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  • 1 day ago by The New York Times

    The New York Times
    From The New York Times Opinion Section: Given one more chance to condemn white supremacists, President Donald J. Trump takes up their talking points instead.
    Opinion | Mr. Trump Makes a Spectacle of Himself
    1 day ago Andrea Junker 60
    So if you’re against Nazis it means you’re alt-left? Gee, I just thought it meant you were a f*cking human being.
    23 hours ago Baptiste Verger 4
    "yeah but you know, there are many sides..." <= Trump avoiding to mention his father was part of the KKK.
    23 hours ago Robert Saltzman
    They are Nazis, you don't defend Nazis...WW II we faught and killed Nazis...They haven't changed and become good guys... They are FREAKING NAZIS....deserving no respect.
    23 hours ago Robert Haynes
    No Andrea. Nazis were fighting the Antifa Communists. You should realize that
    23 hours ago Scott Michael Bowers 14
    This the price of choosing an impotent, shallow, small coward to lead. There is no low that he can go that his tent revival faithful will not follow. Time to plan for 2018 & 2020.
    Dems, you best pull up your big boy & girl pants. If you can beat this ... there is no hope.
    23 hours ago Kevin Scanlon 11
    Nobody should be surprised.....He entered the race with Racist statements. "When someone shows you who they are, believe them the first time "......Maya Angelou.
    23 hours ago Tom Bishop 9
    Until now I've been content with his weaknesses stalling the conservative agenda, and to wait for the Mueller report. But now his willingness to accept Nazis is obviously fueling their rise to legitimacy. With a budget and debt ceiling crisis on the threshold, and the infiltration of genocidal terrorists into the administration, it is time for his party to go beyond words of condemnation. He must be removed from office. Ryan and McConnell are the only ones who can make that happen. If you're in their states and districts, only you can pressure them. It is time to be the hero.
    23 hours ago Kenneth Lammers 5
    How is protesting nazi's and the klan a left thing? And the crazy thing is that in europe i see the same comments on these articles. Defending nazi scum, using the same exact words I read here from Trump supporters, ... He is getting his crazy rethoric out of your borders. You need to get him out fast!
    23 hours ago Kenneth Lammers 1
    Running around with nazi flags, klan members with Tiki torches in your street and you are not ashamed to write this? The outcome will always be the same... They will lose...
    23 hours ago Robert Haynes
    Protesting is one thing. Attacking people, throwing newspaper stands and promoting violence and communism is another.
    23 hours ago Frances O'Halloran 3
    Fire him along with entire racist administration with their oppressive agendas. Members of Congress must not abdicate their responsibility to uphold the Constitution. They've taken oaths. This is not a political game. It's about saving this democracy we are trying to perfect. Peace.
    23 hours ago Sue Carhart 3
    "Donald Trump — the country’s first fascist president — is a political necromancer and warlock who was able to harness white supremacy’s power to win the presidency." - DeVegas, Salon - 1: ..." condemning Nazis, white supremacists and the Ku Klux Klan. This should not require moral courage. This is obvious. This is the moral equivalent of the text you type to prove you’re not a robot." Petri, Washington Post - 2: "If the Trump campaign didn’t collude with the Russians, it wasn’t for lack of trying.” - Lawfare "Trump is a overweening braggart who confuses sycophancy with loyalty." - Cohen, Washington Post " Racism, anti-Semitism, discrimination and white supremacy are unequivocally wrong.
    A president who cannot bring himself to say this immediately and unequivocally squanders any claim to moral leadership." - E.J.Dionne Jr. The sheer brazenness of it all is stunning. -C.M.Blow, NYT
    23 hours ago Agnes Han 1
    Showing Symptoms of dementia when stating he waited for facts. But what gross is, an insult to founding fathers of the country, better send him back to primary school
    23 hours ago Nathan Post 1
    If I were a democrat I'd be ashamed of my racist past and take down statues of racist democrats. Because it's trumps fault.
    23 hours ago Christine Damain 8
    Democrats are ashamed of their racist past.  If only Republicans were ashamed of their racist present.  And their racist president.
