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  • NEWS
  • 13 hours ago by Vogue

    The 400-plus shows we covered this season were about much more than It bags and must-haves. Here, Anna Wintour reflects on the biggest takeaways from the Spring 2018 season:
    13 hours ago César H. S. Rezende 1
    Gabriel Facin
    13 hours ago Gabriel Facin 1
    13 hours ago Ćmiha Michi
    Lisa Mercedes Philomena K
    13 hours ago Katérina M. Zakka
    Jocelyne Jreissati Zakka
  • 14 hours ago by Vogue

    Angelina Jolie even makes a family outing to the pet store a fashion moment.
    Angelina Jolie Walks the Dog in Everlane’s Surprisingly Affordable Pumps
    13 hours ago Asha Jan
    It"s her problem, not yours.
  • 14 hours ago by Vogue

    It includes an hour in the bath and a “vodka pick-me-up” at precisely 12:30.
    Princess Margaret Had a Luxuriously Self-Indulgent Morning Routine
    14 hours ago Rebecca Mallinson 1
    Rob Phillips
    14 hours ago Rob Phillips 1
    This is how Natalie Dembinska and I live
    14 hours ago Maša Košorok 1
    Metka Polona primeren zacetek dneva
    14 hours ago Andrea Doyle 1
    Mark O'Kane Aoife O'Hagan Bláithín O'Kane Gráinne O'Hagan Leah Ginesi Eiléan Ní Thomhnair life goals
    14 hours ago Eiléan Ní Thomhnair 1
    The dream
    14 hours ago Gráinne O'Hagan 1
    I love ths
    14 hours ago Nathália Alvarez 1
    Bruna Alvarez NÓS
    14 hours ago Sofia Arnold
    María Jesús Coloma diva
    13 hours ago Brittany Cramer Manning
    Madalyn DeMolet #goals
    14 hours ago Olivier R. Bertrand
    Lia vodka pick-me-ups
    13 hours ago Mia Hansen
    Lasse Kløcker goals ❤️😂
    14 hours ago Julia Karpinska
    Julia pewnie sie nie uczyla historii
    14 hours ago Julia Kozma
    14 hours ago Dominique Everall
    Emilie Sell you tho
  • 15 hours ago by Vogue

    From Kylie Jenner's viral Christina Aguilera costume to Cher's bedazzled Cleopatra, these Halloween hall-of-famers nailed it.
    The Best Celebrity Halloween Costumes of All Time
    14 hours ago Mercy Perez 1
    Flora Aucelli
  • 15 hours ago by Vogue

    "If my husband is out here fighting for our country, and he risked his life for our country, why can’t you remember his name?”
    The Gold Star Widow Trump Called Last Week Speaks Out
    15 hours ago Penny Arnold 11
    Thank you for continuing to cover important events in such a terrible time as this country is going through.  And, I have to admit that I’m surprised that so many men are upset that they’re seeing less fashion on here. There are plenty of sites that focus more exclusively on women’s fashion. Perhaps you should check those out.  And it must be nice to have the privilege and luxury to not worry about the state of the country.
    15 hours ago Penny Arnold 3
    She thinks Trump is racist? The entire country is sure of this by now.
    14 hours ago Joseph Carlos 1
    Ok what are those sites then so I can unsubscribe from here...
    15 hours ago Kristin Hugs
    The audio transcript of the call was released. She is saying this because she doesn't like him, which stinks because she's actually lying or downright delusional: she thinks he is racist so is imagining he was mean to
    Her. She's paranoid.
    15 hours ago Lauren Christianson
    Kristin Hugs where's the audio transcript?
    15 hours ago Lauren Christianson
    Kristin Hugs Press Secretary Sarah Sanders said that there is no transcript
    14 hours ago Penny Arnold
    Joseph Carlos You could try WhoWhatWear and Atelier Dore for a start. Women’s Wear Daily is also good, but skews more technical. It depends what aspect of fashion you like. Are you looking for runway shows?
    15 hours ago Bits Barnes 5
    anyone making a call would have the name of the person in front of them.. they may not use the name but not knowing is not possible at this level.. even a telemarketer knows your name
    15 hours ago Lauren Christianson 2
    Goes to show then how callous and inconsiderate Trump was on the call - if that were true, then it's even worse that Trump said "your guy" instead of Sgt La David Johnson's name. In a formal call offering condolences, that's no time to refer to a fallen soldier, a hero, as "your guy" - so informal, so not empathetic. I think it goes to show if a name was in front of him, he didn't bother to read it because he didn't think it mattered. I believe 2 members of a Gold Star family and their dear friend and Congresswoman over pathological liar Trump. If you support the troops, I think you'd believe a Gold Star family as well.
    15 hours ago Steve Mincer 3
    pathetic, vogue. absolutely pathetic.
    15 hours ago Wilma Jones 3
    Why are you letting the media USE you. They care nothing about you or your sorrow.
    15 hours ago Steve Story 2
    Wait a minute, why am I seeing this on a Fashion NEWS site???
    15 hours ago Steve Mincer 6
    vogue is ran by liberals that are STILL angry clinton lost so they will post anything they can to make trump look bad.
    15 hours ago Nicolau Nikolaides 3
    steve Wilson then unlike the page and go follow some right wing nazi pages. its not that hard ey
    15 hours ago Michael Johnson 3
    Steve Mincer your president clearly does that on his own .. smh
    14 hours ago Amber Marshall 1
    Omfg shut up about fake news
    14 hours ago Kiesha Richardson
    Why is this fake news?
    14 hours ago Jane de Marte
    Why are you on the vogue page anyway? Then where the hell are YOUR credible resources?
    14 hours ago Ana Paula Ferreira Miguez
    Vogue is the name of the magazine. What's in vogue now. Is their right to talk about anything. You read if you want. Otherwise, continue being an ignorant that can talk about nothing and votes for a man like trump.
    15 hours ago Memo Tercero
    Uh, Vogue has been run by ‘liberals’ for a while. It’s not the magazine’s fault you weren’t paying attention. Especially given Anna Wintour’s political slant and familial relations over at The Guardian. You know, another ‘liberal’ publication.
    14 hours ago Jane de Marte
    Just because you don't like something, doesn't mean it's fake news. You're throwing a tantrum. Like a child.
    15 hours ago Joseph Carlos 1
    Very unfortunate, I don’t want to see this... I want to see fashion..
    15 hours ago Lauren Christianson 5
    There are lots of places you can see fashion and tune out the world. I appreciate Vogue wants their reader to be fashionable AND knowledgeable about current politics.
    14 hours ago Beth Ranfos 2
    Lauren Christianson Being informed is always fashionable, right?
    14 hours ago Joseph Carlos 1
    Lauren Christianson most of the time it’s one sided biased fake news so I don’t qualify that as being knowledgeable about politics.
    13 hours ago Lauren Christianson
    Joseph Carlos if you're calling the identical claims of 2 gold star family members and their good friend who is a congresswoman fake news, idk what to tell you. I believe women and I believe Gold Star families over a pathological liar.
    15 hours ago Mike Moore 1
    Trump and Kelly hold this family apology now
    14 hours ago Hadassah Gruskin-Lev 1
    Seriously, like Obama remembers every soldiers name!!! Or how about Hillary can she even recite the names of our men that died in Benghazi?????
    14 hours ago Stephanie Fujii 5
    This is the best you can do? But Obama! But Hillary! You people really need to figure out a new comment. Your guy won. When he screws up, that’s on him.
    14 hours ago Matea Galeana 2
    But but but Hillary.....
    14 hours ago Hadassah Gruskin-Lev 1
    Stephanie Fujii no that is not the best I can do I just do what u guys do .... I learn from the "best" sweet heart !!!!!! He did not screw up u liberal just twist every word that comes out of his mouth n play into anything that feeds ur sick agenda!!!!!!!! No he is no angel but nor is anyone on this earth we all make mistakes at times n pick ourselves up n move forward n I repeat move forward!!!!!
    14 hours ago Catherine Toussaint Lord 1
    Give us a real break Vogue....stay away from the gossips and politics!
    14 hours ago Jan Olomon
    Someone has given her money
  • 16 hours ago by Vogue

    9 times stars wore the same dress to the same event–and won:
    16 hours ago Serena Bonanno 1
    Sara & Emily <3
    15 hours ago Viviana Melissa Valencia
    At least 2 of those times it was intentional
  • 16 hours ago by Vogue

    Four top French makeup artists share the products they stock up on in U.S. drugstores.
    12 U.S. Drugstore Beauty Steals That French Makeup Artists Love
  • 17 hours ago by Vogue

