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  • 7 hours ago by The New York Times

    The New York Times
    Elon Musk said it would launch in 2014. Now in 2018, the Falcon Heavy rocket, the most powerful since NASA's Saturn 5, is finally on the launchpad.
    SpaceX’s Big Rocket, the Falcon Heavy, Finally Reaches the Launchpad
    7 hours ago David Thall 6
    From the comments here it’s just a painful reminder of what a bunch of cynical, hateful do-nothing jerks troll Facebook. Elon Musk is doing something no one else is doing - certainly not in the U.S. anymore. He should be applauded for his efforts. I wish him luck.
    7 hours ago Sumpter Smartt 1
    Trump doesn’t even have a rocket, and Elon has a huge one. Sad!
    7 hours ago Suda Kamasuda-Sudio Buda 1
    Falcon punch the sky
    7 hours ago Rebecca Stanton
    Words I don't want to see in the name of my spaceship: "heavy"
    7 hours ago Yolanda Aguilar
    What's the purpose for
    7 hours ago Mike Murphy 1
    7 hours ago Christian Diaz Pascuas
    7 hours ago Brad Johnson
    Those are some tiny engines. Hondas?
    7 hours ago Graydon Webster
    That's too many engines. I'm sure of it.
    7 hours ago Ryan Rounds 1
    More struts. #ksp
    7 hours ago Allison Andrews
    Mike Andrews Jr.
    7 hours ago Robert Cole
    It'll be a failure like everything Lord Elon touches.
    7 hours ago Trang Le
    Colin Dunbar Guillermo Rafael Ordenes
  • 8 hours ago by The New York Times

    The New York Times
    Corporate blowback from North Carolina's "bathroom bill" has made other Southern states warier about pushing hot-button social legislation.
    Wary, Weary or Both, Southern Lawmakers Tone Down Culture Wars
    8 hours ago Dave Fortin 45
    Who cares? Just wash your hands!
    8 hours ago Gail Newby Wilkie
    I know!
    7 hours ago Iain Graham
    Companies (most of them) know that they aren't in business to make decisions in people's personal lives. They are in business to make a profit producing , distributing , and selling services to the general public. (if they are incorporated to serve the public at large, as opposed to a private voluntary club) Besides, they probably don't want legal disputes between staff and supervisors over who gets served, or who is obligated to serve someone. If you can't serve the general public on an impartial basis, why do you want a job or a business that entails serving the general public on an impartial basis?
    8 hours ago Isaac Charles Anderson 29
    Is that so hard? Just let everyone do their thang. let's work on moving the USA forward instead of arguing with no purpose. Let's put our effort into progress instead of stopping people from living their lives
    7 hours ago Matt Barton 1
    But her emails
    8 hours ago Leticia Jackson 23
    People it’s just common human decency, be kind to others, especially if they are different from you. That’s it.
    7 hours ago Leticia Jackson 10
    Andy Van Nort people have a tendency to not embrace those different from themselves. So my comment about being especially nice to those different is more about kindness and having an open mind to different backgrounds.
    7 hours ago Andy Van Nort
    Why especially if they are different? Whether they are the same or different shouldnt effect the level of kindness you show someone
    7 hours ago Iain Graham
    As I said above, if your business is incorporated to serve the public at large on an impartial basis, then provide services, employment, and accommodations on an impartial basis. If you can't or won't do that; then don't be go in to business on that basis. A privately offered service is not the same thing as a privately owned company serving the public as a whole. Yes, kindness, to the extent that it reflects the concept of service, would usually keep people out of trouble.
    8 hours ago Gisélle Moore 11
    These people are worries about bathroom while defending Roy Moore!
    7 hours ago A.j. Peterson
    And Larry Craig, and the Carolina’s very own Mark Stanford.
    7 hours ago Josie Smelko 6
    No one is looking at your privates in the bathroom. Wash your hands and move on.
    7 hours ago Ross Master 4
    all stalls, no problem
    7 hours ago A.j. Peterson
    Like in the tv show Ally McBeal with the unisex bathrooms. I didn’t hear a stink about it in the 90’s? Only when Faux Noise tells their lemmings to cry do they cry.
    8 hours ago Chris Schutz 2
    Southern lawmakers see they have an ally in the White House and they know they just have to bide their time before the POTUS puts a bunch of right wing extremists in the federal Judges positions where we will have no power to stop their theocratic takeover. Why fight when it's going to be given to them soon?
    7 hours ago Chris Schutz
    Ok water lady
    7 hours ago Margaret Hough
    Bahahaha. Dream on.
    7 hours ago Kevin Cummings
    There are two genders. The people who like to call themselves "the party of science" somehow forget this in favor of emotional arguments.
    8 hours ago Susan Hofford Schneiter
    That is easy if you do not vote for Democrats ...No one is going to bring up who uses whose bathrooms ...Democrats are good at that.
    7 hours ago A.j. Peterson 3
    I guess you live in opposite world there Susan. You see your worthless side uses these things called wedge issues. They use them as bait for halfwits like yourself. It gets you all in a lather over things that really don’t concern you. You vote for them and then they shaft all of us. Your side has voted against your own interest in three separate presidential elections and have given us the two stupidest POTUS’s of this century.
    7 hours ago Susan Hofford Schneiter
    A.j. Peterson How is voting for Democrats in my self interest?
    8 hours ago GC Shannon
    "...has made other Southern states warier about pushing hot-button social legislation." Refresher... it was the city Charlotte that passed a bill that could easily have been exploited and which they had no authority to pass that prompted the so-called bathroom bill. The state of North Carolina did not PUSH the issue—they merely responded to it.  The answer here is to not make any laws that would either explicitly forbid OR allow anyone to use bathroom of their choice.
    7 hours ago Vi Lontano 2
    huh? the city provided protections - the Problem was the rest of the state didn't want that...
    7 hours ago GC Shannon
    Vi Lontano What they had worked. NO ONE was questioning transgender people who used the bathroom of their choice before the city of Charolette enacted their law. The law was so vague that if left it wide open to abuse. The state merely responded to it. I admit it discriminated against transgender men and women, but the state of North Carolina by no means pushed the issue—it was the city of Charolette.
  • 8 hours ago by The New York Times

    The New York Times
    Did you watch "The Alienist?" Here’s a look at how we covered New York City in the 1890s.
    ‘The Alienist’ and the Gilded Age: A History in Headlines
    8 hours ago J Thomas Gaffney 8
    We are living in the Gilded Age II, rolling back the gains of the Progressive Era
    7 hours ago Armando Alizo Howald
    Don't worry, the Socialists/Marxists (aka "Democrats") will be back in charge in no time. Nothing will stand in the way of turning the USA into Venezuela! 😂
    8 hours ago Ryan Campion
    As if the 1st ever truly ended.
    8 hours ago Gwen Boucher 3
    I watched the trailer. It is too horrifying to watch. Mental Health people got their hooks into me in 2004 and it ruined my life. This is far too triggering. As it turned out, years later I can easily see that I just needed a divorce from an extremely abusive spouse.
    8 hours ago Kathleen Ó Conbhuidhe 1
    People can be awful ☹️. I hope that everything is okay now. I know how much that can suck ❤️
    7 hours ago Gwen Boucher
    Kathleen Ó Conbhuidhe Yeah, it's fine. I was a very successful businessman with three children; a pillar in the church and all that. And now I am a woman who is afraid that Trump's minions will kill me.
    8 hours ago Sheila Stewart-Leach 2
    I read The Alienist. Excellent book.
    8 hours ago Geralynn M. Waters Powell 1
    not sure I will be able to watch The Alienist, I truly dislike staring into a dark screen trying to figure out what is going on, and it's too disjointed so far.
    8 hours ago Gwen Boucher
    Yes, what is it will all this dark cinematography? Bright was that way too.
    8 hours ago Danielle W. Lundberg 1
    I didn’t watch it. Am saving it for tomorrow when the kids are at school. Huge fan of the book and its sequel. Can’t wait!
    7 hours ago Patricia Quiggins
    Watched first episode and liked it enough to watch the next.
    7 hours ago Sandra Dishong Robertson
    Watched and really enjoyed.
    8 hours ago Kathy Dallos Oyler
    I love reading the old articles in the New York Times. There is so much forgotten history there. My only beef is the "newer" articles are not formatted the same as the old ones are. I like the feeling of reading a newspaper vs just reading one article at a time. Could be I don't know how to use the "newer" articles.
    7 hours ago Judy Lind
    Great premiere. I'm hooked for the rest of the series.
    7 hours ago Tom Johnson
    At the current rate of backward looking by Republicans, we will be back in the 1890's in no time. Pollution, robber barons, back alley abortions, child labor, graft, greed, corruption, best justice money can buy etc etc
  • 9 hours ago by The New York Times

    The New York Times
    "I don’t have fantasy projects because I’m stupid enough to think that you can actually do this stuff."
    Art for a Post-Surveillance Age
    8 hours ago Hu Haq Microcosm
    who has said this?? tell me please, am going to post it on my timeline. .
    "I don’t have fantasy projects because I’m stupid enough to think that you can actually do this stuff."
    7 hours ago Eddie Archos
    we already have space sculptures... the first satellite that stopped working that's still in orbit was the first space sculpture... but, hey if you just want to shoot some trash into space and call it art... why not, they've been doing that at moma for decades.
    8 hours ago David Noble
    Great, more trash in orbit.
    9 hours ago Robyn Neufeldt
    Christopher Neufeldt
  • 9 hours ago by The New York Times