    23 hours ago Mark Espinoza 1
    I guess you have never learned about Nixon's Southern Strategy.
    23 hours ago Chris Jay Tabarejo
    23 hours ago Anneke van Zanten
    From the article:  "Washington politicians had hoped the recent appointment of John Kelly, a retired Marine general, as his chief of staff would instill some discipline in his chaotic administration."  I wonder how General Kelly feels about all this and what his plan is for curtailing Trump.
  • 1 day ago by The New York Times

    The New York Times
    Imagine if the U.S. were to hold a major international event, but one of the conditions was for it to call itself "British Washington."
    What’s in a Name? For Taiwan, Preparing for the Spotlight, a Lot
    1 day ago Elias Bucher
    if china were the uk and the us were taiwan, who would be the us-american chiang kai-shek then? who would be the us-american equivalent of the japanese and us-americans?
    23 hours ago Wells Hansen
    That photo kinda confused me at first.
    1 day ago Danny Chang
    Sean Wang British Washington LOL
    23 hours ago Frank Young
    If America never achieved independence from the brits, thats exactly what it would be. But the America Revolution solved that problem. The South tried to become independent. They were beaten to within an inch of its life, and independence never happened. Taiwan never achieved independence either. And if they tried, they too would be beaten to an inch of its life.
    23 hours ago Frank Young
    Much. How much do you know?
    23 hours ago Keno Budde
    How much do you actually know about the history of China?
    23 hours ago Jarl Joshua Balmaceda Taggueg
    I haven't heard the two Congos complaining
    1 day ago Krystalfour Kalanda
    Different scenarios
  • 1 day ago by The New York Times

    The New York Times
    "We'll see what happens with Mr. Bannon," President Donald J. Trump said, consigning him to the same purgatory recently occupied by Attorney General Jeff Sessions.
    Trump Says Bannon Is ‘Not a Racist,’ but His Job Status Remains in Doubt
    1 day ago Andrea Junker 29
    Until Bannon, Miller, and Gorka are all removed from this administration, no one should believe that this president actually condemns and disapproves of white supremacist and neo-Nazi groups. Your lip service means nothing when you let these enablers run your administration.
    1 day ago Grant Redonn 28
    The day we all stop pretending donald trump is a rational human being will be a good day.
    1 day ago Nathan Scott 26
    I can't believe Americans voted for a pig 🐖 like Trump.
    1 day ago Kevin Scanlon 23
    Trump's afraid to fire him because he knows that Bannon will fire up his White Supremacist base if he does.
    1 day ago Donna Lee Hungerford 3
    If Bannon goes the rest have to go too. Miller and Gorka are just as bad.
    1 day ago Tim Pennypacker 2
    Wouldn't that be ironic? Trump and co. into the cauldron of hell at the hands of the alt right.
    1 day ago Ines Äffchen 2
    Pretty sad state of affairs if your president depends on white supremacists' support...
    1 day ago Husen Sastra Negara 1
    yeah a gree with you
    1 day ago Brittany Carmichael 1
    considering the digbat listens to everyone bannon's media publishes he would be in turmoil if he fired him
    23 hours ago Aldrich Uyliong 1
    Nailed it.
    1 day ago Kevin Scanlon 1
    Bannon had a lot to do with Trump appealing to the alt-right through Breitbart. He's much more dangerous to Trump outside of the White House.
    1 day ago Kevin Scanlon
    Donna Lee Hungerford Couldn't agree with you more!
    1 day ago Eileen Whyte Springer 16
    Drumpf says Bannon isn't a racist. Also says KKK and Nazis aren't racists. Also says young woman walking across street is equally violent as the guy who purposely drove his car into her. Also says he is not golfing when he is golfing. Also says nobody met with any Russians. Also says water is not wet
    1 day ago Angela Maharajh
    Yes, Pathological liar.
    1 day ago John Lavalley 12
    President Bannon was on full display today. Trump's brain.
    1 day ago Tim Pennypacker
    Makes me think of the other good old boy days, when Karl Rove was the so-called brain of George W. Bush.