    11 horror movies you may not have seen, but are guaranteed to give you the heebie-jeebies.
    11 Scary Movies You May Not Know
    16 hours ago Doro Magenta 1
    Carolin Eckert just for you and the special occasion
    16 hours ago Hannah Blaza
    Christine Joy Dorias
    16 hours ago Christine Joy Dorias
    Dl ko ni han?
    17 hours ago John Brong
    Boo 2 A Madea Hollowen
    17 hours ago John Brong
    Boo 2 A Madea Hollowen
  • 17 hours ago by Vogue

    Emily Ratajkowski put her signature bombshell spin on the classic motorcycle boot.
    Emily Ratajkowski Talks Ugly Shoes, Sexy Boots, and Her Biggest Footwear Faux Pas
    15 hours ago Miloslav Nindl
    Very Beautiful Emily <3
    17 hours ago Mia van Niekerk
    Daniel Nel jy hou mos so baie van haar
  • 18 hours ago by Vogue

    Pippa Middleton's new handbag came with an interchangeable strap and a price tag under $155.
    Pippa Middleton’s Affordable It Bag Was Designed by Suki Waterhouse
    18 hours ago Venus Letada
    thank you its Preloved Authentic Louis Vuitton Bag and Preloved Authentic Liz Clairborne Bag. If you want to buy or meet me. Must read our latest post. Thanks #NanamiKobayashi
    18 hours ago Venus Letada
    original #LeightonMeester

New York Times facebook news

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  • 13 hours ago by The New York Times

    The New York Times
    This surveillance footage, which is being published for the first time, shows what happened in 2012 when 4 Honduran civilians were killed during a DEA drug seizure.
    13 hours ago Elyse Lauren Forde
    Frank Drebin
    13 hours ago Kiernan Majerus-Collins
    Four more casualties of America's pointless and deadly drug war. We need a new approach.
    13 hours ago Mitch Carter
    What do you recommend?
    13 hours ago Daniel Lacle
    DEA sux
    13 hours ago Gary Grubb
    All that's going on right at home... and we need to waste our time watching this??? No wonder so many are so out of touch with what really matters.
  • 13 hours ago by The New York Times

    The New York Times
    “We will wait every local paper out and let them continuously bleed until we are the last ones standing,” said a co-founder of The Athletic.
    Why the Athletic Wants to Pillage Newspapers
    13 hours ago Franklin Caldwell II 14
    I don’t understand why the startup culture takes every industry and makes it into a game of obtaining profit. Local sports are just that - for the readers to engage and follow their peers and students as they make a positive impact on the community. It’s not to be used as a money-making chip for a company far, far, away.
    13 hours ago Jim Sanches 9
    they seem nice
    13 hours ago Bill Sheehan 8
    Can't you have this business plan but not describe it so bluntly? Unnecessarily bad PR.
    13 hours ago Rob Romero 2
    They’re hyper competitive jocks. They communicate in the language they’re most comfortable with: aggressive homoeroticism. They’ll pin down the competition and suck them dry, prom date!
    13 hours ago M Zoé Leal 5
    Sports are way too important in this country.
    13 hours ago M Zoé Leal 1
    Paul Carlson I know, but I was talking about this one.
    13 hours ago Paul Carlson 1
    Have you paid attention to pretty much every other country on the planet? Most countries put too much value on sports.
    13 hours ago J.T. Patton
    College sports should be strictly intramural. It will never happen, but that's the way it should be.
    13 hours ago Angie Kuhl 4
    Soooo... $60 annual subscriptions are going to pay for the airfare and hotels for all of these reporters to cover teams at away games? Not seeing the revenue to sustain that.
    13 hours ago Opa Karl 4
    I guess if I were an average American male, and cared about sports, I'd care.
    13 hours ago Laura Forde 3
    So he wants to be another Murdoch. What on earth was missing from his childhood that developed that goal in life.
    13 hours ago Mariika Felberg
    13 hours ago Ken Bridges 2
    "The National," "Sports Illustrated," Bleacher Report," all said the same things. Local papers want local coverage -- something that's produced locally. They can find other sports writers. Small-town newspaper subscribers want pictures of their kids' teams in their local papers. If newspapers want something that isn't produced locally -- that's why the Associated Press wire service exists.
    13 hours ago Dave Tepps
    Their approach ain't bashful but they are indeed providing local coverage along with some national. That, BTW, was the plan for the National Soorts Daily. But, at the time, the technology wasn't adequate to do true zoning of a dozen or more editions.
    13 hours ago Colleen McGovern
    Bobby Martin -- this is ominous. But maybe they're hiring? lol
  • 14 hours ago by The New York Times

    The New York Times
    Know anyone who might be interested?
    The New York Times wants to hire a journalist to travel the world
    13 hours ago Katka Lapelosová 33
    Would be cool if they chose someone who wasn't wealthy and white and entitled and a mediocre writer, but given that a majority of travel writing is produced by that demographic, I'm pretty sure I know who will get this gig.
    13 hours ago Selena Hiett 8
    I hope it’s not that guy taking pictures of his hand holding his girlfriends from behind ugh
    13 hours ago Laura Hutson 4
    It’ll be the dude who takes that photo of fog during the early morning in the fall.
    13 hours ago Katka Lapelosová
    With his hands raised up in a Y shape!
    14 hours ago Ethan Olshever 19
    Do I have to be a journalist or can I just be me?
    14 hours ago David Kloth 7
    If I can choose the fifty-two places, I'll apply, as there are a whole lot of places I do not want to go.
    14 hours ago Joanne Luongo Ritchie 12
    Im pretty sure that perspective automatically disqualifies you
    14 hours ago David Kloth
    Yeah, I thought so, too.
    14 hours ago Joanne Luongo Ritchie
    David Kloth lol
    13 hours ago Paulo Silvio Pereira 6
    Is it only for american citizens or it can be applied to other nationalities as well???
    I’ve been to more than 40 countries, fluent in english, italian, portuguese and spanish, average of French and German, photographer and social media travel influencer! ✌🏽
    I’m Brazilian, by the way 🇧🇷
    Instagram @paulo.nomundo
    14 hours ago Jennifer McElroy 5
    Doh. I did something similar a few years ago. If I could bring my family, I would SOOO take on this challenge!!
    13 hours ago Deadra Noland Keener 2
    Marielle Valenzuela Well, that's rude! There are folks who travel around the world while working and bring their families.
    13 hours ago Ben Pratt 1
    Marielle, an FYI, companies do relocate families internationally when their employee needs to move internationally.
    14 hours ago Marielle Valenzuela
    Take your family? It’s a job, nitwit.
    13 hours ago Eliana Ruth Hall
    Marielle, you sass queen, you.
    13 hours ago Jennifer McElroy
    Marielle Valenzuela sheesh. Hate much?? Get a life.
    13 hours ago Manisha Gupta
    Jennifer McElroy I just found out We both are distant cousins (common great*8 Grandfaher perhaps)...
    So, When are we leaving 😛
    13 hours ago Amanda Ridenour 1
    Well, I can answer yes to all of the requirements EXCEPT for the current passport full of places lol.
    14 hours ago Lisa Iadevaia Devlin 1
    Janet Newenham or Úna-Minh Caomhánach - don’t know if either of you’d be interested, or if you’d rather keep doing the blogging thing on your own, but seems like a cool opportunity to know about (and you both tick off all of the job requirements).
    14 hours ago Úna-Minh Caomhánach 1
    Thanks Lisa 😉
    13 hours ago Joh Ann Guh Risah
    Hey The New York Times, hire me. I have all you need, a great desire to travel he word. I dont have the credentials and certifications, but can not an average guy dream of his?
    13 hours ago Daniel Messemer
    Currently traveling around Africa for 6 months and doing this on my own... would be amazing to have the backing of the NY Times... follow my trip by visiting which has links to my social accounts.
    13 hours ago Sydell Ann Brigden
    Applied, a Blogger, published, huge social media presence, journo, writer, chef, traveller literally have everything on the list 🙂 The New York Times form filled in 🙂
  • 14 hours ago by The New York Times

