word already 💁🏻
    15 hours ago Nik Long 8
    That's the definition of a meme. https://en.wikipedia...Meme?wprov=sfla1
    15 hours ago Kim Baron 2
    That's the original definition of a meme, before it got coopted to mean an image with a saying.
    14 hours ago Trent Dawson 31
    This an empty,pointless article and it took two Times writers to craft it. They alert you to a possible threat in the headline to hook you. If you don't like people sharing fun memories of live music, take your thumb and flick it across your screen and you will find relief.
    14 hours ago April Wallace 5
    I am mad at myself for reading this garbage. Listing 10 concerts you have attended is nothing like using actual random websites to answer quizzes.
    15 hours ago Seth Gold 24
    The entire concept of personal questions as password recovery questions is horrible.
    12 hours ago Smith Sally
    The entire concept of my Facebook friends expecting us to care about their answers to very basic questions about their very basic lives is horrible, in my opinion.
    12 hours ago Rob Belcher
    Exactly. Those questions have done nothing but punch big holes in security. I'd never give real answers to those questions if for no questions they reason than hundreds of people know where I went to high school or my mother's name. The blame for this problem is slanted in entirely the wrong direction in this article.
    14 hours ago Angel Grant 14
    That's why passwords should be combinations of numbers, letters, and symbols. Then you can enjoy silly games without worrying.
    12 hours ago Marissa Wynn 4
    The bigger issue is security questions. All those "whats your stripper/rapper/band/etc name" posts always have at least one security question detail hiding among the innocent questions. I think the most common ones I see are pets name and street where you grew up.
    14 hours ago Marge Rosenthal 10
    I "play' very few of these things and posted my list based on a friend's list that was very similar. I actually enjoyed the comments and feedback I got about the artists on my list and learned something new about a few of my FB friends. Much ado about nothing. If you don't want to read or respond to someone's FB posts, ignore them. If you can't ignore them, unfriend them. That said, be vigilant with who and what is getting access to your info.
    13 hours ago Kathryn Lukomski 6
    Too late....the 20 things about me went through over three years ago, along with 100 books I've read, and 100 of my favorite movies....I'm fecking 65 years old.....there's no point to privacy of any kind at this point!
    12 hours ago Kathryn Lukomski 1
    When I was in college, my social security number was my was on every scrap of paper, exam, theme, term paper and art was the only number on my college ID and residence meal ticket!..I've had four kids, three surgeries and six different medical plans before medicate...there's not a millimeter of me that has not been exposed, poked, prodded, pierced or analyzed. I'm over it!
    12 hours ago Kathryn Lukomski 1
    If my responses get me more cookies of half naked, hunky firefighters than sensible shoes and medical aids, then it is worth it!
    11 hours ago Carol-Ann Warr
    11 hours ago Charlie ONeill
    13 hours ago Elsa Marie 4
    If you're naive, perhaps. Don't post any info that is included in your passwords or security questions and, voila, you can enjoy silly games and banter in FB.
  • 15 hours ago by The New York Times

    The New York Times
    Rated PG-13 for a grown man’s giving a 10-year-old kid gigolo “lessons.”
    Review: Eugenio Derbez as Just a Gigolo in ‘How to Be a Latin Lover’
    11 hours ago Miguel Hernandez 1
    the adam sandler mexican 🙄🙄
    15 hours ago Agustin Gus Garcia
    Why you sending me this.
    12 hours ago Less Salado
    The Derbez's comedy is basic and cheap
    15 hours ago Ahmed Ali
    I want help please, is there anybody help me?
    11 hours ago Cherokee Burnett
    What's up Ahmed
    15 hours ago Mary Bentz Gilkerson
    How do I unsubscribe? Bret Stephens?? Really??
    12 hours ago John J Norton
    Editors? Anywhere?
    14 hours ago Paul Draw
    11 hours ago Miguel Hernandez
    15 hours ago Josefina Soriano

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