    The New York Times
    "I knew that what he did to me was wrong." On the fifth day of Larry Nassar's sentencing hearing, women continued to speak out — and three U.S.A. Gymnastics board members resigned.
    9 hours ago Sandra Marv 229
    "Why is she wearing makeup?"; "Where were her parents?"; "Why didn't she speak up sooner?" How about why did this doctor sexually abuse these children? The blame sits with him and him alone - not with the parents and certainly not with his victims.
    9 hours ago Rebbecca Suzzanna Fisher 20
    sickens me that people make these vicious comments- just more victim blaming
    9 hours ago Erika Marie 17
    Hanna Teresa Silver PREVENTING future cases requires that we stop the PERPETRATORS. It is not the job of the victim to prevent their own abuse! These were children!
    9 hours ago Sandra Marv 15
    Hanna Teresa Silver why don't you go read this case from end-to-end and see how this man who was a doctor in power with girls who were mandated to go see him by the gymnastics team it is a very long sordid story of power and abuse over these women
    9 hours ago Amy Diaczenko 12
    It is totally sick and inappropriate to blame anyone except that disgusting monster. They should play the video of the victim statements on repeat in his jail cell.
    9 hours ago Amy Diaczenko 8
    Maybe they were scared to tell, maybe they did tell and no one believed them, maybe he manipulated them to think it was ok. The girls and their parents are not to blame. Imagine how terrible those families feel? Living with that guilt must be tough.
    9 hours ago Sandra Marv 6
    The slimeball had the audacity to ask the judge to stop making him listen to the victims statements...said it was just a media circus...its a wonder someone didn't kill this guy
    9 hours ago Lynne Konstantin 5
    Suz Em read the story before you place blame.
    9 hours ago Justin Anderson 4
    I think we can walk and chew gum at the same time.
    Both address how we find and deal with these monsters as well as learning form these kind of experiences to do better to prepare people, especially those who are more vulnerable.
    9 hours ago Hanna Teresa Silver
    We know about abuse... what was he doing by the way? How do you raise a girl who at 15 doesn't know about sexuality??????
    THESE ARE LEGITIMATE QUESTIONS if we want to prevent future cases
    9 hours ago Suz Em
    No question he's 100 percent guilty, but still. Where were the parents? Our society and culture must change so that kids know this is wrong and parents trust them and protect them.
    9 hours ago Sandra Marv 73
    The people, like the college president, who were aware of these accusations, and did nothing, should also be charged. Being complicit in a situation like this is unacceptable. Every time something like this comes to light, there’s a long list of people who knew....or suspected, and did absolutely nothing. Not acceptable.
    9 hours ago Caroline Manuel 11
    Being fired or allowed to resign is not enough. The individuals that protected and enabled Nassar need to be punished as well. Many are responsible for knowingly allowing the abuse to continue.
    8 hours ago Gwenn Talbot 3
    Caroline Manuel - I agree with you. They should insist on these board members being sued or even criminal charges.
    9 hours ago Brittany Myers 1
    3 of them were fired today
    9 hours ago Edie Nilsson Davidson 20
    Now maybe they will design uniforms for Womens Gymnastics that reflect the idea that they are athletes not half naked nymphets. The men compete in tank tops and shorts and so should the Women.
    9 hours ago Bette Marcus 45
    This has nothing to do with uniforms!
    9 hours ago Jess Mills 34
    Are you nuts?! My daughter does competitive gymnastics and never once did I look at her and think “gee she is under dressed and drawing unnecessary attention to herself and her body” she’s NOT half naked. She’s basically in a bathing suit. But hey I guess we should throw shorts and a t shirt on her so the men and boys don’t have the opportunity to grab at her. Teach boys/men to RESPECT girls/women! This really makes me mad.
    9 hours ago Susan Thurkow-Rivera 28
    So...blame the leotard? No! Just no. The blame must always go on the attacker. You are wrong.
    9 hours ago Marie Feijo 24
    Were you born stupid or had to work at it? Will you one day ask your daughter or niece same question if they are assaulted, what were you wearing? What took you so long to tell?
    9 hours ago Jan Baer 15
    victim blaming
    9 hours ago Rose Murray 6
    Clothing invites rape not the sick perverted minds of the men who are predators?
    8 hours ago Amy Goo 6
    And people complain about Burqas and Hijabs at the beach? Maybe that would be better suited for gymnastics or a simple turtleneck? Give me a break.
    9 hours ago Christy Cappel 3
    This bothers me so much! My daughters take gymnastics and even the young girls wear the equivalent of a swimsuit while the boys wear t-shirts and baggy shorts.
    8 hours ago Maya Antoinette Pardó 3
    Eddie here, has the mentality of a molester no doubt.
    9 hours ago Crystal Amber 2
    So speedos are out right?
    9 hours ago Lisa Reynolds 9
    Where were their parents????? I can't believe none of these moms knew. I would NEVER let my daughter in a room with a man this age by herself.
    9 hours ago Genevieve Jarek 76
    He did this often in front of their parents, using his body or a towel to hide what he was doing. Great for you that you won’t let your daughter alone with a man, but I don’t think acting like you’re better than the parents is actually all that helpful or admirable. This happens because trusted adults know how to lie and manipulate children, how to groom them, and how to make any accusations seems like lies. This isn’t on the parents ultimately, it’s only on Nassar. He’s the only predator here. Edit: The fault lies on Nassar and those who hid his crimes, as it’s very clear he was allowed by those around him to continue his predatory ways.
    9 hours ago Jen Smith 15
    9 hours ago Nicole Riess 7
    Lisa, I initially had that thought too, but when reading up more on it, there were many complaints put in about this, over many years, but they weren't heard or didn't change anything ..
    9 hours ago Rebbecca Suzzanna Fisher 6
    It's called Aesculapian authority, and he abused his. We tend to trust medical doctors, and we should be able to.
    9 hours ago Ryan Tell 5
    I’m honestly not sure which of your three sentences is the most stupid.
    9 hours ago Andrea Deegan Marshall 3
    Please do your research. One told her parents and they did not believe her because he was a family friend. They made her apologize to him. She told her Dad again years later. He killed himself.
    9 hours ago Katie Proctor 2
    Many of them were molested while their parents were in the room. Listen to these testimonies before you ask questions like this. These are stories we have to listen to and learn from, heart wrenching as they are to listen to.
    9 hours ago Tim Squance
    You'd never leave someone with a medical professional? I recall that every time I went for a checkup my parent wouldn't always come in.
    9 hours ago Shauna Guglielmo
    9 hours ago Susan McGhee O'Brien
    Andrea Deegan Marshall Adults’ disbelief is one of the main reasons these kinds of things continue to happen in all aspects of society. If a kid tells you they’ve been in an uncomfortable situation with another adult you should investigate!! Don’t ever make a kid feel like they can’t tell. You’re so right...parents need to do their research and stand up for their kids!
    9 hours ago Dai Nasakai 8
    hurry up and send him to prison.. He won't last long in there when the other inmates hear about what he did
    9 hours ago Tom Bean
    All thise girls, he should be put down.thats crazy.
    9 hours ago Em Tilton 6
    I'm glad they resigned. They should also pay their bills for therapy, their past and any future medical bills related to their abuse and trauma, and anything else they need to get through this. It's hard to believe they were left alone with him for 'examinations' and I'm sure there was a culture of abuse. Parents knew, staff and coaches were involved, knew, or were complicit. This is disgraceful and I hope it brings great change across the world of gymnastics.
    8 hours ago Scott Friedman
    Why wasn't there a female nurse present? Shouldn't there legally always be one there? Or maybe the laws very from state to state. 😡
    7 hours ago Em Tilton
    Something funny going on there. I can't believe so many people stood by and said nothing. How can they sleep at night.
    8 hours ago Liana Schill 5
    The “entire” US Gymnastics Organization Board should be held accountable legally, then fired! This scandal screams negligence in providing care and protection of minors from a predator. There should have been at least one female doctor on staff. Sheer madness to allow the wolf to mind the hen house.
    7 hours ago Liana Schill
    I would like to ask if parents did not have access to other GP’s to verify or question procedures conducted by the team doctor? Perhaps, the pressure too big to accept the words and manner of the one professional with the power to obstruct progress of the young ambitious athletes.
    7 hours ago Liana Schill
    I feel so sad for the girls and the enormous guilt felt by their mothers and fathers.
    8 hours ago Al White
    I agree. In the lack of a female doctor, there should have been a female nurse during every physical examination of a female patient.
    9 hours ago Margaret Reilly MacKenzie 5
    A larger question now is: How many other young athletes are being preyed upon by doctors? By coaches and trainers? How many governing bodies will be questioned about oversight and conduct? What these women have had to endure is horrific.
    8 hours ago Ali Reed
    This case is most likely the tip of the iceberg and that is absolutely horrifying and heartbreaking.
    8 hours ago Paula Saarinen
    It comes up every now and then elsewhere, too. For example Patrik Sjöberg, a Swedish Olympian in high jumping has talked about how his coach molested him when he was a child.
    9 hours ago Lauren Carter 3
    So many of these organizations shift these perverts around and fail to protect anyone in the process shame on them all- this guy will maybe last 5 minutes in prison
    8 hours ago Scott Friedman
    Quite possibly.
    9 hours ago The New York Times 2
    He gave them gifts, consoled them after injuries, and invited them to his house or treated them after hours. Then he sexually molested them, the women say. Read on:
  • 9 hours ago by The New York Times