    The New York Times
    "There will be NO change to your 401(k). This has always been a great and popular middle class tax break that works, and it stays!" President Donald J. Trump tweeted.
    Trump Promises ‘No Change to Your 401(k)’ as Congress Considers a Contribution Cap
    14 hours ago Matthew Willcocks 165
    The fact that Americans have to deal with the threat of this in the first place is disgraceful. And that fact that Trump has said (on Twitter, LOL) that there will "be NO change" means, yeah, there's gonna be some changes.
    13 hours ago Ronnie Gallacher 5
    Guaranteed to change now ? We love the dreamers ,remember that one ,health care from day one , Mexico will pay for the wall , what a load of old sh**
    13 hours ago Lorraine Russo 3
    So sick of hearing what this crude , smug man has to say. No longer can I listen to it anymore , and it's even more upsetting looking at his mean ugly face!!! This dumb , CLASSLESS excuse of a human being needs to be removed from office! He is vile!!!!
    13 hours ago Jason Leech 1
    If you like your doctor you can keep your doctor.
    14 hours ago Steven Eaton 119
    Pro tip: If he's saying something won't change, that means it's going to change. And at the end of the day, for 35% of America, our emperor's new clothes will look just fine.
    14 hours ago Steven Eaton 24
    ...BUT BUT BUT OBAMA! I'm not sure if Hans Christian Anderson's tales have made it through the ol' iron curtain yet, but I wasn't literally calling Trump an emperor.
    14 hours ago Dave Shebroe 18
    mr. fake profile ^^^^^^ you Billary, trump has signed more executive orders in less than 10 months than obama signed in 8 yrs.
    but please don't let the facts stand in your way of being stupid as well as fake
    13 hours ago Matthew Willcocks 4
    Billary Clanders Barack Obama was a constitutional law professor, and Trump doesn't know how many Articles the Constitution has. Whoops!
    14 hours ago Lee Hawryluk 3
    Billary Clanders 🙄 Oh here we go again but Hillary but Obama 🙄🐿
    14 hours ago Juan Juanito 2
    Billary Clanders fake account
    13 hours ago Michelle Chavez
    That’s hilarious
    13 hours ago George Loew
    Report and block
    13 hours ago Alyssa LS
    It’s feels over reals for these twits.
    14 hours ago Billary Clanders
    Hows trump an "emperor" but not Obama. They both use executive orders to mandate law instead of kicking the can to congress to legislate like our constitution outlines.
    14 hours ago Badri R. Narayanan 75
    He also promised cheaper, better health care for everyone. If he says anything that sounds positive or reasonable for the country or its ordinary people, he is definitely lying.
    14 hours ago Jo Nugent 3
    No James, you're just clearly misinformed. Plenty of the details of the proposed bill have been revealed to the public.
    14 hours ago Luqman Bastari 2
    Sean Roy From someone who speak A and say B the next day? No consistency of his promise? You expect someone like that fulfill his promise? Good luck with that. I wonder if senility is already set in on Mr. Trump.
    14 hours ago Joseph Iley 1
    Sean Roy ... yet he’s told an average of 3 lies per day since he took his oath; provided that he understands that he took an oath.
    14 hours ago Leslie Wyant Badore 1
    James Lysko Complaining to complain? C’mon now. Anybody who reads knows who healthcare reform benefits. Just like tax reform.
    Unless you’re a multi billionaire, and I bet you’re not, you’re gonna get screwed right along with the rest of us. In the words of some infamous GOP politicians, just lay back and enjoy it. And don’t worry, your body has a way of shutting that down.
    14 hours ago James Lysko
    The new healthcare legislation hasnt even been instated. Your bias is showing. Just complaining to complain.
    14 hours ago Luqman Bastari
    Joseph Iley Are you questioning a Royal Trump? How dare you... off with your head 😈😈😈
    14 hours ago Alexis Lowe
    If his lips are moving at all, he's lying.
    14 hours ago Sean Roy
    He hasn't even been in office a full year... come on now.
    13 hours ago Glenn Darshoen
    Halleluah i say Amen to that.
    14 hours ago Helen Wheels
    14 hours ago Carolyn Billups Clark 34
    401(k)s are not a big giveaway anyhow. You pay taxes when you take the money out. Big deal. Tax me now or tax me later. It's no bargain. And it's nothing compared to the big write-offs of the corporate world or the mega rich.
    14 hours ago Harry Lew 16
    The ability to take a contribution write-off against taxable income when you're in a higher tax bracket and then to pay taxes in retirement when you're presumably in a lower bracket is a big deal.
    14 hours ago Jo Ann Guthrie 12
    A 401 is one of the best ways to save for retirement. Take that from a retiree who knows
    14 hours ago Jon Beeaker 11
    That's not how a 401(k) works.
    14 hours ago Joe Marshall 8
    The whole idea, Carolyn, is that you're saving for retirement. Yes, you'll be taxed when you draw the money out but after you retire your income will be less too. Less income means lower taxes.
    14 hours ago Sandra Paci 5
    A Roth is actually a better deal for many if not most. You invest with after-tax income but pay NO taxes when you withdraw. All your capital gains and dividends are tax free.
    14 hours ago Andy Jackson 4
    Then I tell you what, DON'T put money into your 401K, as for me, Hands Off, that's my money not yours Big Gov.
    14 hours ago Sandy Townsend 3
    Unless Carolyn's retirement is a lot more than most of us, it IS a big deal.
    14 hours ago Carolyn Billups Clark
    Tell that to my bank account. Moving the funds to a real estate investment cost me $13,000 in taxes.
    14 hours ago Carolyn Billups Clark
    Only if there's a big difference. For most, it's not that much.
    14 hours ago Luqman Bastari
    Like how the Government always say, Trickle down effect in progress. If they get the big one, you must accept getting crumbs. If they eat pizza you must accept getting the leftovers on the floor. Tax cuts is for Trickle Down Effect of Mega Rich. If you hate it, stop buying from them.... ah you cant because being self sufficient is already deemed illegal in America. Either you buy from them or get fined and sent to prison.
    14 hours ago Mike Fidler 29
    Just like he promised the best "healthcare" for all. Just like he promised no cuts to Medicare or Medicaid. Just like he promised to protect our Constitution, except when it comes to enriching himself and violating "Emoluments Clause.Just like he promised to protect our First Amendment Rights which he continually attacks. Just like he promised he was telling the truth, which we all know is not close to being true. Just like he promised to protect our environment. Just like he promised to "Drain the Swamp". Just like he promised to not give excessive tax breaks to the rich. Just like he promised to protect women's healthcare. He is a con man and one should never consider anything this man says as a "promise".
    13 hours ago Todd Bollinger
    STOP SAYING THINGS THAT HAVE HAPPENED. It's bad for business...
    14 hours ago Susan Bentzinger 23
    uh huh.
    Like he promised that e*veryone* would have beautiful health care coverage, with lower premiums and deductibles.
    14 hours ago Peter Trout 23
    Trump also said Trumpcare would be bigger, better & cheaper. And there would be no changes to Medicare. And he wouldn't have time for golf. And lots more.
    13 hours ago Glenn Darshoen
    Its all about the talk it self.
    14 hours ago Eileen Hamilton 7
    Well, he has made a lot of promises that have actually nothing to do with what the lawmakers have in mind. I'm not sure if he has kept any promise at all that he made to the American people. Possible one or two out of hundreds?
    14 hours ago Kim Siegel
    Yeah, the report was about a limit to the non-taxable amount, not a change in the vehicle itself.
    14 hours ago Wayne Dumas 6
    Trump lied to get votes. The 1% and Republican morons love that he panders to that base. Dump Trump before we all crash!
    14 hours ago Carol L Green 2
    How can we trust in anything trump says? He told us we'd have better, cheaper healthcare---nope. He said he wouldn't touch Medicare, Medicaid, Social Security---nope. He said he'd protect DACA young people---nope. It goes on and on.
  • 14 hours ago by The New York Times