    1 day ago Peggy Ledgemont 6
    Trump has no capital or credibility on the subject of sussing out who is not a racist. Next he will tell us David Duke isn't racist.
    1 day ago Steven Samelson 3
    "Mr. Bannon is not a racist"..."I like Mr. Bannon, he's a friend of mine"..."Mr. Bannon is a good man who gets a bad rap"... It's tough to tell who Trump is more afraid of: Mr. Bannon and the white nationalists, or Mr. Putin and the Russians. It seems that the Insult President only ever has "very good, great, tremendous" things to say about both.
    23 hours ago Stephanie Keller 1
    If he thinks Bannon and Miller are good then he doesn't know what bad really is and deserves to be removed from office. This is ridiculous! We fought Nazi's and won! We fought the Confederates and won! Get this trash out of our country now!!
    1 day ago Manuel Grosenick
    This president is pathetic. He crumbled under pressure from the white supremacists at the farthest right of his base doesn't have the spine to truly confront them.  He's powerless against the deplorables, and his spineless press conference yesterday proved it. He's a sad, puny little man.
  • 1 day ago by The New York Times

    The New York Times
    "I've sued Islamic terrorists before, and I'm not going to let these white terrorists succeed in anything now," said Michael Miller, the lawyer who filed the lawsuit on behalf of the women.
    2 Sisters in Charlottesville Sue Far-Right Leaders Over Car Attack
    1 day ago David Kopf 72
    People: Do Not Feed The Trolls. FB's new Top Comment algorithm pushes low-rated comments with lots of replies over higher rated comments. Instead, resist taking the trolls' bait, and take a moment to like and reply to the comments you like with a quick "agreed" or "bump" or whatever.
    1 day ago David Kopf 4
    I also realize that there are organized efforts by paid and partisan trolls to use social media comments as a way to propagandize people, and FB's new system inadvertently rewards them. That's especially true for heavily followed pages such as the NYT.
    1 day ago Leah Kolt 3
    1 day ago Arual Mony KrisAird 3
    Yes I've noticed that David Kopf and it's shameful for them to do that.
    1 day ago Bukayo Ogunlade 3
    Prob. the algorithm should be adjusted!
    1 day ago Alvaro Mercado 1
    U do realize that comments are simply the thoughts of random internetters right?.... which by extrapolation means they're worth as much as a bucket of mud.. so having a "top comment" means u have the bestest mud 👍👍
    1 day ago David Kopf 1
    It's certainly rewarding the worst elements of social media.
    1 day ago Susan Tucker 1
    1 day ago Koos Van den Oever
    I feed who ever I want joker
    1 day ago Vlorian Deckert
    Have a reply
    1 day ago Karina Cubilla
    1 day ago Scott Kelley 60
    Funny how white supremacists are always some of the ugliest fellas around. If this Alex Fields guy is so genetically superior, why does he need glasses?  Sorry, bro. Shoulda had less incest in the bloodlines.
    1 day ago Susan Tucker 9
    Take one look at Bannon, Miller & Gorka ... if these bloated, pale, depraved human carcasses are the face of white supremacy ... that is not superiority ... more a genetic cesspool that should be avoided like the plague ...
    1 day ago Patti Dempsey-Harris 3
    Susan Tucker Spot on!!! <jmho>
    1 day ago Dirk Gates 1
    That's why they prefer to wear sheets over themselves.
    1 day ago Kyle Kleindienst
    We're making progress but there's a lot of work left to do. We need to outlaw Spanish language (it forces a masculine or feminine gender implication), the pyramids and much of Egypt should be razed (an entire civilization built on jewish slavery) and Northwest Africa needs to be placed right next to Europeans in context of American slavery. (Most slaves were captured and sold by African tribes to the Europeans) hopefully these girls are successful.
    1 day ago Kyle Stephen
    Ryan D Rodrigues whoever made that video needs some physics lessons.
    1 day ago Robert Haynes
    Oh Scott, you pinko Communist
    1 day ago Koos Van den Oever
    Mirror mirror on the wall
    1 day ago Annika Hsu
    1 day ago David Kopf
    1 day ago Ryan D Rodrigues
    1 day ago Steven Samelson 51
    Hit them in their wallets, let's see how strong they feel about their cause when they're bankrupt. Add the Race-baiter in Chief to the list too, he's just as negligent.