    The New York Times
    Breaking News: The shutdown is over: President Trump signed a bill funding the government through Feb. 8, giving lawmakers more time for immigration talks.
    After 3 Days of Recriminations, Congress Votes to Reopen the Government
    9 hours ago Steven Samelson 40
    Congratulations, Trump temporarily "fixed" it just like he said he would, after he broke it.
    9 hours ago Steven Samelson 11
    Brad Crouse I think you're confused, I don't follow the Republican party, with all *due* respect.
    9 hours ago Brad Crouse 1
    You people legitimately scare me with what you believe. I hope you guys can start to think for yourselves, you're all following an actual currupt party. Are you just looking past it, not wanting to beleive it or are you seriously that naive, with all do respect?
    9 hours ago Fred Kernisky 1
    Lol Trump broke Chuckie.  The House Dems are even saying it  Dems shut down the government over DACA and got cold feet. .
    7 hours ago Paul Beauregard 1
    Brad Crouse: dew, do, due... Which one is it?
    8 hours ago Steven Samelson
    Fred Kernisky You meant the great "deal maker" that even Republicans are saying got in the way of negotiations and complicated everything: https://www.nytimes....nt-shutdown.html
    9 hours ago Rico Robles 26
    Now they can craft yet another bipartisan bill that President Ricky Bobby will reject.
    9 hours ago Nick Ruark 10
    Did the Democrats get Mitch McConnell's 'promise' and 'reassurance' in writing OR, did they simply take his word for it ??
    9 hours ago Derek McCumber 6
    Well, it was televised, so they DO have proof. Not sure that that even matters anymore to any Republicans.
    9 hours ago Nick Ruark 5
    Nora Hild - Not really. I guess you aren't aware of what old Mitch can (and has been known) to do under similar scenarios, eh? We'll just have to wait and see what actually happens at the end of three weeks, won't we?
    9 hours ago Nora Hild 3
    He said there would be a debate and vote on the Senate floor in front of cameras. Hard to backtrack that.....
    9 hours ago Travis Sellers 2
    If he backtracks, we will be right back in the same situation. I don't think even he will want that.
    9 hours ago Craig DuBose 10
    "A Prince, whose character is thus marked by every act which may define a Tyrant, is unfit to be the ruler of a free people." Thomas Jefferson, The Declaration of Independence
    9 hours ago Laura Miller 9
    What the hell is your problem NYT? Democrats didn't cave, Republicans did. CHIP is now funded, that hostage is off the table. If McConnell fails to bring DACA legislation to a vote within 3 weeks, the shutdown is back on. Stop listening to Putin's trolls.
    8 hours ago Hugh Roberts 4
    The deal they took is the same one they were offered Friday. They caved and managed to not only alienate moderates by picking illegals over Americans initially, but enraged the extremists in their own party by giving in so soon.
    8 hours ago Kevin Cummings 2
    Except Republicans had CHIP in the resolution even when democrats voted no. Get over yourself. Loser.
    8 hours ago Ethan Rosser 1
    Wes Hodgin they weren't even losing the battle of public opinion, they just got scared.
    8 hours ago Ethan Rosser 1
    We did cave, though. CHIP was never in danger of not passing. Our problem was that McConnell held the bill hostage by attaching it to the CR, pitting it against DACA. Guess what the democrats just voted for? A CR that had CHIP attached to it, virtually unchanged from before the shutdown. All we got was McConnell's word, which isn't worth much.
    7 hours ago Danny Hardman
    You say "the shutdown is back on" like you're proud of that. Is that what you want? The government to be shut down?
    8 hours ago Wes Hodgin
    Nothing changed. The Senate Democrats simply realized that they were losing the battle of public opinion.
    8 hours ago Sumpter Smartt
    Did they change the byline?
    9 hours ago Thane Earns 6
    Rejoice Trumpets! The three day MAGAversary celebration to honor Trump's first year in office and showcase his self proclaimed deal making skills has ended! Now on to Davos to try to sell a few Trump hotels on the tax payers dime.
    8 hours ago Edward Lyons
    Winning! 😎
    8 hours ago John Hall 5
    Only 288 days until the Blue Wave. If any republicans want to survive, they better head for higher ground.
    8 hours ago John Hall 2
    Poor Edward. Better get a snorkel. LOL
    7 hours ago Alan Creager
    Edward Lyons - How you find time for sales, consulting, flight training AND aerial photography at your job, I have no idea.
    8 hours ago Edward Lyons
    Blue Wave!?! Yeah ok, you guys are Done!
    9 hours ago Michael Hocke 4
    Just in time for Trump to fulfill one of his life-time wet dreams: to be invited and to accept an invitation to Davos.
    9 hours ago Stef Wave 6
    He will be taking bribes and selling condos.
    9 hours ago Bryan Allison 3
    Is that where they pee on you?
    9 hours ago Brad Crouse
    Trump 2020
    9 hours ago Allan Johannsen
    Trump 2020
    9 hours ago Cathi Brunacini 4
    How nice of them. I'm sure the almost quarter of a million government employees who lost their pay during the shutdown are quite thankful. As for Congress, they probably just had to skip lunch out to account for the loss to their bank accounts, if that.
    9 hours ago Monica Torres 4
    No actual loss, they get back pay. Meaning they shall receive it.
    9 hours ago Max Farr 3
    It was 3 days and two were the weekend...
    9 hours ago Brad Crouse 1
    They get back pay! Wow, just shows the knowledge you arrogant people have! Lol unbelievable
    8 hours ago Ethan Rosser 1
    Cathi Brunacini you obviously don't know what you're talking about - all federal employees will be paid.
    9 hours ago Cathi Brunacini
    Many people work weekends and even if they don't, 20% of a week's pay is a big loss for most of us, who live paycheck to paycheck.
    9 hours ago Cathi Brunacini
    I hope so, Monica. Usually a furlough means without pay.
    8 hours ago Peter Day 2
    It is dumb that this can happen.The short term operation of the government and its commitments should be automatic. It is easily fixable as long as the will to fix it is there which I guess is the problem.
  • 10 hours ago by The New York Times