    The New York Times
    Toys that multiple children handle in the waiting room may harbor germs, so the new statement suggests that parents pack their own.
    Pediatricians’ New Germ-Control Advice: Bring Your Own Toys
    14 hours ago Bil Thorne 30
    Kids need to be exposed to things so they can build immunities. That's why I let my kids eat mice and birds. Also they're cats.
    14 hours ago Nicole Bourne 2
    I'm totally laughing out loud in a waiting room 😂😂
    14 hours ago Lisa Krolasik 1
    Those are the best kind of kids to have!
    14 hours ago Quay Morris
    14 hours ago Jemmy Kaker
    Exacly!! I'll be packing nothing. They need germs so their immune system can build up.
    14 hours ago Florencia Valdes
    14 hours ago Ryan Bliss 9
    The more we try to protect ourselves from "germs" the more we set ourselves up for autoimmune disorders down the road.
    14 hours ago Jennifer Fuller 14
    That's true to some extent. But I think not giving a sick kid toys that other sick kids are playing with is probably not an extreme.
    14 hours ago Catharina Demasi
    13 hours ago Sharon Williams
    Not sure about that. I have 2 autoimmune disorders and spent my childhood outside Digging in dirt, playing in hay, eating unwashed just picked veggies, and rarely washed my hands. There is evidence about certain chemical exposure that can be triggers, or certain bacteria/viruses. I think it's multifactorial.
    14 hours ago Lisa Krolasik
    I think a friend of mine messed up her daughter' s immunity by overprotecting her.
    14 hours ago Marcie Wachtel 8
    "Oh that boy over there is covered in a rash and vomiting? That's okay, go play with him and the toys while you also rub your pink eye all over Mr. Fluffy."
    14 hours ago Suzanne Cich Rush 6
    Exposing your kids to germs and exposing them to viruses and bacterial infections are not the same thing. Coming from someone who never uses hand sanitizer and knows better than to insist on antibiotics for illnesses they don’t cure.
    13 hours ago Christopher McKenna
    You realize, of course, that bacteria and viruses are two of the four types of "germs," right?
    13 hours ago Suzanne Cich Rush
    Christopher McKenna yes I do. The normal germs you encounter everywhere are what help build immunity. I also realize that intentionally exposing your children to illness is somewhat stupid.
    14 hours ago Karen Hebbard Nogami 4
    Years ago my 4 year had a rash and came out of the doctor's exam room proclaiming, "I have cholera!" Playing too much Oregon Trail, right? Mothers were scooping up their kids in the waiting room pretty quickly. lol
    14 hours ago Jeannie Lackey
    Love it!
    14 hours ago Kira Ward 2
    That should have always been the advice. Who lets their children play with the toys sick children have played with and why should the pediatrician be responsible for entertainment anyway.
    14 hours ago Jennifer Lynch 1
    Oh god. This is why we have immune systems. Now they can't touch anything unless it came from home? Stop wrapping kids in plastic bubble wrap.
    13 hours ago Joe Cowan 1
    As a pediatrician I only keep blocks of pink Himalayan salt in my waiting room for children to play with. No know microorganisms can survive on solid salt for more than 30 seconds. Just kidding, but cool story, eh?
    14 hours ago Claudia Milena Rodríguez Rodriguez
    I took my baby boy for a check up and allowed him to play with the waiting room toys: BIGGEST.MISTAKE.EVER
    Within hours, he developed the most aggressive bilateral conjunctivitis our doctors had ever seen on a child. Ever since, he’s not allowed to touch those toys and he’s been pinkeye-free
    13 hours ago Marsha Lee
    Also beware the mom/dad who lets their kid play with toys while shopping, then hand the toy to the cashier because they don't "want" it. No one wants the toy your kid just chewed on either.
  • 15 hours ago by The New York Times

    The New York Times
    "We should be cautious about assuming that labels tagging articles as false are enough to prevent misinformation on social media from affecting people’s beliefs," Brendan Nyhan writes.
    Why the Fact-Checking at Facebook Needs to Be Checked
    15 hours ago Chris Grow 12
    The expectations that someone else is going to do everything for you is a uniquely 21st century issue. The Internet is a gossip column. If you want the truth, you, like everyone else on the planet has always done and always will do, will have to actually DO something, it's called research. Poor babies. Life is hard. 😢😩😉
    14 hours ago Matt Yoder 4
    What about the people who lack the intellect and education to pull that off though? They can still vote, even though they are stupid...
    14 hours ago Kathryn Milton 1
    yes. The problem is people who get to the point of hearing the information, yet lack either the concern to know the truth or the time/motivation to get it. But the consequences from it are still real.
    15 hours ago Dante Ibáñez 3
    The submission process for reporting issues isn't consistent. On some pages or issues you can add commentary on some you cannot. The process is different if it is a person or a "page". One of the worst issues, by far, is the vanilla auto responses. As if a robot or some offshore person with no cultural understanding of Americans is used to review submissions. Leading to pages spreading hate, lies and astoundingly skewed writing designed to elicit negative emotions and sowing division in our country. Many people are not able to discern between lies and truth and don't take the time to vet what they read and share. But I think by far, the worst is the proliferation of fake accounts.
    15 hours ago Shayne Popy Fairman 3
    In the presence of water the fool is thirsty. So, too, the agents of misinformation just want to deceive, confuse, brainwash, cause mayhem and control societies as ignorant and sheep like conformists. The media just needs to dig a little deeper, you will see that you need to evolve with the times, and be more of a watchdog, and less corporate owned!!
    15 hours ago Michelle Belgard 2
    Unfortunately the troll accounts spreading false info are just as much to blame.
    14 hours ago Phillip Sandlin 1
    They need to fix that ASAP! They are so freakin easy to spot. And not just take off the pro trump ones either. All of it needs to go.
    15 hours ago Matt Yoder 1
    14 hours ago Michelle Belgard 1
    Agreed Philip Sandlin.....
    15 hours ago Malik Parker 2
    People should fact check before they re post
    15 hours ago Malik Parker 3
    People just want their feelings affirmed. I show people their posts aren’t true all the time but they don’t care because they feel the sentiment behind them are true.
    15 hours ago Matt Yoder 3
    Many people lack the intellect to pull that off though...
    14 hours ago Matt Yoder 1
    Yes, as I pointed out they are not smart enough to listen.
    15 hours ago Matt Yoder 1
    See, the stupid people aren't going to pay any attention to flags on false articles. Confirmation bias monkeys tune that stuff out.
    14 hours ago Paul Jefferson Miller III 1
    If the The New York Times is so worried about what people are sharing of FB then maybe they should work a little harder in accurately publishing correct information in the first place! That's where all the problems start.
    14 hours ago Barbara Hassig Morris
    Or let you read their articles
    14 hours ago Sharon Gaulke
    There have always been gullible people and there always will be gullible people... How that is Facebooks problem baffles me.
    14 hours ago Kathryn Milton
    Sounds like the take-away that when you read a headline that says  "Boogeyman really serial killer?"
    People are more likely to remember the information as "Boogeyman is serial killer." And "Astrologians have proven there is no Ophiuchus flying through space." as
    "Ophiuchus is flying though space."
    14 hours ago Kieron McKay
    Facebook just wants to take your advertising dollars, and doesn't care where they come from, what message you're pushing or who you're pushing it to. It could all but literally be pedophiles advertising to other pedophiles the greatest places to pick up children, and facebook would happily take their money. The Russia story proves it...they have no conscience or sense of right and wrong whatsoever...
  • 15 hours ago by The New York Times