    1 day ago David Kopf 1
    1 day ago Susan Tucker 1
    1 day ago Robert La Boheme 29
    Awesome. Break them financially and let them think about it for a long, long time.
    1 day ago David Kopf
    They can think about it while they try to clean windshields at stop lights.
    1 day ago Fredrick Anderson
    I don’t know. Bullets are a dime a dozen...
    1 day ago Regins Grags
    How tough of you
    1 day ago Daniel Kamakura
    But what assets are they going to sue them for? Unless they own the deed to the couch in their mother's basement, I doubt they'll even be able to recover the cost of the lawsuit. (Especially since Donald Trump is no longer offering to pay his supporters' legal fees).
    1 day ago Harry Bowman 19
    Pretty standard. This was the technique used for the elimination of the remaining legal existence of the Ku Klux Klan in the early 1980s. https://en.wikipedia...ensboro_massacre
    1 day ago Daniel Kamakura 1
    Harry Bowman, we should fight Nazis with words and ideas, not violence. Unless that doesn't work. Then we go with "Plan B" all the way.
    1 day ago Percilla R. Stoeckley
    What ever works to get rid of this cancer in society.
    1 day ago Harry Bowman
    Of course, by the time that Klan was eliminated, it had abandoned the Klan's traditional commitment to American white Christian values. They had gotten full of Nazis. If you don't kill Nazis whenever you find them, you don't deserve to call yourself a Klan.
    1 day ago Harry Bowman
    Daniel Kamakura I didn't say "we" should fight Nazis with violence. I said that KLANS should fight Nazis with violence.
    1 day ago Harry Bowman
    Daniel Kamakura And this is the article signaling the final extermination of the legal existence of the Ku Klux Klan. This particular case (one other than the Greensboro Massacre cited above) also produced the first known execution of a Klansman for killing a black man. http://www.nytimes.c...-klan-group.html
    1 day ago Jack Wagner 10
    The lawyer should have just said... I'm simply an opportunist... 😂
    1 day ago Jason Kevin Baxter 8
    We see the edit
    1 day ago Jason Kevin Baxter 7
    It's an opportunist, you have to be opportunistic
    1 day ago Kevin Tewey 6
    How many times I've been attacked by the right over grammar
    And look at yours
    1 day ago Kevin Tewey 2
    Jack Wagner i'm sorry  for you
    1 day ago Lynne Mcgarry 2
    And besides not being able to grasp english you are a bigot.
    1 day ago Jack Wagner 1
    Kevin Tewey, I really can't comprehend... what you're trying to put across.
    1 day ago Jack Wagner
    Thanks Jason Kevin Baxter... I didn't realised that the autocorrect was on.
    1 day ago Elizabeth Ann Boulware Wynia
    Kevin Tewey...exactly what about his comment is improper grammar?
    1 day ago Jack Wagner
    Jason Kevin Baxter, I stand corrected. 😂
    1 day ago Kevin Tewey
    Not granar
    There are no opportunistic lawyers unless they are paying judges
    Right now the justice system is very right-leaning so are you saying the right thing and cross justice system will give a reward
    1 day ago J.D. Murphy 7
    Good luck...there will be footage of bat-wielding fascists surrounding the car right before it took off to escape.
    Why not sue inept city leadership for not providing adequate security?
    1 day ago Mads Henriksen 5
    Don't feed the Troll.
    1 day ago Tim Crosby 3
    Please use the proper term. Fascist is a far right ideology.
    1 day ago J.D. Murphy 1
    Or is "Don't feed the troll." just lib code for "Libs are incapable of rational discourse or acknowledgement of views that hurt our feelings, so I'm gonna take my ball and go home!" ?
    1 day ago Susan Lee Sommer 1
    J.D. Murphy hmmmn ... nope. To me it means not doing what I'm doing; reacting to provocation and trying to reason with blind bigotry and general assholeness.