    The New York Times
    The vote enraged liberals, who accused lawmakers of betrayal and threatened to mount primaries against Democrats who voted yes.
    Senate Democrats’ Vote to End Shutdown Infuriates Some on the Left
    10 hours ago Greg Roach 170
    Nobody voted against DACA today. We will be having this same discussion in three weeks, but without the threat of taking healthcare away from nine million kids. Give it a rest.
    10 hours ago Allen Zakharin 13
    Exactly. 9M CHIP recipients now have coverage for 6 years. The party of Darth Vader lost this as a bargaining chip. One battle at a time. Next is the fight for DACA.
    10 hours ago Michael Joslin 3
    It was a strategic pitting of two vulnerable groups. A pretty classic scenario in our one party/two factions political system
    9 hours ago Karen Morgan 2
    Tane Horner......the Republicans have the majority in doesn't matter what the Democrats will or will not "fight for." The Democrats don't have enough votes.
    9 hours ago Lynette Blinne 1
    It's pathetic that we have to do this again in three weeks. How would you like your job to be constantly threatened with a shutdown?
    9 hours ago Tane Horner 1
    Hope so, sure hate to see the Dems lacking the backbone necessary to fight this nightmare regime.
    9 hours ago Greg Roach 1
    Corrected to nine million.
    9 hours ago Todd Bollinger 1
    Allen Zakharin "The party of Darth Vader..." aahahahaha
    9 hours ago Amanda Frolio 1
    9 Million Kids
    9 hours ago Tim Rohal II
    9 hours ago Michael McCown
    10 hours ago Bonnie Campos 126
    The Democrats didn't abandon DACA, they are mitigating a 3 trillion budget with a monster and buying time against a party that fails to remember their relatives immigrated to this some point .
    10 hours ago Dick Carbone 4
    Bonnie, whatever helps you sleep tonight. The democrats collapsed like a shack in Puerto Rico.
    10 hours ago Jessie Jaymez Blaylock 4
    Big difference between legal and illegal immigrants
    9 hours ago Bill Davison 3
    Yes my relatives were immigrants- legal ones, who became US citizens, assimilated to this country they came to call Home, didn’t send all their money back to their homeland, and paid their taxes. This idea that any immigrant is the same as any other is offensive and ludicrous.
    10 hours ago Bonnie Campos 3
    We all know the Republican party is 99.9%Caucasian. ..this was never a legal issue , but like Trump put it , Norway over Africa
    10 hours ago Debbie Miller 1
    If the Democrats thought putting illegal invader non-citizens above US citizens was a good idea, they got proved wrong. DACA now stands for "Democrats against American children".
    9 hours ago Jessie Jaymez Blaylock 1
    Debbie Miller democrats against children of America might work better. Yours was out of order
    10 hours ago Jennifer Lara 1
    9 hours ago Charlie Cross
    Yeah the Dems did a lot already but we should probably keep the government open. Now the people are pissed at those trying to help them? Ok. The Dems put themselves in these impossible situations and somehow are losing here wow.
    9 hours ago Julio Ojeda-Urzua
    Unfortunately some entitled spoiled brats don’t see it that way and think that they are the only ones that are suffering. What about health insurance for millions of poor kids? Pay for the troops? They don’t care about that, otherwise I would sympathize with the Dreamers more.
    10 hours ago Amparo del Aguila
    10 hours ago Nancy Diamond Wagner 88
    We need to stick together to fight the GOP. There will be no progress if there's infighting.
    10 hours ago Nancy Rose Vance 4
    I started to say 'get over yourself.' That would be snarky, and I honestly don't want to be snarky. But I think Schumer sold out today. The GOP didn't want to be the party that refused to fund CHIP. And to give McConnell's very public promise any trust is ridiculous. He has proved time after time that he thinks nothing of going back on his word. I am not feeling sanguine about DACA being at the mercy of McConnell, much less Ryan.
    9 hours ago Alberto Balthazar Romero 3
    No. Hillary would have lost without Bernie even running because she was the second most hated candidate in the history of polling and Hillary did not campaign in the Rust Belt States nor did she campaign for anything that would have made people show up in those states.
    9 hours ago Andrea Johanson 3
    John Malin Really? Then enjoy another 4 years of Trump. Seriously, some things are just way more important than this crap.
    9 hours ago Leah LaPerle Larkin 3
    Alberto Balthazar Romero, with infighting from the Sanders wing, we ended up with President Trump.
    10 hours ago Alberto Balthazar Romero 3
    Actually with infighting the party becomes stronger. The Republicans had infighting from an obscurr movement I am sure you never heard of called the Tea Party and they ran primaries and now they control the country. And the thing is that you probably like the ideas of the people from the left of establishment Democrats more than what the establishment offers anyway so you should get on board with the outrage
    10 hours ago Alberto Balthazar Romero 2
    Al Franken should have been thrown out. The question is not which offender is worse. The truth is that all offenders should be held to the same standard.
    9 hours ago Brian Leininger 1
    Your not center right, your far left. Speech codes, anti first amendment, anti second amendment, identity politics, Robbing 50 percent of America to welfare the other 50 percent. Your a stones throw from socialist.
    9 hours ago Alberto Balthazar Romero 1
    We are not far left. We are center left. The Hillary wing is center right and Republicans are mostly far right.
    10 hours ago John Malin 1
    Speak for yourself Nancy, I have already changed my party affiliation to Independent. I'm 73 and was a loyal Democrat until the "party" ousted Al Franken. Some unity.
    9 hours ago Karen Morgan
    Alberto Balthazar are right about the success of the Tea Party. But the far left will never be as successful as the Tea Party..they will never fight as dirty as the right wingers.
    10 hours ago Mark Capozio 81
    This is why democrats don’t control Washington. We didn’t come out and vote enough to win in 2016 and now we have to make deals as best we can. Don’t be stupid about things, vote blue in November and let’s take back Washington from the corrupt GOP!
    9 hours ago Jean Zambrano 3
    This is only for 3 weeks, then it is all on the table again. They did get the CHIP program re-funded.
    9 hours ago Seth Stewart 3
    Mark Capozio, we didn't come out to vote in 2010, 2012, 2014, AND 2016. The gerrymandering became more prominent in 2011. America will pay for these four voting years for at least another generation.
    9 hours ago Modupe Odusanya 1
    I hope the puritans learn their lessons from this.
    9 hours ago Mark Capozio
    Yeah that’s true. Here in pa we won the case to have the gerrymandered districts changed. People have to vote!
    9 hours ago Mark Capozio
    Yeah it was mainly for chip but they did make it so the GOP can’t hold them hostage. No wall funding. No cuts to programs that the people need. We know the GOP used the kids since they could have fixed chip months ago.
    10 hours ago Seth Stewart 51
    Maybe more democrats should have voted last year. I don't feel sorry for anyone who's angered by this who cast their little "protest votes" or chose not to vote at all. Talk about unchecked privilege.
    9 hours ago Wyatt Powell 8
    You are right! Had more democrats voted he probably would have lost the popular vote by 10 million instead of 2.9 🤔🤔🤔
    8 hours ago Helen Hunt 3
    Over 90 million eligible voters stayed home, they couldn't be bothered to vote.
    8 hours ago Nicole Wandolowski 2
    Well I voted Democrat, and I reserve the right to be angry.
    8 hours ago Julie Maxwell 1
    Yes, they get angry about dems difficulty in getting things done when they didn't take a few minutes to freakin vote, and caused us to be the minority.
    8 hours ago Julie Elle 1
    What’s funny (not really) is a lot of the people who are “progressive purists” upset right now were the same way in late 2016 and either didn’t vote or voted third party.
    9 hours ago Linda Newcomb 31
    Truthfully they didn't have the leverage to do anything else. People's support yes but nothing to hold their feet to the fire with. Give them a break.
    9 hours ago Eileen Ann Hurley 3
    I don’t give them a break, but I do agree with your point on lack of leverage. The issue remains though, that the GOP is still dictating the terms of the negotiations. We must turn one of the houses blue in November.
    9 hours ago Tim Lore
    They didn't have people's support, even CNN said that they had no leg to stand on
    9 hours ago Carol Davis
    Eileen Ann Hurley correct, that will be then and both blue would be better, but this is now. The government must reopen.
    9 hours ago Chris Peralta de Apana 31
    The Democrats voted allowing CHIP to be funded instead of being held hostage by the republican party. Millions of children will have their healthcare back and that is a victory.
    The republicans have about 2 weeks to prevent another shutdown and this time there are no hostages to negotiate. Trump is still demanding his ridiculous wall but did not get it this time either.
    Keep your eyes on the prize for a Blue November.
    10 hours ago 维娅西尔 29
    what idiots, they get a 3 week budget to work on DACA, it is not like they gave in permanently, so in 3 weeks they will deal with it, at least 13 million kids now have insurance for the next 6 years...
    9 hours ago Jeffrey Berger
    DACA is dead or will come with so many strings that it costs will far outweigh the benefits. The "concession" won was the right to propose bills that will only serve to provide political cover as they are guaranteed to be shot down
    9 hours ago Shaun Whitt 3
    Say what you want about republicans, but even they wouldn't turn against themselves. Democrats can't even agree with each other let alone defeat Trump. Unless you get your house in order, then get use to defeat. Neither Democrat or Republican, just notice A lot of infighting with Democrats.
    8 hours ago Mary Juilfs 2
    The Democrats voted allowing CHIP to be funded instead of being held hostage by the republican party. Millions of children will have their healthcare back and that is a victory.
    The republicans have about 2 weeks to prevent another shutdown and this time there are no hostages to negotiate. Trump is still demanding his ridiculous wall but did not get it this time either.
    Keep your eyes on the prize for a Blue November.
    8 hours ago Matthew Kampf 2
    'They (progressives) accused Senator Chuck Schumer of New York, the Democratic leader, and moderate Democratic senators of capitulating to protect senators up for re-election in November in Republican-leaning states..." Because losing more seats in the Senate to the GOP is a good way to get any progressive agenda done, right? I'm a lifelong liberal, and I'm scared that the farthest edges of the Democratic Party are undergoing their own Tea Party moment. Purity tests and holding the budget hostage over DACA is a sure way to piss people off and lose votes.
  • 10 hours ago by The New York Times