    The New York Times
    The MTA is about to take a big step toward a system that lets you wave your phone at the turnstile.
    New York to Replace MetroCard With Modern Way to Pay Transit Fares
    15 hours ago Brandon Rivard 86
    For $600 million, you’d think they could work toward updating their ancient signal system. Getting to the train isn’t the problem. It’s getting to your destination that drives you mad.
    15 hours ago Jonathan Strezenec 3
    They are spending 27 Billion Dollars to update the subway systems, tracks, cars, and service over the next five years.
    15 hours ago Al-Johara Hassan 1
    Exactly what I was about to say, so that we don’t have breakdowns like this summer’s 1 train disaster, reduced delays etc
    15 hours ago Juan Arango
    You took that out of my mouth. Facts!
    15 hours ago Alexa Suess 47
    Not for nothing but something tells me this is going to slow things up considerably as phones don't scan properly or people's batteries die. I hope they plan on extensive testing.
    15 hours ago Angela Kristy 16
    I'm sure you can still use a card if you need to. They can create a machine that does both.
    15 hours ago Chelsea Hands 15
    Or older folks who don’t have fancy cell phones.
    15 hours ago Gerson Mendoza 9
    Lol The States are so far behind, incredible I couldn't see it until I left.
    In Madrid if you live in the city you get a card you can recharge per month and scan it every time you pass. With that same technology they can already put your card info on your phone for those who prefer it or you can carry your card.
    Also, I can use my phone to pay everywhere since my debit card and credit card are stored here with the same technology. Just pass my phone on top of the machine and scans. And no, if I lose my phone they can't use my cards because it asks for my fingerprint before being able to do any purchase, or in my case with the S8, iris scan.
    15 hours ago Andrew Emons 6
    Having used the London system for years, I never experienced problems and that system didn't replace paper tickets entirely either
    15 hours ago Moisés Peña 2
    You are right. They will have readers for "touchless" cards that have NFC.
    14 hours ago Rez Yildirim 2
    There are also plenty homeless people who don't have phones...
    14 hours ago Jackson Morsey 2
    People complained about the same thing before Chicago switched to a similar fare card system, but it works excellent now. I haven’t heard a complaint in years.
    15 hours ago Linda Harms 2
    Angela Kristy -- The article says that people will still be able to use MetroCards until 2023.
    15 hours ago Ethan Olshever 1
    They could introduce contactless MetroCards- just tap your wallet to the gate and go through super fast! That's how it works in Hong Kong, and it's very efficient.
    14 hours ago Shelly Renee Cotney 1
    Gerson Mendoza you do realize we also have "Apple Pay" here in the states too, right?
    15 hours ago DM Rodriguez 19
    Oh for FUX sake please fix the trains first, stop the delays and give all your commuters better service before even going this route of modernizing the metro card system. I rather have it the old way, tokens and trains on time, than modernized and messed up. But I guess that's the MTA for ya, going yer way.. #MTA you suck big time if you go through with this metrocard b.s. and don't step up your game.. take a look at Japan's transit - clean, modern, efficient and on time.
    13 hours ago Jesse Sanchez 1
    It's also worth noting that Japan's rail system was privatized. Tokyo's Subway system is one of only a few in the world not operated by a government agency. Their trains are spotless and their service never late.
    13 hours ago Tommy Gerez 1
    Every dollar they don't have to spend having millions of transit cards printed and coded is a dollar they can spend on fixing the trains and ending delays and giving commuters better service.
    14 hours ago Nik Long 13
    This article doesn't answer a serious question – how/will we be able to still pay in hard cash to ride the subway? Not everyone has a smart phone or debit card, and this could specifically hurt hundreds of thousands of low-income, poor and homeless people who rely on being able to pay in cash. Until I have an answer to that question, I cannot in good conscience support this program at all.
    13 hours ago Ally Rumell 1
    Super insightful comment and I was thinking the exact same thing
    13 hours ago Alfred Craig Jenkins
    It’s clearly answers won’t have that option no more. They want their money it will be linked to your bank account.
    15 hours ago Zach Le Stealth 7
    Ladies and Gentlemen, we are delayed because of train traffic ahead of us. Please be patient. *repeats the message 5 minutes later* *conductor comes on the P.A. sounding muffled* "Ladies and Gentlemen due to a signaling problem the dispatcher is holding us for a few minutes, shouldn't be more than 5 minutes" *an hour and a half later* *train starts moving but at a very slow pace*
    15 hours ago Glen Dersley 6
    I couldn't believe how antiquated the ticketing system was in the US. The conductor on the NJT issuing those long tickets and then clipping lots of little bits out of them...
    15 hours ago Sally Treadwell 5
    Jeez, about time. This works like a dream in London. Everyone just walks straight through the turnstiles, no hold ups, no fumbling for tickets. The best thing is it will cap the amount when it reaches the equivalent of a Travelcard day pass.  Yes, you can still buy a ticket if you don’t want to use a phone. But it’s like writing a check at the grocery store.
    15 hours ago Su James 4
    I really don't understand why the MetroCard in its current format is still used. A flimsy card that has to be replaced periodically? Yet elsewhere in the world, regular transit users have credit card style passes that they tag on and the cards are strong enough to last for a pretty long time.
    15 hours ago Jamie Pearson 4
    Can we focus on keeping the trains moving please? Phones hold up the line all the time at Starbucks. Drives me nuts as I wait for someone to reload their account, on my time.
    14 hours ago Jamie Pearson 1
    Sally Treadwell Tell me why I stood behind a woman Saturday morning on line who had to reload her PHONE to finish paying a $1.98 of her balance on her order? I can see this happening at the turnstile and the inevitable fights that will ensue.
    14 hours ago Sally Treadwell
    Prepaying an amount to Starbucks is way different from using a contactless card or phone pay. I loathe reloading Starbucks cards; it’s a crap process that often fails. But it’s not the same thing at all.
    15 hours ago Ed Greshko 3
    You guys are really, really behind the times. Hong Kong has had the Octopus Card since 1997 for their transit systems. Here in Taiwan we have had Easy Card since 2002 for the MRT and buses. Pretty much the same for Singapore.
    15 hours ago Yani Palmer 2
    Path dependency 😞 its harder for older systems to constantly update as frustrating as it is
  • 15 hours ago by The New York Times