    1 day ago Robert Haynes
    The city told the cops to stand down
    1 day ago J.D. Murphy
    I don't understand. What exactly is it that you can disagree with?
    23 hours ago Bradley Gower
    "Bat-wielding fascists surrounding the car..."
    So... the Nazis were defending the driver during his escape? According to your description of events, the far right were active participants, and this lawsuit should be an open-and-shut case. 🤔
    Unless you meant anti-fascists, in which case the dictionary is your friend.
    1 day ago Elizabeth Ann Boulware Wynia 4
    And if they win...tell me how that changes anything? That young man driving the car made a personal decision and acted on it. He is the only responsible party. This blame game so prevalent in our society is turning people into entitled victims. Not to mention an excuse for some interested party to make a buck which eventually comes out of everyone's pocketbook.
    1 day ago Matt Skeens 10
    How will it change anything? Idk. Maybe like the lawsuit that brought down the largest national klan in the country. Stfu. There are many responsible parties. She should be suing others like Daily Stormer as well.
    1 day ago Deborah Fulghieri 5
    Elizabeth Ann Boulware Wynia : They'll figure it out in court. My view is that he'd have stayed in Ohio making his personal decisions there, if the neo-Nazis hadn't invited him to join them at their event in Charlottesville, VA.
    1 day ago Steven Perry 3
    I guess the poor widdle white supremacist organizations shouldn't be associating with people who are willing to use their car as an assault weapon. It's guilt by association. Kind of like when you get pulled over in a car with someone holding heroin... you're going down for it too
    1 day ago Linda Allen 2
    Elizabeth Ann Boulware Wynia, you have already decided the case and you haven't even heard all the facts. How do you know what the driver's role is in all of this?
    1 day ago Elizabeth Ann Boulware Wynia
    Percilla R. Stoeckley and your point is?
    1 day ago Elizabeth Ann Boulware Wynia
    Percilla R. Stoeckley So you're saying his personal decision can be blamed on the group as a whole?
    1 day ago Elizabeth Ann Boulware Wynia
    Matt Skeens exactly how does your nasty response contribute to the discussion? Except to place blame for his personal choice on others? What lawsuit brought down what Klan? Lots of negative commentary with no citations or links to sources about the lawsuit and how it "brought down the largest klan in the country?" And by brought down do you mean it no longer exists? And if so, where's the proof? By brought down my assessment would be that all those included in the lawsuit just burned their white hoods because they realized the error of their ways.
    1 day ago Elizabeth Ann Boulware Wynia
    Linda Allen the case as you call it...he drove his car into the gathering and killed someone. Exactly what facts deny that action?
    1 day ago Angela Maharajh
    1 day ago Elizabeth Ann Boulware Wynia
    Deborah Fulghieri just because one gets invited to a party doesn't mean the host is responsible for your decision to attend and your actions after arriving. But it seems you have a crystal ball in which you see how his decision to go wasn't voluntary.
    1 day ago Daniel Kamakura 3
    What "assets" are they going to sue them for?
    The couch in their mother's basement?
    Their collection of empty cans of Axe Body Spray?
    A half-empty tube InfoWars brand hemorrhoids cream? You can't squeeze blood from a stone--especially not now that their parents have started kicking them out.
    1 day ago Angela Lehman 2
    I think it's more about ruining their lives than it is about the money.
    1 day ago Angela Maharajh 1
    The leaders have money...
    1 day ago Angela Lehman 1
    I bet if they or someone sympathetic to their case writes to the SPLC or a similar group, they'd be more than willing to lend a hand.
    1 day ago Kyle Stephen
    Thinking all these alt right people are losers living in their moms basement is dangerous. They're lawyers and doctors and programmers and police men and presidents.
    1 day ago Elizabeth Ann Boulware Wynia
    Oh but they haven't yet blamed the parents yet. It's always someone else's fault right? Personal responsibilty is dead. Bunch of sue happy people blaming anyone and everyone they can think of to make a buck.