    The New York Times
    Paul Krugman writes in The New York Times Opinion Section: "Promises from the U.S. government are now as worthless as those from a tinpot dictator."
    Opinion | The Art of the Broken Deal
    10 hours ago Arlene Waters 175
    It really makes me furious when Republican Congressional Representatives say "we don't like his verbiage" but "we totally support his policies." First of all, he has degraded the office of the president, he has lowered our world profile, he is a terrible example for our children, and he promotes hate, violence, and division. They can't see past their own lust for power and money and don't care about our national moral fiber. It matters. Please vote them out in 2018. Bring back dignity, honor, manners, and morals.
    10 hours ago Arlene Waters 16
    Doug Dorman High on honest, manners, morals, dignity, respect and intelligence. High on diversity, inclusiveness, feeding seniors, giving children medical care, and taking care of kids born here and know no other country. Highly motivated to vote out Republicans in 2018 and 2020.
    10 hours ago Rob Lanzillotti 10
    I hear his supporters (i call them worshippers) say they honestly don't care. Stock market is up, unemployment down...blah blah.
    His words and his actions and his behavior absolutely matters! Our in the real world, it is easy to see that people are more hateful and rude to each other. I have noticed more racism lately than you have in 40 years. Our children see this too! A president is supposed to be someone young people could admire and even emulate. The whole world hates him. If he is not even welcome in London? What have we done? 😧
    10 hours ago Stef Wave 8
    Keep DACA. Fire the puppet.
    10 hours ago Valerie Roche 7
    Don Winstel No! Not at all, I prospered and was proud Obama was the president.
    10 hours ago Kimberly J Pajtas 5
    Well said Arlene!
    10 hours ago Tina DiNapoli 4
    Seriously Doug Dorman, please tell me that's sarcasm. If not, then you really need help.
    10 hours ago Doug Dorman 2
    Are you high , if Trump keeps this up , he'll be here 8 years and republicans will have huge gains in 2018 and and 2020 , this is great , did you hear Obama got caught interfering in Israel's elections, hhhuum Russia,
    10 hours ago Goldie Thompson 1
    I'll be there with as many people as I can.
    10 hours ago PC Cavazos
    Lemme guess, you people were slick willie voters 😂😂
    10 hours ago Don Winstel
    Did you sleep through the Clinton and Obama years?
    10 hours ago Kim Allen 81
    Broken businesses, broken marriages, broken principals. At least he's consistent with one thing.
    9 hours ago MaryJanice Davidson 9
    We only have Trump's word he's a billionaire, and he's told 2,000+ verifiable lies in his first year in office. Same with the "Melania speaks 5 languages" myth. Team Trump also claimed she wrote her own speech and that she had a degree in architecture; both turned out to be lies. You simply can't take his word on anything, as he has repeatedly demonstrated.
    10 hours ago Stef Wave 9
    He isn't even worth a billion, Joyce.
    9 hours ago Tom Parry 1
    Non-disclosure agreements. Multiple affairs, bragging about sexual assault. If Trump heard this description he'd assume the guy was black.
    8 hours ago Margo Normoyle 1
    Joyce Lynn branding is a lazy man’s business. That’s what he does, licensing is branding. Bankruptcy is never good! 4 times & no bank in America has done business with him in years.
    10 hours ago Joyce Lynn
    Yep, owning 500+ Billion Dollar businesses must have been awful. You do know small amount of business failures and that's good to restructure. Having x wives who say good things about you and a stunning wife who is educated and speaks 5 languages must be awful. Having family and friends who adore you must be awful.
    8 hours ago Fred Zubrin
    Joyce Lynn trump: Over 2000 lies.
    Joyce Lynn: Delusional Pollyanna.
    7 hours ago Adam Wright
    Joyce Lynn awwwww, an old lady learned how to make a post on social media. Look guys!! So cuuuute!
    8 hours ago Steven Parks
    Joyce Lynn I seriously doubt he is worth that much, he is leveraged to the hilt. This is not about Melania anyways, but your comments that its ok that he sleeps around are a good point...its all about narcissism and he has loads of that, maybe more than he has cash in the bank.
    But, at the end of the day he does not have any of the qualities which are necessary in a President. His term will go down in history as the most unproductive, useless and ineffective in history. The stature that the US loses on a daily basis, to the world, with him as President will take years, possibly decades to regain.
    8 hours ago Calvin Flash
    And what is you are good at Kim Allen??
    10 hours ago Suzanne Hopkins 74
    Trump outsourced the writting of the book " Art of the Deal " The same way he is outsourcing his presidency to anyone who happens to walk past the oval office .
    10 hours ago Suzanne Hopkins 14
    Ray Perry Listen here little man , you better mind who you call a liar . Now put on your DEPENDS underware & get a grip you dim-witted twit.
    10 hours ago Ann Freedman 4
    Suzanne Hopkins You are my hero.
    9 hours ago Ann Freedman 2
    Suzanne Hopkins Best retort of the day.
    10 hours ago Suzanne Hopkins 2
    Ann Freedman
    I don't know why you say that , but thank you .
    10 hours ago Ray Perry 1
    You're a liar. That was 'The Kenyan' who did that. It was Valerie Jarrett who was the de facto president.
    8 hours ago Sharon Atkinson
    9 hours ago Susan Hocherman Edelstein
    Ray Perry, kindly provide us with details, facts and sources for your comment. Got none, not surprised, trumpster
    7 hours ago Steve Yudelson
    Forget him. Troll on a fake account. Just block the lowlife.
    10 hours ago Donna Terwilliger 69
    I am a democrat and long for the days when the GOP at least stood up for their values.
    10 hours ago Donna Williams 11
    Or had some at least . . .
    10 hours ago Anthony Smith 7
    As much as I am a Democrat and believe that government is best suited to fix some problems, we need a fiscally conservative party to keep us honest and make us pay for stuff. I hate our parties but not the idea of parties. Government should have differing views you need the people who watch the budget, you need the people who yearn to help, you need the people who want to protect, and most importantly you need them all to give a little and find common ground. This isn't a monoculture nation you can't have a monoculture government.
    10 hours ago Donna Terwilliger 5
    Anthony Smith I agree that we should have bipartisan leadership. My comment is based on the fact that the Republican leadership has given up on that to support the President whose only agenda is to line his and his wealthy cronies pockets.
    9 hours ago Andrew Copple 4
    ^ The GOP gave up more than that a long time before Trump. It was never Trump, but rather the holding of power by the GOP in 2 branches that made it clear that they don't represent their voting base. They've hardly done anything while being in power, that would actually reduce the gov't or spending. They just seem to be positioning for the next fight that makes them look like they support being fiscally conservative. That phrase is absent from the GOP these days.
    8 hours ago Jamie Goheen 1
    Anthony Smith You're right. We absolutely need both parties. I would prefer at least a third party with some weight behind it but it certainly can't be only one. I think a completely liberal government might go too far with protecting people. We all know where good intentions can sometimes lead. I wouldn't want to live in a country with government going out of control in protecting people from themselves. IMHO some states have already gone too far in that regard. Give the information, provide warnings and consequences and resources to make healthy changes, but people have to be free to make their own choices. I've noticed that Republicans I know personally do not reflect the views expressed in online discussions. I really do think traditional Republicans see Democrats so much as the enemy that they will not give even a hint of disagreeing with their party to an outsider. I live in a very rural, conservative area and Trump is not respected here anymore. Older people with more traditional ideas of decorum and behavior are disgusted with the current behavior in the White House.
    10 hours ago Karen Carter-Freeman 21
    Congratulations to you, Paul Krugman for winning first place in the Trumpy award! Thank you for reporting factual information on #cadetbonespurs and if Mueller doesn't hurry up with his investigation, we're all doomed!
    10 hours ago Karen O'Grady 15
    It makes me mad and sad that #CrookedTrump has been allowed to demean and denigrate the office of President, the U.S., and the Republican party. The GOP is allowing it, which infuriates me. They are sleeping with the enemy. This country needs to rise up in November and vote, saying No!, this is NOT acceptable and we won't allow it anymore!
    8 hours ago Rob Lanzillotti
    Did you see all the women in the streets this weekend? Not many of them will vote for a Republican.
    You can count on that. Registered Democrats slept through the last election but you can bet money, that will not happen again.
    9 hours ago Tony Kramps
    Did he not win the GOP nomination?
    10 hours ago Dox Doxiadis 9
    Dr. Krugman, with all due respect, your focus is in the wrong direction. Trump is a spoiled rich businessman whose tactics are rewarded by our system. There are many others like him. He's not the problem. The problem is with the large part of this country, perhaps a majority, who consider these antics as astute business tactics to beat the effete intellectuals and wonks, tell it like it is, get things done, and establish US dominance in the world. Toute nation a le gouvernement qu'elle mérite. (Every nation gets the government it deserves.) --Joseph de Maistre
    10 hours ago Barb Beaser-Konschak 6
    "Trump’s whole business career has been a series of betrayals — failed business ventures from which he personally profited while others, whether they were Trump University students, vendors or creditors, ended up holding the bag. And he hasn’t grown a bit in office, unless you count that mysterious extra inch."
    9 hours ago Brian Irvine
    Not a Trump guy, but Krugman, who was involved with Enron, lecturing on hucksterism(i.e. Trump University)is the pot calling the kettle black. Or, like hearing a televangelist denounce greed and tout celibacy.
    9 hours ago David Caune 3
    ↑ Straight out of the GOP playbook - when there's no argument to offer at all - comment with a tu quoque fallacy. That'll work.
    9 hours ago David Caune 2
    ↑ Uh huh... If the tu quoque ploy fails, go in hard with the ad hominem. By the way, the phrase is Latin... 🤣
    8 hours ago Marlow James 1
    David Caune I was wondering why he called you a Francophile 😅
    9 hours ago Brian Irvine
    David Caune you may be a Francophile but somehow basic reading comprehension(sorry, Davey dude, not a Repub, just hate hypocrites)and simple Google searches(I.e. Krugman, Enron)are beyond your intellectual grasp. Au revoir, a** hole.
    8 hours ago Calvin Flash
    Everyone on this threat are wit wits!😂 thank goodness you have no.say in bringing this country back from the dead. Maybe you should all just leave....unappreciatibe whiners.
    8 hours ago Rob Lanzillotti 1
    But you are absolutely right.
    I do not appreciate his childish behavior, his inability to speak in complete sentences, his stupid Twitter tantrums, his constant, blatant're right! I'm not appreciative.
    8 hours ago Rob Lanzillotti
    If you are a Trump supporter,
    YOU are in the minority! Keep that in mind.
  • 11 hours ago by The New York Times