    The New York Times
    "We drafted the lowest-income level of America and the highest-income level found a doctor that would say that they had a bone spur," John McCain said. "That is wrong."
    John McCain Seems to Jab at Trump With ‘Bone Spur’ Remark
    15 hours ago Aaron Malloy 331
    I think McCain is facing his mortality and he wants to set the record straight in regards to the poser in the White House. Good for him.
    15 hours ago David McGowan 13
    I think he’s sick to bottom of his stomach knowing a man, an utter coward, is commander in chief of a military he refused to join, whilst good men who answered their country’s call are buried overseas or worse have no known grave.
    15 hours ago Ronnie Gallacher 11
    Draft dodging POS is too busy insulting a dead soldiers pregnant wife He's moved to a new level from war hero's with cancer.
    15 hours ago Jan Ogino 6
    Many who face death want to set the record straight. One of the perks, if you could call it that, is no longer fearing what others think about what you say and believe, and often what you do.
    15 hours ago Ronnie Gallacher 4
    HESSE No he didn't he crashed in a field 1 mile from here in Eaglesham ,Scotland. Flew here to see his Nazi sympathiser pal The Duke of Hamilton. thought he could come hear tell a pack of lies and get his freedom .wrong era should have gone to Charlottesville and mixed in with the good people there .Trumps kind of guy .a bit like you . Putz or as we say in Scotland fukwit
    15 hours ago Tony Sanchez 2
    He should be clear and name ...bring him down...
    15 hours ago Ronnie Gallacher 2
    Anthony Hesse troll . Think he might be related to rudolph ?
    15 hours ago Anthony Hesse
    Ronnie Gallacher I get that a lot. He tried to end the war putz.
    15 hours ago Sreejith Surendranadh
    Problemis Trump won't let that happen.
    15 hours ago Phil Smyth
    Anthony Hesse So how is the weather in Russia troll.
    15 hours ago Mike Anderson 175
    It's about time the GOP grew a spine and started hitting back at the amoral imbecile sitting in the White House. They own him. It's up to them to take him down.
    15 hours ago Michael Morrison 24
    Anthony Hesse - Youtube? Your source is Youtube? You embrace stupid Viet Cong propaganda (that makes no sense and has been debunked) and you trust a con-man who has a fake tan, who dyes his hair and eyebrows, who faked an injury to dodge the draft, ran a fake university that had to settle fraud cases, made up a fake story about Obama not being a citizen, passed on a fake National Enquirer story about Ted Cruz’s father being involved in the JFK assassination, made up a fake story about 3-5 million people voting illegally, said the low unemployment numbers from the Dept. of Labor were fake (due to underemployment) and were actually “as high as 42%,” (but now that he’s in office the labor statistics are no longer fake), made up a fake story about seeing “thousands of Muslims celebrating in Jersey City NJ on 9/11,” had a fake story about losing “hundreds” of friends on 9/11, campaigned on a fake promise about having a “beautiful plan” to replace Obamacare that would “bring down costs” and that “everyone would be covered.”  I’ll bet you still believe that Mexico will pay for a border wall… You’re an idiotic twatwaffle or a Russian dezinformatsiya troll... you can covfefe yourself.
    15 hours ago Kristina Hunt 20
    Too bad they didn’t grow a spine PRIOR to doofus becoming President. 😢
    15 hours ago Mike Anderson 18
    Anthony Hesse:
    The next Republican who tells me they're "pro-veteran" has to answer for the fact that they supported the swift-boating of two war heroes but supported a pathological liar who managed to get four deferments.
    15 hours ago Phil Smyth 2
    Mike Anderson 5 deferments Donnie small bits managed to equal Cheney’s record
    14 hours ago Leslie Sahr 1
    Well said
    15 hours ago Ronnie Gallacher 1
    Michael Morrison you da man .Hesse and trump are a pair of a /holes .
    15 hours ago Dawn Swift-Sadlowski
    They hit back alright they will destroy medicare the wet dream of Reagan..............
    15 hours ago Matt Weinstein
    It only took certain death for it to happen.
    15 hours ago Santini More 104
    How come the terms "draft dodger" and "bone spur" make people think of the current president of the United States?
    15 hours ago Michelle Lewallen 78
    Bill Christenson the draft began in 1969. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. was assassinated April 4, 1968.
    15 hours ago Santini More 46
    Bill Christenson You must be one of those blessed bigots we keep hearing about.
    15 hours ago Ryan Mooney 37
    Bill Christenson that’s your first thought? Very telling.
    15 hours ago Heiko Brunken 7
    Ruth O'Loughlin, why are you deflecting in defense of a draft dogger that insults Gold Star families? Is that the new definition of patriotism?
    15 hours ago Crystal Christenson 3
    Facts trump bigotry!
    15 hours ago Richard Stearns 3
    Bill Christenson
    F--king racist pig. He was never drafted . Go back in the hole where you came from.
    15 hours ago Anthony Becker 1
    Bill Christenson what everyone else said
    15 hours ago Ruth O'Loughlin
    Michelle Lewallen good point but King was an anti war activist as so many of people born in the late 40's and early 50's. Trump wasn't the only young man trying to avoid that war. McCain came from a military family and my guess is he didn't have a choice. However, his POW status covers up his responsibility for blowing up his own carrier, killing dozens of men by being a jerk and hot starting his aircraft.
    15 hours ago Bill Christenson
    I think of Martin Luther king who ran to Canada like a coward
    15 hours ago Chris Doughty
    Burned ! With added sprinkles .
    15 hours ago Carl Garcia 58
    Senator John McCain is absolutely correct...bring back mandatory service for every able bodied 18 yr old man and woman and you'll quickly see a new appreciation for the reality of conflict engagement and duty to Country...that sense of freedom you just felt does not come for free and without sacrifice
    15 hours ago Meera Sundram 20
    It never worked. The rich always got out of it with college deferment and bone spurs.
    15 hours ago Robert Forsythe 7
    Please, we can't even to get the rich to pay their fair share of taxes.
    15 hours ago Carl Garcia 5
    George, military service is but one form of public service...there are also other public services required that would be of benefit to our Nation and as a way to transition teenagers into productive adults
    15 hours ago Laura Shew 4
    We never had mandatory service for all.
    15 hours ago Carl Garcia 4
    Scott, mandatory public service...military service is but a component
    15 hours ago Marlena Day 4
    Mitt Romney was a draft dodger too...if they would actually make "no exceptions" for the wealthy, that'd be the first step in the right direction
    15 hours ago Scott Danniger 4
    Mandatory service is a disaster for the Military. It would be the best way to completely blow it up
    15 hours ago Phil Smyth 3
    Bring back the draft but back date it for Beavis and Butthead Trump, his daughters and the crook son in law.
    15 hours ago Carl Garcia
    Robert, so you're position is to do nothing and accept the status quo...there resides a key problem with our society
    15 hours ago Carl Garcia
    George and Meera, those loopholes can be addressed...
    15 hours ago Simmy Taub 52
    History will remember Donald Trump as a sh*t stain on humanity and his supporters as those who willfully spread it.
    15 hours ago Sheri Dumire-Hamilton 26
    Or got a college deferment. In many ways, Vietnam was the first sign of the divide between classes as the wealthy had options to avoid service. While I often think that some form of required national service would be good for the US as a nation, we would need to insure that EVERYONE had to take part.
    15 hours ago Sharon Villalobos 2
    Civil War.
    15 hours ago Paul H D Thomasian 2
    A man could buy his way out of service during the Civil War. Please read your history again. Astounding!
    14 hours ago Mark Hammond 1
    People who received educational deferments were subject to the draft. I was drafted three months after I graduated from college in 1968 and I served two years active duty as an EM.
    15 hours ago Jean Coughlin 1
    I believe in Israel everyone serves for 2 yesrs, including women. And the English princes spent time in military service as well.
    15 hours ago Martin Koenigsberg 1
    "First sign of the class divide"? Um.. FEUDALISM? "Robber Barons"?..... First signs of the class divide were during the AWI.... America has PRETENDED not to have classes- HAS ALWAYS HAD CLASS DIVISIONS.
    15 hours ago Joanna Bayer
    Thank you Sheri for your idea. I believe we would all benefit from some sort of service to our country. Having served would mean we all had some "skin in the game", and would take our nation's welfare more seriously.
    15 hours ago Sheri Dumire-Hamilton
    I just want to thank you all for the nice way you corrected my error. 🙄
    15 hours ago Steven Eaton 26
    "I like people who weren't given multiple deferments for bone spurs (which apparently weren't bad enough to keep him out of competitive athletics)" - McCain
    15 hours ago Emily Thompson 25
    It is good that Senator McCain says these things. Good to see him using his concience and spurring the GOP to a more "People" friendly attitude.
    15 hours ago Bradley Yount 3
    He voted for the Republican budget. He is not much better than all the rest.
    15 hours ago Shubham Shankar Singh 3
    He could have done so when it would’ve mattered a lot more. Now it’s too little too late.
    15 hours ago Bill Christenson
    Really talk is cheap is he changing the rules to keep people from using medical excuses to stay out of the military. No because they need to be there for a reason.
    15 hours ago Pamela Bleiwas 19
    Where were you during the election Senator McCain? Endorsing Trump. Sorry, no do-overs in real life. Your legacy is tarnished. You will always be a party-before-country person.
    15 hours ago Catherine Meza 13
    Yes, do-overs in real life. It's called redemption.
    15 hours ago Teresa Bunnell Penner 6
    He has a right to speak out and yes change his mind. I knew Trump would be bad but no one really thought this bad, this mentally unhinged.
    15 hours ago Daryl Shall 5
    At least he’s speaking out now. Where are the rest of them ?
    15 hours ago James H Hall 2
    That's what's missing! That's how come I always vote for each individual candidate, even if they're all from the same party. My country is before political affiliation. When people ask me what my party affiliation is, I tell them, "I'm registered with this party, but I vote independently."
    14 hours ago John Robertson 1
    What a stupidly binary position.
    14 hours ago Nancy Reid 1
    Teresa Bunnell Penner. He is everything I thought he would be. What I never dreamed would happen was that Christians would begin to have the same mindset as ISIS
    14 hours ago Pamela Bleiwas
    Linda Walden I suppose. But McCain and all the other Republicans turned a blind eye to what Trump is and has always been. They could have at least tried to prevent this.
    14 hours ago Cheryl Elizabeth Murray McCune
    He needs to do more to expose the evils of that party before his health deteriates more.
    14 hours ago Linda Walden
    Better late than never
    14 hours ago Heywood J Blonaparte
    And yet, character attacks aside, this point that he made is correct.
    15 hours ago James Reid 13
    Al Franken called them the 'chickenhawk brigade' in his book RUSH LIMBAUGH IS A BIG FAT IDIOT, detailing how many of the most hawkish rushers-to-war avoided military service themselves, while sending other-peoples-kids off into endless conflicts.
    14 hours ago Patricia Allen Braga
    Yup. Know a lot of them.
  • 16 hours ago by The New York Times

    The New York Times
    This surveillance footage shows what happened when 4 civilians were killed during a drug interdiction operation.
    D.E.A. Says Hondurans Opened Fire During a Drug Raid. A Video Suggests Otherwise.
    16 hours ago Aaron Malloy 4
    The DEA has no credibility left at all.
    15 hours ago Benjamin Ling 1
    They had credibility?
    15 hours ago Ron Nicolas 1
    Is any account coming out of this administration "accurate"?
    16 hours ago Shayne Popy Fairman
    Will God forgive us for what we do to each other. Then again, What will it take, for God's sakes, for all lives to be treated equally. If God was a man, he/She/it would probably avenge the many injustices committed.
    15 hours ago James Meinert
    Why are cops in Canada begging for body cams wile at the same time US cops are literally shrugging off body cams?
    15 hours ago Michael Allen
    The taxi boat was at the wrong place at the wrong time and I can't fault the DEA guy and the cop for firing at the boat that was heading right towards them since it was on course to collide with them with the circumstances. The blame lies with their bosses who insisted on the wrong narrative and not have any real proof to back it up
    14 hours ago Lenny Zoo
    So wait.... The DEA tried to snatch the drugs from the CIA killing 4 civilians?
    14 hours ago Frieda Krpan
    I can understand why the DEA agents thought they were under attack, due to the previous chain of events. What I cannot understand is why lie about it. Lying only makes things worse. They should have explained, owned up, take care of the families involved, and life goes on.
    13 hours ago Stevie Garcia
    In a perfect world my friend. But by admitting anything they acknowledge involvement. And We can't have that now ....
    15 hours ago Daniel Salvatierra
    Happened under Obama's administration and it is abhorrent. I happen to like Obama, so I can opine objectively.
    15 hours ago Nick Clifton 1
    Cops been lying and killing under every President! Lol
    15 hours ago John McKenna
    Disgusting. But what will be done about it? Nothing.
    14 hours ago Patrick Gabbert
    DEA only wants their team selling drugs... Just going after a rival gang.
  • 16 hours ago by The New York Times