    1 day ago Daniel Kamakura
    Angela Lehman, oh I know. I'm just saying that unless they own the deed to the couch they've been sleeping on, I doubt they'll even be able to recover the cost of filing the suit. (Especially now that President Trump is no longer offering to pay his supporters' legal fees). 😉
    1 day ago Lorenzo Montgomery 1
    we know about those hate groups why do the polices allow this kind of things to go out... the kkk and other hate groups are on a path to Hell..... some polices and people isn the white house are apart of these same groups...... God isnt pleased with the actions of hate
    1 day ago Elizabeth Ann Boulware Wynia
    While I don't think you are qualified to speak on God's behalf....freedom of speech backed by the ACLU is what's destroying this country.
    23 hours ago Lorenzo Montgomery
    Elizabeth Ann Boulware Wynia thats right you think......
    23 hours ago Lorenzo Montgomery
    Elizabeth Ann Boulware Wynia its okay if Hell is your goal
  • 1 day ago by The New York Times

    The New York Times
    If this phone rings, it means a ballistic missile is headed toward Guam.
    Guam on Alert for North Korean Missile Test, but Residents Take It in Stride
    1 day ago Steven Samelson 8
    "Hi, this is Donald Trump calling, I just wanted to let you know that I made you all anybody there? Hello? Hmmm...I guess they're all sleeping peacefully."
    1 day ago Casper Gregory 1
    Would it be redundant to have a call waiting feature on that particular landline? 😉😂
    1 day ago Lisa Snider 1
    They still use land lines?
    1 day ago Debra Todd 1
    Land lines are actually the most reliable if it comes to an EMP. Wireless phones can be blocked
    1 day ago Amicable Sumon 1
    No need to do that. N Korea will never attack Guam or S Korea. N Korea is going to be destroyed soon by themselves.
    1 day ago Fãĩžáņ Àĥmäð 1
    1 day ago Iris Whitfield Wood 1
    Doggone! Hope no one cuts the phone line. I'd probably put in a wireless just to be safe.
    1 day ago Евген Подольский
    1 day ago Nural Hakdosh
    I really think there is a possibility that north Korea will use the nuclear option, trump brag about the elements of surrprice, and the north Koreaian Presdint is parnioc guy who killed his own uncle because of this
    1 day ago Debra Todd
    I hope no one accidentally dials a wrong number.
    1 day ago Noor Ahmad
    China and Russia have to play a role'and tell these idiots that don't crush the innocent people' and live like human with peace
    1 day ago Corrie Jagger 1
    you would think that by this point putin would have talked some sense in to trump, i agree...
    1 day ago Sohail Khan
    China is backing NK, u should not blame US.....
  • 1 day ago by The New York Times

    The New York Times
    Since medieval times, the people of Galicia have ritually rounded up the horses that roam wild in the green forests and hills of northwestern Spain. Today, the practice is under threat from activists and regulation. Photo: Samuel Aranda for The New York Times
    Since medieval times, the people of Galicia have ritually rounded up t
    1 day ago Stefania Esther Frida Anastasia Teodora 24
    "the practice is under threat" uh? some "practices" need to be abolished for the wellbeing of animals.
    1 day ago Hissells Mulatya 4
    Then what happens after rounding them?
    1 day ago Stefania Esther Frida Anastasia Teodora
    cut their tails, vaccines and sold for meat
    1 day ago Stefania Esther Frida Anastasia Teodora
    *some are vaccinated, very very few
    1 day ago Marina Tornero 4
    I'm Spanish and I'm not embarrassed to say that in Spain terrible things are done to animals all the time (bullfighting, traditions in towns that imply torturing animals, using small donkeys to pull really heavy loads, sometimes horses die to exhaustion carrying tourists...). There's a new generation of people that reject that and claim the stop of cruelty to animals, we're in XXI century!
    And please, tourists, when you visit our country, don't pay for horse carriages! Consider using other ways of transportation/entertainment.
    Thank you!
    1 day ago Julian Epps 2
    if they aren't hurting anything..LEAVE THEM ALONE.
    1 day ago Erika Czerniejewski
    And if they are hurting something like over population... Then what?