    The New York Times
    Nan Goldin, the celebrated photographer, opened up about kicking her 3-year OxyContin habit and publicly confronting the manufacturer of the drug, Purdue Pharma.
    Don’t Call Her a Victim: After Surviving Opioids, Nan Goldin Goes After the Makers
    11 hours ago Brian Wolf 54
    Maybe she will sue that cigarette manufacturer since it's clear that cigarette is forcing itself upon her.
    10 hours ago Kash Shireen 15
    Brian Wolf Ah, it’s so simple. Well, if you’ve made a choice that drug addiction is decisional ... then let’s just ignore that dependency is physical, it acts on the body, it acts on the brain, it shapes physical process, there’s a commercial system and marketing ... Anytime, you refuse to examine the context of an issue and you tar and feather a group of people for their actions ... Actual potential solutions are hidden.
    11 hours ago Brian Wolf 11
    I have a clue... I don't want to be addicted to drugs, so I don't do drugs. It's kind of like, I don't want to cut off my left arm, so I don't cut off my left arm. I have been perscribed some pretty potent things after an operation. I take them as directed, and don't continue to after I don't need them. It's a choice. Just like that cigarette.
    10 hours ago Michaela Maximus 7
    Blaming her for an OxyContin addiction is like blaming rain for falling. You can take them as proscribed and still become addicted. HENCE the nationwide opioid epidemic.
    10 hours ago Victoria Sidney 4
    Oh come on the woman needs a vice, clearly. Nicotine addiction is better than opioid addiction...And lots of addicts take it up to help them ween off the drugs.
    10 hours ago Seth Kogan 3
    Michaela Maximus first it's prescribed not proscribed, the latter meaning forbidden, outlawed, or condemned. If prescribed and taken appropriately for the shortest time necessary the risk of addiction is quite small. Opioids should NOT be used for chronic pain, with physical therapy, biofeedback, GABA analogues, and nerve blocks as the first line treatments
    10 hours ago Kevin Cummings 3
    David Fiscarelli no, she decided to smoke. Nothing "caused" her to smoke.
    10 hours ago Erin MacNaughton 2
    We've talked about it too many times to count... People aren't ever going to get it
    11 hours ago David Fiscarelli 2
    The Oxy caused her to take up smoking.
    10 hours ago Alexandra Mendes 1
    Erin look at this... it should be: I don't want to be an alcoholic, so I won't drink... oh, wait... how many times have we talked about this "issue"?
    10 hours ago Mack James
    Boom, lol Brian!
    10 hours ago Melissa Thies 28
    I have a real problem with this. She CHOSE to take more than prescribed, doctor shop, and become an addict. Then she blames the company? This is why people like myself who have chronic pain find ourselves having problems getting our refills and having to defend ourselves time and time again. You were taking them and found them so strong , then ask your doctor for something weaker. Don't call her a victim? She's acting the victim. The choices you make are your choices and the consequence is on you. I've been on opioids 5 years now and managed to not get addicted by taking it as needed , not as wanted.
    9 hours ago Melissa Thies 3
    Tanya Renee Kelly that's not the drug companies fault , or the doctors fault , that is on you to work to make yourself whole. I agree addiction is a social problem more than a drug problem. I saw this all play out in the 80's in NYC , and it's a very similar zeitgeist to now. I'm addicted to tobacco. I've come close to getting addicted to my painkillers , and have had to step back at points on how much I was taking. I have had friends, loved ones die of addiction and it broke my heart , but still it was their own fault
    9 hours ago Melissa Thies 2
    Cynthia Duncan yes, chronic pain , arthritis , knee derangement.Some days I only have to take 1 , some days 5. The amount I take is according to my pain level.That is how I can still take them and millions do without becoming addicted. I know if I become an addict I won't have any pain relief
    9 hours ago Tanya Renee Kelly 1
    Unless you have had an addiction. Shut up u know nothing
    9 hours ago Melissa Thies 1
    Cynthia Duncan And contrary to popular belief it is very hard to get painkillers longterm, and now even short term.
    8 hours ago Laperale Boudin
    Tanya Renee Kelly How rude! Do you need a hug? Maybe a meeting? Keep going back it works if you work it....or maybe a tissue? Cry me a river, you screamin' ME ME ME...somethings missing in your soul? Yeah, something called free will...personal accountability...responsibility for your actions.
    8 hours ago John Smith
    Tanya Renee Kelly - You talk about the soul. Are you talking about a physical or a psychological addiction?
    9 hours ago Cynthia Duncan
    Opioids 5 Years?
    8 hours ago Drew Jackson
    Go 3 days without your prescription opiates and tell me you aren't an addict.
    8 hours ago Melissa Thies
    Drew Jackson I have
    9 hours ago Tanya Renee Kelly
    Addiction is something that happens when something is missing in your soul
    11 hours ago Joel Caddell 27
    Confronting the drug maker? You got addicted yourself, at some point people need to be responsible for their own actions. Now if you want to start a fight, start with the doctors that over prescribe medications.
    11 hours ago Elisa Paoloni Henderson 14
    document yourself on the role the manufacturer played in withholding information about how addictive the drug is, totally disregarding the safety of the public.
    11 hours ago Bill Blackmon 11
    No, go straight to the drug dealers. The 'personal responsibility' schtick only goes so far in the face of profiteering corporations.
    10 hours ago Elisa Paoloni Henderson 6
    Chris Huizinga how can a drug be considered effective when it created an epidemic of opioids addicts?
    10 hours ago Elisa Paoloni Henderson 5
    Chris Huizinga This is the case of a manufacturer who sought to maximize profit by purposely not disclosing, to both doctors and patients, the high risks of a drug that was meant to help you recover from pain due to an injury or surgery and instead turned thousands of people, of disparate economic class, into addicts. Raising the cost won't solve the problem.
    10 hours ago Ann Magnin 4
    Addiction is a disease, not a question of being “responsible” for your actions. Plenty of information out there, enlighten yourself.
    10 hours ago Ruth Vienneau 3
    Good grief! There is an epidemic in this country of folks becoming addicted to legally prescribed drugs for post op pain, injury, etc. The drug companies are pushing highly addictive drugs and the result is very bad for our country.
    11 hours ago Chris Huizinga 2
    I agree, we should be targeting access to this drug.. the prescribers and the funding mechanism. Going after the company is blame-shifting. We're blaming them for what, being good at delivering an effective drug?
    10 hours ago Glenn Williams
    Go tell that to all the blackmen they lock up for selling drugs legal system is a dam joke but it cool when white people sell them hypocrites.
    10 hours ago Chris Huizinga
    Elisa Paoloni Henderson How can it not be effective? In fact, the 'epidemic' is largely a result of how effective it is. Just because it's very effective at treating conditions it was designed for doesn't mean that it's safe, or it doesn't have side-effects. You can argue that it's TOO effective. Maybe this is a case where we need drug companies to raise drug prices. 😀
    10 hours ago Derek Schmidt 22
    Whenever I read these opioid addiction stories, I think about all of the other addiction crises we've had in this country, and how we always turned away and decided to criminalize this illness, and now suddenly a different sector of our society is dealing with addiction in their families and in need of understanding. I agree with all of this progress, but we can't escape our callousness over the decades for marginalized communities and hopefully we can lift everyone up this time.
    9 hours ago Derek McCumber
    You KNOW a drug is being abused mostly by white people when the Republicans aren't gleefully pushing for longer prison sentences for addicts.
    9 hours ago Joanne Horton
    I agree. On the upside, this crisis might peel the scales of prejudice from at least some people’s eyes.
    10 hours ago Jeffrey Anthony 12
    The book >Dreamland: The True Tale of America's Opiate Epidemic < Really opened my eye's to the current opioid crisis and Purdue Pharma's central role.
    10 hours ago Trish Maher 3
    Good 4 part series. http://www.latimes.c...oxycontin-part1/
    8 hours ago Heather Catherine
    Wow very interesting read. I never knew about the q12 and how that impacts addiction.
    10 hours ago Cary Myers 10
    It is not that easy. Oxycontin has a real problem. The pain and depression is exacerbated when you try to stop.And the dosage naturally increases the longer you take. Not fun. I got to a point where dealing with chronic pain was better than the insidious negative thoughts. Very hard.She is brave.
    11 hours ago Eddie Hernandez 9
    We are responsible for our own actions. Some people need painkillers just to feel ok in their bodies. This lady needs to stop.
    10 hours ago Ruth Vienneau 3
    Some people find themselves addicted to a drug they were prescribed, because the drug is highly addictive.
    11 hours ago Kash Shireen 5
    Wow! Let’s just will away a biological and physiological process ... come on now if you focus really hard maybe you can shorten the length of your nose or use your will power to grow a limb back ... Sounds effin ridiculous, right?  Now get a clue about drug addiction, this be the internet go google sh** and stop talking outta ur own useless righteousness ... All these opioid addicts are real people in our communities ... No they ain’t perfect people, yes they made mistakes ... But a society’s worth is demonstrated by how it takes care of their most vulnerable ... If it was you and your most loved person how would you want to be treated?
    9 hours ago Tanya Renee Kelly 2
    Yes, genuine compassion
    8 hours ago John Smith 1
    But if it is common knowledge that opioids can be very addictive then why do people still take them? They are making a deliberate choice to get started on the path to addiction.
    8 hours ago Donna Eldridge
    John Smith You are 18. You get your wisdom teeth pulled. Doc gives you RX for pills. Your mouth hurts. You take prescribed meds. No longer in pain. You get hooked. How is that the fault of the patient?
    7 hours ago John Smith
    Donna Eldridge - You must be an intelligent 18 year old. You know that the meds are addictive and you request something different. Or you throw the pills in the trash and just endure pain for awhile. Temporary pain for a few days is nothing compared to an addiction which will destroy your life. It is all about using your brain. We seem to have a culture now where people think they should never feel any kind of pain and we are too quick to grab for some pills.
    7 hours ago John Smith
    Donna Eldridge - The individual is ultimately responsible. But I would agree with you that a responsible dentist would not prescribe potentially addictive opioids to an 18-year-old. In fact, many dentists ARE changing their methods due to this problem. I had my wisdom teeth pulled (over two separate vists) many years ago when I was in my late teens but I don't even remember what a I took for pain. As far as I remember it was nothing very powerful. Maybe Tylenol.
    10 hours ago Errin Maes Weigel 2
    They need to start going after the doctors who hand these pills out like candy. The only time I have ever been prescribed an opiod was after my hip replacements and you are only given a limited number of pills and no refills. I don't know anyone who has ever become addicted to pain medications. I know there are addicts who take them but they are getting them on the street and their addiction did not start with a prescription for pain meds.
    9 hours ago Becky Stelljes 1
    Errin Maes Weigel I was prescribed opioids for migraine and was issued refills for months. I never felt the need to up my dosage or ask for extra and I voluntarily stopped taking them. My body chemistry thankfully isn’t easily addicted but many people respond differently and it isn’t something they can easily voluntarily control.
    8 hours ago Paul M Lacher
    They would word physiological dependence if the medication was reasoning compared to psychological. It's like, what actual physical damage? More a chance of getting paid from still being upset they took the meds away. Otherwise they might market, we don't want you to not have them, but your doctors said, no.
    8 hours ago Errin Maes Weigel
    The 90s were a long time ago. Any doctor who is using that as an excuse does not deserve a medical licence.
    10 hours ago Karen Duffin
    My partner was prescribed opiates after a hip replacement and became addicted. So now you know of one.
    10 hours ago Errin Maes Weigel
    How many pills did they give him though? I only got maybe 30 pills and I didn't even need half that many but I also could not have refilled them without going to the doctor and unless I had been having complications I doubt they would have been refilled.
    8 hours ago Becky Stelljes
    Errin Maes Weigel absolutely but in the 90’s big pharma lied about the risks and touted the benefits. Physicians don’t do their own drug research hands on. They have to rely on the studies the drug companies and FDA release and that research can be and was intentionally deceptive.
    8 hours ago Jessica Eaton
    Come to a VA hospital. I can introduce you to plenty.
    9 hours ago Errin Maes Weigel
    Becky Stelljes I understand that but doctors play a large part in this too.
    10 hours ago Adam Orton 2
    I'm getting really sick of all this "blame anyone but me" nonsense. Why not the doctors? Why not the FDA? A lot of people have chronic pain depend on these medications. None of them are heroin users. None of them overdose. Many follow their instructions just fine. You blaming anyone but yourself only works toward punishing those who are incredibly ill.
    9 hours ago Becky Stelljes 2
    There, but for the grace of God, go I. Have a little empathy, do a little research.
    8 hours ago Adam Orton
    Your response of "go do some research" is as smug and dismissive as any Trumpian on the internet these days. Do you want to hit the laugh react on my comment, too? "Go do some research." Ok. Where? What should I research? Who should I research? Are you trying to inform me or just tell me to STFU? Then you accuse me of having no empathy. That again is bunk. I have alcoholic family members.  However, I also have a chronic pain disease my doctor randomly decided to stop writing me a script for on account of new recommendations from the DEA.  So let's talk about empathy. Im basically stuck with Tylenol or Advil now. Though the Advil has given me what may now be internal bleeding. I can't have weed because, again, I'm judged by the actions of others in this country. Oh, and I nearly ingested too much Tylenol and wrecked my liver. So what am I supposed to research?
    8 hours ago Adam Orton
    Becky Stelljes I don't think YOU know what it means.
    9 hours ago Adam Orton
    Becky Stelljes Empathy? That's ironic.
    8 hours ago Becky Stelljes
    Adam Orton I don’t think that word means what you think it means.
  • 11 hours ago by The New York Times