    The New York Times
    Their bodies were found embracing each other under a tree in Joshua Tree National Park, according to officials.
    Missing Hikers Found Dead of Gunshot Wounds, and Locked in an Embrace
    16 hours ago Jon Thompson 231
    *shuts laptop* *goes outside for awhile*
    14 hours ago Ruth Henchey 5
    Don't get lost
    15 hours ago Zac Broder 2
    *keeps laptop open and stays inside forever*
    15 hours ago Yira Schoenemann
    13 hours ago Nevada Smith
    ^too soon 😦
    15 hours ago Carol Evans Mullen
    16 hours ago Christopher Sartwell 60
    The fact that detectives, the press, and both families are both settled on what happened here, yet half the commenters think this was malicious, is pretty telling of a large amount of NYT’s readers.
    16 hours ago Rose Culley 55
    Or pretty telling of New York Times trolls.
    16 hours ago James Kelley 15
    Or pretty telling of the callousness of nearly all of our facebook comments.
    15 hours ago Christin Lee Schumacher 11
    Pretty sure that’s a general population thing not a nyt reader thing. Also I doubt half the people making these comments even read the article.
    14 hours ago Jeremy Gruhlkey 3
    I think it's just telling of the internet...and sadly the stupidity of far too many people. Btw...most of these commenters didn't "read" anything but a headline that popped up in their newsfeed.
    14 hours ago Debra Stewart 1
    Sadder than this story really... if anyone would be suspicious of ulterior motives it would be the police. If they believe it was a mercy killing suicide then that's what IT WAS.
    15 hours ago Ruth O'Loughlin
    True story!
    14 hours ago James Lysko
    Ok, christopher. Tell us what happened then. We'll all wait...
    16 hours ago Frank Young 53
    The couple forgot to bring water.
    But they didnt forget a gun. Sound normal...? Not for me.
    16 hours ago Melissa Flory 43
    Probably went thru it all
    16 hours ago James Kelley 39
    How do you know they forgot to bring water? How do you know anything about them or their experiences?  The article gives a number of details that spell out a likely fate: the couple went hiking, with or without adequate supplies, in hot weather (late July). Got lost. Rationed the food that they did have with them. Killed themselves. Found months later (mid-October).  I'm stunned by the callousness in your comment, Frank. I shouldn't be, knowing how people are on facebook, but I still am.
    16 hours ago Megan Chase 34
    Probably brought enough water for the hike length they were expecting to take and ran out.
    16 hours ago Christopher Sartwell 14
    This person is upset because someone had a gun literally for protection...
    15 hours ago Esther Smith 9
    I had a loved one who became lost for days in the desert. How many days is your water going to last when you go on a day hike and get lost for many days. Btw, my loved one survived , but it took months for her recovery.
    15 hours ago Viet Truong 5
    If you actually read the article, they were missing since freaking July!!
    Don't you think rhey drank all their water and threw bottle/container already.
    16 hours ago Erik DuMont 2
    Frank is obviously a seer of some kind to know they forgot water since that wasn’t reported. So Frank - don’t leave us in suspense any longer, you can clearly see what all happened, why don’t you just tell us?
    16 hours ago Peter J Chapman 2
    A map and compass are more useful than a gun.
    15 hours ago Rob Roberts 1
    If they had water and still decided to kill themselves with a does that fit the 'gun for protection' narrative?
    16 hours ago Luqman Bastari
    Christopher Sartwell Gun is for protection against your girlfriend. Considering the girlfriend is 30 foot tall godzilla
    15 hours ago Deb Resavy Kmetzo 37
    For those of you questioning why the couple had a gun hiking in the desert, I'll sum it up in one word: rattlesnakes.
    15 hours ago Mike Brooks 27
    Especially, the two-legged variety
    15 hours ago Angelina Kelly 6
    Actually, mountain lions would probably be the concern here
    15 hours ago Shelby Steffens 4
    Out here you also run into really brave coyotes & mountain lions
    14 hours ago Davin Boardman 1
    You don't need a gun to defend yourself against rattlesnakes, you just need to use common sense and stay away from them.
    15 hours ago MariaSamantha Pardal 1
    I read another article that said she had a stalker and it was for protection
    15 hours ago Devora Ann Wright 1
    But why have protection from rattle snakes but not a compass?  Or something to help search and rescue teams find you like a flare...
    14 hours ago Judith Sandoval
    There are a lot of rattle snakes and someone could jump them! Plus other creatures!
    16 hours ago Barbara R Frisbie 16
    They were lost for over 3 months. They ran out of water and food. The heat was extreme.
    16 hours ago Annie Northouse 11
    Wanted to say this but if they can't come to that conclusion after reading the story then they won't get it from us either........ They were going to die regardless and they knew it.
    15 hours ago Jen Lam 6
    Agree Annie. There’s so much idiocy on the fbook comments on this thread.  This is a tragic accident. Not a planned conspiracy
    15 hours ago Cassie K L Pathak 1
    They probably thought quicker would be better. Really horrible situation.
    13 hours ago Sean Wells 1
    Barbara Angela Cinelli Are you aware of how big that place is? Also they were likely dead within a week
    15 hours ago Barbara Angela Cinelli
    They weren't able to find and rescue them in three months?!? My God...
    15 hours ago Amy Schoenhoff Lippis 6
    There are a lot of people who bring guns when in the wilderness. Not that surprising. This is such a sad story.
    15 hours ago Dianna Hannah 5
    I live in the area and people die all the time hiking in the summer. It's no joke, you can not survive out there without water. Period. These kids were doomed after the first few days wandering around.
    15 hours ago Meserbee Chek 4
    When I was 21 I took a 23 year old girl to JT for a night. We stopped at a general store before and bought food for the night. I brought sleeping bags and blankets. We spent the night under the stars and left the next day. That is a normal date. I never thought I needed to bring a weapon to protect us? Very strange. I also parked my car at a camp site and when we went for a hike we didn't go off too far from our site. We enjoyed ourselves that night but our relationship did not last. Maybe JT is just bad luck?
    15 hours ago Elu HB 1
    i read in another article that he brought a gun bc she had a stalker. That didnt make sense to me at all. this whole thing is strange and tragic
    15 hours ago Ed Greshko 1
    Very sad. Yet one wonders how people can still get lost in this day and age. When I go hiking or biking I always download offline maps of the area onto my phone which has GPS.
    15 hours ago Tone Kaspara Selsvold 11
    Battery life is not eternal.
    14 hours ago Carey Reisz 6
    Joshua tree is full of big rocks and boulders and you can get lost in one of the many canyons in there where everything looks the same. Cell service is spotty at best.
    15 hours ago Ed Greshko 2
    Tone Kaspara Selsvold it isn't. But if you're planning on an overnight camping trip you'd bring a power pack or extra batteries. To do anything less is to be totally unprepared. I have friends that are much more adventurous than I am and they take solar chargers with them for extended trips.
    14 hours ago Bill Rossi
    I was just there. There is no cell phone service inside the park.
    14 hours ago Carey Reisz
    Ed Greshko pull up the park on google maps and zoom in - no offline maps if you're in there deep amongst the boulders. Have you been there?
    14 hours ago Ed Greshko
    Carey Reisz no need for cell phone service with OFFLINE maps and GPS. All phones have GPS. Cell service is unnecessary!
    14 hours ago Chris Christian
    Bill Rossi Nor is there in Yellowstone or GTNP - I question the wisdom of people going into primitive areas without adequate knowledge beforehand. We pull them out of trouble all the time - and there are times when we don't make it either. You cannot become an outdoorsman by watching survivalists on TV, folks. We hold classes for those who really want to learn to go nature hiking and most of them are free. My sympathies are with the families and with the frustrated rescue teams. I hope the young people are at peace. Not the way I'd like to go, for sure.
    14 hours ago Debra Stewart 1
    It's sadder than this story really, all the lame armchair detectives on here... if anyone would be suspicious of ulterior motives it would be the police. If they believe it was a mercy killing suicide then that's what IT WAS.
    14 hours ago Debra Stewart 1
    That wasn't the point, DO YOU think IF they were going to "lie" T Spencer fo you really think it would be on the side of the lesser horrific and NON criminal side? Your bias is showing...
    14 hours ago T Spencer Wise
    police? lie? never!