    The New York Times
    It will probably cost the Republicans at least 1 seat in this year’s midterms, while eroding their position in several others.
    How Big a Deal Is a New Congressional Map for Pennsylvania?
    11 hours ago Simmy Taub 175
    To win, Republicans must lie, cheat, or both.
    11 hours ago Edward Roberts 10
    Or just rely on dumbasses. America isn't lacking stupid lately.
    11 hours ago Karen Roth 7
    Luckily for them I guess, neither is beneath them.
    11 hours ago Daniel Campbell 4
    Kevin Cummings realigning districts properly after GOP gerrymandering isn’t gerrymandering by the Dems genius.
    11 hours ago Mercedes McLaughlin 4
    11 hours ago Ilene Peterson 1
    That’s their play book for sure!
    11 hours ago Daniel Issacson 1
    11 hours ago Jimmy Mack
    What did they do to lie cheat and steal? Clinton was the one cheating she even had the debate questions in advance.
    11 hours ago Nathaniel Ostrer
    Jimmy Mack and Trump’s campaign manager was in deep with the Russians
    10 hours ago Kevin Cummings
    Daniel Campbell but you're not denying that the democrats gerrymander. So if republicans lie and cheat, and democrats do the same action that is called lying and cheating, then therefore, the democrats lie and cheat.  Logic always seems to support the right. Interesting...
    11 hours ago Kevin Cummings
    And the democrats who gerrymander?
    11 hours ago Dan Stewart 92
    Republicans can not win on ideas, they need gerrymandering and voter suppression to maintain power.
    11 hours ago Dan Stewart 17
    Dennis Cisar #thanksObama
    11 hours ago Ilene Peterson 6
    And Russians. Don’t forget their hand in this.
    10 hours ago Dianne Duncan 5
    Dennis Cisar , Obama’s economic recovery continues, even as Stable Genius claims credit
    11 hours ago Chris Huizinga 1
    You mean they don't win by bribing voters with other people's money.
    10 hours ago Wes Hawkins 1
    Ya eight years of Obama blaming Bush for everything that was bad during his administration and taking credit for everything remotely good happening except the most lethargic economic recover ever and now that it sores straight up after only the first few months let alone after the entire year under Trump and you want to give ownership of that to Obama. Ya ok.
    10 hours ago Carl Brault
    Wes Hawkins what economic policy has been put in place by this admin? This is the continuation of 8 years of growth. The numbers have been trending this way for years. I know, they were no good, or fake before, but now they are real as long as trump can attempt to make them his.
    10 hours ago Dan Stewart
    Wes Hawkins unmitigated tosh
    8 hours ago Paul Kammueller
    This kind of rigging is how corrupt and unpopular governments hold power against the will of the voters.
    11 hours ago Dennis Cisar
    Stock Market 26274, up 142 pts today. It like robbing a bank every day and getting away with it . Thank you President Trump
    9 hours ago Wes Hawkins
    Carl Brault. LOL. You keep telling yourself that if it makes you feel better. Numbers have been trending this way for years? You could of had 8 more years of Obama and they wouldn’t be where they are now. This is the kind of economic growth you get when you get government out of the way. It didn’t take an economic policy, all it took was to get rid of government overreach and over regulation. I guess you want to give credit to Obama for Apple and other tech companies bringing back $400 Billion from offshore accounts. Money that will get taxed and in the government coffers instead of being hidden away.
    12 hours ago The New York Times 76
    Pennsylvania’s Supreme Court said the map “clearly, plainly and palpably” violates the state’s constitution and banned it from being used again. Read on:
    11 hours ago Bill Keach 74
    Ending gerrymandering is the most important change in restoring democracy in the country.
    10 hours ago Andrew Keck 8
    Money out of politics & stopping voter supression, but it's certainly a close third.
    10 hours ago Tressa Bunch 6
    Agree wrong no matter what party.
    11 hours ago Joseph Barnett 33
    No one should vote for a Republican this year.
    11 hours ago Dennis Cisar
    Yeah Vote for the Trump Party . lets make America great for ever
    11 hours ago Chris Huizinga
    Vote for the more libertarian candidate!
    11 hours ago Kevin Cummings
    The worst way to win votes is by trying to tell people how to vote.
    11 hours ago Karen Carter-Freeman 31
    Just get rid of Toomey, that'll make me happy.
    11 hours ago Clint AG 3
    Senate races are statewide. Districts do not come into play.
    11 hours ago Aura Sofía Jirau 3
    Most didn't want him, we were baffled when he won!
    11 hours ago Andrew Montgomery 2
    Not until 2022 😞
    8 hours ago Abbie Sloat 1
    On the negative side, redrawing the map won't help. On the plus side, everyone in PA has the chance to vote him out.
    11 hours ago Karen Carter-Freeman 1
    Andrew Montgomery , thanks but UGH!
    11 hours ago Andy Stephenson 1
    Amen. He can go back to being a crooked banker at anytime
    11 hours ago Tanner Slonceski 1
    4.5 more years for that vote
    11 hours ago Jeff A Kauffeldt 17
    This map is a F@#$ing mess. I don't usually agree with Democrats but in this case they have a point. If you used blind districting you would have something that's more fair ( though not perfect ) that would look more uniform on the map. That's because you basically start east to west dividing the districts evenly by number of people only.
    10 hours ago Sabrina McLaughlin 6
    I don’t disagree with you. It’s wrong when anybody does it and two wrongs don’t make a right.
    11 hours ago Sabrina McLaughlin 5
    Yea I guess we should just grow up and forget about trying to have a democracy. So patriotic and American.
    11 hours ago Dennis Cisar 1
    Fair? LMAO time to grow up
    11 hours ago Lorie Carter
    Sorry, I was there in California when they chose to do redistricting and they took more conservative areas and gave them Democratic representatives that didn’t give a hoot about rural areas and took the conservative representatives and gave them to urban districts, so they could be voted out. It works both ways. Watch out! Not fair is not fair
    9 hours ago Sabrina McLaughlin
    Lorie Carter “whataboutism” is right!
    11 hours ago Scott Nathan 17
    Good, now how about we re-draw Wisconsin. My state is the worst around as far as gerrymandering. IDC what side of politics you are on...these lines should be drawn by a third party.
    10 hours ago Ellen Blake Shores 4
    And ohio. I have zero federal representation. My district looks like a drunken four year old drew it.
    10 hours ago Tressa Bunch 1
    The supreme court has your state case.
    10 hours ago Eric Carlson 1
    Alsbama- Doug jones won ONE of alabamas seven cong. Districts.
    7 hours ago Tom Janos Foolrey
    See Illinois where the refuse to allow a bi(non) partisan non-political panel to decide voting districts
    8 hours ago Abbie Sloat
    Eric Carlson, Doug Jones is a senator. There are only two senate seats per state.
    11 hours ago Armando Alizo Howald 4
    Leftists are gonna win by hook or crook, with a little assistance from the Leftist Judiciary of course...
    11 hours ago Rebecca Reed 60
    you can't cheat when you are just trying to undo other's cheating.
    11 hours ago Tanner Slonceski 45
    Gerrymandering is cheating.
    11 hours ago Travis Tornatore 22
    Maybe if your ideology wasn't dated, dying, and only attracting extremists, your party wouldn't have to gerrymander.
    11 hours ago Mark Vee 6
    actually, the right wing works overtime to block people from voting and to manipulate the system so they have an unequal advantage, because they know they can't win otherwise. districts should be laid out by a non partisan committee, and not by people who would benefit from manipulating them. sorry if you can't see that.
    11 hours ago Regina Altizer-Moschetti 4
    Well Armando, we can only hope the the “leftists” win!! Right!!
    10 hours ago Mark Vee 3
    Lorie Carter , in california, an independent commission determines districting.
    11 hours ago Avery W. Booth 2
    Are you f****** kidding me Putin is a leftist you've literally cannot give more right wing the KGB dictator are you f****** kidding me with this your parents should be ashamed of you
    11 hours ago Todd McAfee 1
    Toss the bait out there and people will bite.
    11 hours ago Joe Ali
    hahaha who you think is in office and tricked all the republican idiots a Leftist Putin is a Leftist
    11 hours ago Lorie Carter
    Travis Tornatore really like California did with their redistricting?
    10 hours ago Tom Mooney
    Even if the map is redrawn, the Democrats will not win unless and until they convince the voters - especially swing voters and defector Democrats - that they have the answers to people's everyday needs. They didn't do that in the last few elections.
    10 hours ago Rich Somers 3
    Your greatest threat this election year is women. They are going to crucify the Republicans party and more women are running for office.
    8 hours ago Cris Doby
    Very true. Still, contested elections are better than the give-away seats we have now.
    8 hours ago Tom Mooney
    Rich Somers You might well be right. But remember that Hillary Clinton did not do overwhelmingly well among women. In particular, a strong majority of white women without college degrees voted for candidate Trump, mirroring the votes of white men without degrees.