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  • 13 hours ago by Intrepid Travel

    Intrepid Travel
    Intrepid travellers soaring high above Cappadocia's otherworldly landscape in on our 15-day Best of Turkey tour. Have you experienced a hot air balloon ride?  Photo by April Wong
    Intrepid travellers soaring high above Cappadocia's otherworldly lands
    13 hours ago Michelle Rattigan
    Yep during our honeymoon at sunrise over Atlas Mountains 🌄
    13 hours ago Sally Carman
    Had to wait several days for suitable conditions.
    Worth every penny.
    Professional crew.
    Do it unless you have vertigo
    13 hours ago Megan Dye
    Ailidh Watson #india
    13 hours ago Backpacking Nepal
  • 22 hours ago by Intrepid Travel

    Intrepid Travel
    An open-air church museum in Turkey, Cappadocia. Have you ever seen anything like this?  Photo by April Wong.
    An open-air church museum in Turkey, Cappadocia. Have you ever seen an
    19 hours ago Sandra Spino 1
    spent the night in one-a hostel
    20 hours ago Lorna Hughson 1
    Yep. 2000 was the year i was there. Did a hot air balloon trip over the region too. Magnificent.
    15 hours ago Intrepid Travel
    Sounds lovely, Lorna!
    17 hours ago Jessica Meloncelli 1
    Yep! October 25, 2007 to be precise. Hot air ballooning on my birthday topped it off
    22 hours ago Diane Anderson 1
    Was there in April this year with Vicki Mathews..
    absolutely amazing 😲
    17 hours ago Fred Wolfe 1
    Visited in 2007, one of the most remarkable places in the world!
    15 hours ago Shala Paterson 1
    This was the most amazing place I had even seen! We were only in Cappadocia three days. This place you easily could spend a couple weeks! The hiking trails and the relaxing feeling really is something everyone has to experience ! The people are so friendly! Definitely a place I’m heading back to soon! We were on an intrepid trip to Turkey 3 years ago !!
    15 hours ago Intrepid Travel
    It really is such an incredible place, right? We're so happy to hear you enjoyed it, Shala! Thanks for joining us in Turkey 🙂
    19 hours ago Sue Cole 1
    The frescoes inside the churches are incredible and so ancient.
    19 hours ago Lee Hullock 1
    Peter Doogan Kyle Harison how about this to go explore sometime?
    21 hours ago Sally Quinn 1
    Heading there next April
    16 hours ago Dwain Tucker 1
    Cappadocia Turkey 2014
    15 hours ago Intrepid Travel
    Wonderful, Dwain! Great photo 👍
  • 1 day ago by Intrepid Travel

    Intrepid Travel
    You decide.
    Is Plitvice Lakes National Park the most stunning destination in Croatia?
    1 day ago Jillian Bridgfoot 2
    Loved it, but we also loved Krka National Park.
    14 hours ago Intrepid Travel
    Another excellent choice!
    1 day ago Stoney Brooks 2
    Absolutely, it is. And given the beauty all around Croatia, that's saying something!
    22 hours ago Nadine Growcock 1
    Yes. It was my main reason for visiting and I would definitely go back
    1 day ago Jenn Keohane 1
    Yes, it is absolutely fantastic and a highly of my two week trip to Croatia!
    1 day ago Janet Richardson 1
    Yes amazing. I ❤️ waterfalls. Shame there's not an area designated for swimming.
    19 hours ago Jay Jay 1
    Terrible in autumn.....
    14 hours ago Intrepid Travel
    Hah, yes. That colourful fall foliage is almost too pretty 😉
    20 hours ago Marg Curran 1
    No Bled is
    14 hours ago Intrepid Travel 1
    Yes, both Croatia and Slovenia have so many wonderful gems!
    20 hours ago Katherine Royle 1
    It is stunning, but Dubrovnik is too!
    1 day ago Yuhon Ho 1
    If they offer good price, little bit cheaper, I would definitely visit this beautiful and stunning place.
    1 day ago Kristi Lo 1
    Definitely up there! A must see if you go.
  • 1 day ago by Intrepid Travel

    Intrepid Travel
    They're all so pretty. Any to add?
    6 colorful cities you simply have to visit
    1 day ago Nikki Redditt 7
    Burano in Venice should be added to that list!
    1 day ago Intrepid Travel
    What a shot Nikki!
    1 day ago Gail Ingram 4
    St. John's Newfoundland Canada
    1 day ago Intrepid Travel
    Great photo Gail 🙂
    1 day ago Nilofar Durrani 4
    Have done 4 out of 6, Cuba on our bucket list. I would also add Colmar, Alsace to your list. One of the most beautiful cities in France.
    1 day ago Intrepid Travel
    Amazing picture Nilofar!
    1 day ago Myah MacKinnon 3
    Alphee Dixon Paola GC totally agree the Guanajuato is on this list ! And we got to be here for el Cervantino!
    20 hours ago Lisa Kockott 2
    Procida, Italy
    14 hours ago Intrepid Travel
    Ah, so lovely!
    1 day ago Jenny Gardner 2
    Portree on Isle of Sky, Amsterdam and Boca district of Buenos Aires Argentina
    22 hours ago Alexander Valenzuela 1
    what about Valparaiso
    14 hours ago Intrepid Travel 1
    Another great choice!!
    20 hours ago Sarah Grace Davison 1
    Not my own photo but Hamilton, Bermuda (and in fact all of Bermuda) could be added to this list.
    14 hours ago Intrepid Travel
    Whew, this list keeps growing! Thanks for sharing, Sarah 🙂
    23 hours ago Allan Edward Hinton 1
    I came across this tiny colourful town in Croatia recently. Veli Losinj
    14 hours ago Intrepid Travel
    22 hours ago Bev Alland 1
    Carickfergus in Northern Ireland is also fairly colourful in places 🤗
    14 hours ago Intrepid Travel
    So lovely! Thanks for sharing, Bev 🙂
  • 1 day ago by Intrepid Travel

    Intrepid Travel
    The world's biggest wine cellar, anyone?
    8 reasons to travel to Moldova, one of Europe's least visited countries
    1 day ago Veronica Forsayeth 2
    Veronica Egan you know you want to
    1 day ago Hannah King 2
    Tash Thomas could be an option 😃
    17 hours ago Erik Drilen 2
    Been there, and written about it in my own blog (which is in Norwegian). I challenged a Norwegian newspaper that insisted that there are no sights in Moldova. I proved them wrong.
    14 hours ago Intrepid Travel
    That's great, Erik! We're happy to hear you proved them wrong 🙂
    1 day ago Nathalie-Tilly Neill 1
    Renee Benetti wine for you x
    15 hours ago Renee Benetti
    Oh my god yes! 😍🍷
    1 day ago Leonie James 1
    Paul James somewhere to think about visiting in 2019.
    1 day ago Hazel Warner 1
    Kyle Reid you bet us there
    18 hours ago Sharryn Byers 1
    Just back. Great trip with George as tour leader.
    14 hours ago Intrepid Travel
    Welcome back Sharryn! We're happy to hear you enjoyed it 🙂
    1 day ago Roger Sandford 1
    I did that trip in May and your review of Moldova is spot on, great experience. Shame you did not mention the rest of the trip!
    1 day ago Debbie Ní Bhroin 1
    Graham Millar....I’ve never been here
    1 day ago Thomas Blann 1
    Definitely on the agenda now Lucy Clarke?!?
  • 1 day ago by Intrepid Travel

    Intrepid Travel
    Delicious eats await.
    Where to find the best hidden street food in Tokyo
    1 day ago Aneesa Dalwai 2
    Farah Dalwai 😋
    1 day ago Shel Thomas 2
    Alisa 😎
    1 day ago Jason Aspinall 1
    Tony Sutton Dan Wedrat Clancy Sloan Toby Suttor
    1 day ago Rachel Halusczak 1
    Renzo Bsack 👍
    1 day ago Sarah Wallace 1
    23 hours ago Sacha Jeanes 1
    Mark Leonard you see, it's something we just have to do 😍
    1 day ago Kim Ayres 1
    Julie Ann Takahashi in case you didn't know some of these 😉
    1 day ago Julie Ann Takahashi
    Thanks Kim, I’ll have to check them out.
    1 day ago Alexandra Davies 1
    Courtney Davies
    13 hours ago Michael Volk
    Tri BeDot sag mir wie es war 😀
    13 hours ago Tri BeDot 1
    Musst schon selber kommen 😀
    1 day ago Christina Latham
    Jacqui Dann is it too late?
    1 day ago Jacqui Dann 1
    We have a couple of nights there before we come home. Thanks