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  • 12 hours ago by Intrepid Travel

    Intrepid Travel
    Discover them before the crowds do.
    7 stunning spots in Croatia you've probably never heard of
    11 hours ago Ruth Tupper 3
    Essie Morrison Kieran Smith add to spreadsheet
    10 hours ago Essie Morrison
    Send me bloody spreadsheet
    11 hours ago Su-an McMahon 2
    Alistair McMahonahon 2019!
    11 hours ago Jaimie Scott 1
    Aden Scott - we've only been to 1 on this list. G2G back ✈ ... Carrie Bamonte FYI
    10 hours ago Justine De Vos
    Rovinj is another gorgeous town in Croatia!
    10 hours ago Kate Pickworth-Smith
    Rory Smith 😉👌😎
    10 hours ago Elle Walker
    Peter Young on the list
    10 hours ago Roslyn Wilson
    Liz Bateman I’ll go to any of these with you!!
    10 hours ago Lisa Tilley
    Kelly Clark 😍
    10 hours ago Kelly Clark
    10 hours ago Paula Chilvers
    Bec. Ah there is this. We should do this. Now?
    9 hours ago Bec Payne
    7 hours ago Emily Chilvers
    Alistair pwease can we go..
  • 15 hours ago by Intrepid Travel

    Intrepid Travel
    For those with hiking dreams in 2018.
    7 steps to follow before you embark on a trekking trip
    15 hours ago Fainche McKeown 1
    Christine Maguire #mournesevenchallenge
    14 hours ago Christine Maguire
    Catherine Hannah Hull Lydia Hull Andrew Mullan Nemo Robins Cònor Nelson
    15 hours ago Anna Chato 1
    #3 is new to me. Thank you! Learned something new today.
    13 hours ago Intrepid Travel
    Wonderful! You're very welcome, Anna 🙂
    10 hours ago Amarilys Simoneau
    Yan-Erik B-Bouchard#7 🙈😉😅de beaux souvenirs
    13 hours ago Retno Ika Praesty
    Walk and walk Iffah Rachmi ntar gw temenin dr warteg ke kantor bolak/lik
    15 hours ago Veronica Boerger
    Mae Belleza Stinnett You won't be swinging on stuff or climbing up on a rock wall to EBC!
    13 hours ago Dani Elle
    Louise Wombat, sounds like hard work 😂
    13 hours ago Dani Elle
    Louise Wombat, sounds like hard work 😂
    9 hours ago Tom Sinclair
    Kili in September with Intrepid. Signed up today.
    9 hours ago Morgan Clancey
    Dane Irving hiking time!
    9 hours ago Morgan Clancey
    Just "practice"
    9 hours ago Dane Irving
    I was hoping it would have suggestions
    9 hours ago Sherrie Close
    Any recommendations for boots online... needed for the trek to Base Camp? Nothing is suitable in stores
    8 hours ago Ryan Keogh
    Both Michelle and I have Salomon hiking boots sheree. And would highly recommend them 👍
  • 1 day ago by Intrepid Travel

    Intrepid Travel
    A remarkable story.
    Why one traveller quit her office job and moved to the Australian Outback
    1 day ago Caroline Martens 1
    Olive Piercy
    16 hours ago Olive Piercy
    Only prob with that is it doesn’t sound luxurious enough 😉
    1 day ago Gadah Agel
    Zahra Hussain
    1 day ago Zahra Hussain
    1 day ago Tom Vercoe
    Leon George
  • 1 day ago by Intrepid Travel

    Intrepid Travel
    If you read one thing today, make it this powerful piece.
    I'm 13 and I've visited 45 countries; here's what it's taught me
    1 day ago Álvaro Tomás Martínez 2
    Wow ! I wish I could travel as much as this child... 😅 🛫🗺
    1 day ago Amanda Vu 2
    My 3 year old has visited 10 countries and my 5 year old has been to 14, travel with kids is achievable, though I'm won't manage 45 by the age of 13.
    1 day ago Chantal Latimer 1
    So inspirational. Everyone should travel if they get the chance.
    1 day ago Angela Lancaster 1
    Lucky Kid. My dad took his family of 4 to the Caribbean twice in the 1960’s. Had he lived, we would have gone all over the world.
    1 day ago Claire Knowles 1
    Future Connor and Ruby...this is you.
    You’re welcome.
    Love Mummy & Daddy ❤️
    1 day ago Kate Hughes 1
    Fantastic. Nice to see he's well grounded.
    1 day ago Suzanne Campbell 1
    Brooke Campbell. Campbell might like to read this. This young man is certainly a traveler. He mentions the tunnels in Vietnam too.
    1 day ago Opa Omi 1
    15 hours ago Thérèse DeFaoite
    Our 30 before 30 seems a bit insignificant
    now Dean Ó Mordha
    23 hours ago Stephen Robert Reynolds
    My parents took me to Canada barely. Failure. Lucky kids to have parents that can do that.
  • 1 day ago by Intrepid Travel

    Intrepid Travel
    Can you relate to any of these?
    19 things only travellers in the 90s would understand
    1 day ago Paul Bondsfield 18
    I miss Poste Restante .... used to be a highlight every time you got to a new city
    16 hours ago Jennifer Richards
    Yes, I looked for that recently
    1 day ago Ginny Williams 8
    SO true! although replace cd's with tapes, suitcases with backpacks and you've nailed my travels all through the 80
    7 hours ago James Allardise
    1 day ago Janni Taudal 6
    So true!!!! Ordering food by pointing randomly in the menu and not knowing what you were actually eating 😄 Backpacking today is SO different from the 90's. Worlds apart. But I still use paperback Lonely Planet books...just nicer 😊
    7 hours ago James Allardise
    Agreed 100%
    1 day ago Sally Dewar 5
    I started traveling in the 70's. Once you left home you were off the grid so to speak -actually there wasn't a grid- but you are out of contact with everyone. Communication was via postcard or mail sent by Air Express. You carried travelers checks usually in US currency as they were easier to exchange in most banks. Every country had a different currency so had to manage money very carefully so you weren't left with lots of change in various currencies. And yes only collect calls home to the parents but only for emergencies. So many places I travelled to are no go zones these days especially in the Middle East.
    7 hours ago James Allardise
    But it was so much better & more adventurous
    17 hours ago Deb Mihaljevich 4
    So true! No instant sharing on-line back then, no apps to help navigate travels and our poor parents who had to wait for a collect call or a post card to even know where we were!!
    7 hours ago James Allardise
    16 hours ago Jennifer Richards 2
    Try travelling in the early 80's🤣
    7 hours ago James Allardise
    So much better
    1 day ago Emma Goode 2
    Number 11! I used to travel with so many books love how my kindle has lightened my backpack.
    1 day ago Anita Russ 1
    Me too but I still read paper books at home....I love my kindle
    1 day ago Kristin Urbanik 2
    All of them except #12. I've always loved geography and used to study the globe when I was little.
    7 hours ago James Allardise
    Snap (again)
    15 hours ago Rachel Jackson 2
    Absolutely, so much more of an adventure, & yes, 💛 Post Restante! The elation when you had mail, but then the sadness when they had nothing for you - what memories!!
    7 hours ago James Allardise
    And you'd stay an extra day or two just in case . Especially around your birthday ")
    1 day ago Graham Hamilton 1
    So true, especially having to figure out how to hide the Indian rupees I had when put on top of each other reached taller than myself.
  • 2 days ago by Intrepid Travel

    Intrepid Travel
    Located in the Northern Venetian Lagoon, Burano is known for its brightly coloured houses and picturesque canals. Have you heard of it?  Photo by Cliff Bielawski.
    Located in the Northern Venetian Lagoon, Burano is known for its brigh
    2 days ago Mekala Chandrasekaran 3
    Truly an amazing place. Went there in October last year!
    1 day ago Mekala Chandrasekaran 1
    Kanchana Chandrasekaran Thanks. Captured with Sony RX 100 M3. Not the bestest camera in the world. But is workable! Still learning 😊
    1 day ago Kanchana Chandrasekaran
    Wow amazing ! Your pic clarity is very good mek by Karthi
    1 day ago Intrepid Travel
    Great photo!
    2 days ago Sarah Burnes 2
    Been there, done that, awesome!
    2 days ago Mary Maloney
    Me too 😎
    1 day ago Cindi Gilbertie 2
    And beautiful lace. A “do not miss” experience!
    1 day ago Jackie Devidal 1
    Superb Intrepid
    Holiday Would return in a heart beat with the same great company
    1 day ago Intrepid Travel
    Thanks so much, Jackie!
    2 days ago Nikki Redditt 1
    Such a beautiful place, I had to save this as my lock screen for my phone!
    1 day ago Intrepid Travel
    Beautiful photo, Nikki!
    1 day ago Nilofar Durrani 1
    Not just heard of it, but been there quite a few times. Love Venice and its surroundings. 💙
    1 day ago Intrepid Travel 2
    Beautiful photo!
    1 day ago Nilofar Durrani
    Intrepid Travel thank you. 🙏😊
    1 day ago Tina Nixon 1
    Love it. While visiting, take the vaporetto over to Torcello and visit its church with Byzantine mosaics.
    2 days ago Robin Halse 1
    Been twice.
    1 day ago Intrepid Travel
    Lovely pic, Robin!
    1 day ago Robin Halse
    Beth Staggs on this devise and one that’s not full of tourists.
    2 days ago Judy Foster 1
    Been there - its lovely and the lacemaking experience was wonderful! I bought a tiny glass Xmas tree there complete with decorations which is out every year to remind me of my visit. 💞
    1 day ago Intrepid Travel 2
    Hi Murray, yes it is regulated and licensed - depending on the size of the boat, the licensing requirements will change! 🙂
    1 day ago Sandra Williams 1
    Wow!! I would love to go there to
    1 day ago Murray McKenzie
    Just wondering ... If we need to do a Drivers Licence to drive on the Roads, do Venetians need a Boat Licence to use the Canals?
    2 days ago Marijke Melcherts
    Another memory of a wonderful intrepid holiday with great company.
    1 day ago Intrepid Travel
    Thank you so much for joining us!