    1 day ago Eskindir D. Gondel
    ᵀʰᶦˢ ᶦˢ ˢᵒ ˢᵐᵃᶫᶫ ᵗᵒ ʳᵉᵃᵈ ᵉᵛᵉᶰ ᶠᵒʳ ʸᵒᵘ ᵇʳᵒ⋅ ᴰᵒᶰᵗ ᵗʳʸ ᵗᵒ ᶜᵒᶰᵗᶦᶰᵘᵉ ʳᵉᵃᵈᶦᶰᵍ ᵗʰᶦˢ ᵇᵉᶜᵃᵘˢᵉ ʸᵒᵘʳ ᵉʸᵉˢ ʷᶦᶫᶫ ˢᵗᵃʳᵗ ᵗᵒ ʰᵘʳᵗ ˢᵒᵒᶰ ᶦᶠ ʸᵒᵘ ᵈᵒᶰᵗ ˢᵗᵒᵖ⋅ ᵂʰʸ ᵈᵒᶰᵗ ʸᵒᵘ ˢᵗᵒᵖ﹖ ⋅⋅⋅⋅ᵍᵒ ᵃʷᵃʸ ᵇʳᵒ ᵃᶰᵈ ʳᵉᵃᵈ ᵗʰᵉ ᶰᵉˣᵗ ᶜᵒᵐᵐᵉᶰᵗ⋅ ˢᵗᵒᵖ ʳᵉᵃᵈᶦᶰᵍ ᵃᶫʳᵉᵃᵈʸ﹗ ᴵ ˢᵉᵉ ᵗʰᵃᵗ ʸᵒᵘ ᵈᵒᶰᵗ ʷᵃᶰᶰᵃ ᵍᶦᵛᵉ ᵘᵖ ʳᵉᵃᵈᶦᶰᵍ﹖⋅⋅⋅ʷᵉᶫᶫ ᵒᵏ, ʸᵒᵘ ʷᵒᶰ ᵗʰᶦˢ ᵗᶦᵐᵉ, ᵇᵘᵗ ʸᵒᵘ ˢʰᵒᵘᶫᵈ ᵍᶦᵛᵉ ᵐᵉ ᵃ ᶫᶦᵏᵉ ᶠᵒʳ ʷᵃˢᵗᶦᶰᵍ ʸᵒᵘʳ ᵗᶦᵐᵉ
    1 day ago Lisa Rice
    Umm hello NYT...rounding up horses to kill them should be "under threat"
    Thank goodness for the activists!
    1 day ago Catharina Mendonça
    This is hilarious, and typical of North Americans... let's criticize the Europeans for keeping a centuries old tradition that involves corralling horses and vaccinating and branding them and then setting them free until next year...
    Meanwhile...when does the next rodeo start up y'all? Head on back to your hypocrite barns.
    1 day ago Tom Makin-Bell
    So the horses should be fully separated, barned, not allowed to herd-up and roam? This article fails to provide any meaningful context. It is extremely rare for a horse to be genuinely 'wild' in the sense of roaming fully free in wild herds and not being owned by anyone. Whilst some of the practices described here appear cruel / arcane, I would suggest that it is extremely unnatural to prevent horses from being able to herd-up and live across larger areas of land in a relatively unrestricted manner. Can't see much difference between this and how sheep herds are managed in the spring / summer months in places like UK out in the moors.
    1 day ago Ziggy Asher
    Didn't the same thing happen to the practice of slavery?? Also under threat!!
    1 day ago Nomi Ross
    And? Ate them? Rode them? What?
    1 day ago Steven Hamilton
    You want someone to read the article and answer your questions? How about you do it.
    1 day ago Nomi Ross
    Steven Hamilton naw. I was already bored.
  • 1 day ago by The New York Times

    The New York Times
    From The New York Times Opinion Section: Native Americans are conspicuously absent from American conversation on race.
    Opinion | A Conversation With Native Americans on Race
    1 day ago Sarang Banne 37
    Yes, thank you for this. It's important to remind everyone who the real Native people of this land are. It's not whites. Native American voices have been marginalized for so long. Ironically enough, according to polling, the vast majority of native Americans favor more open immigration.
    1 day ago Sarang Banne 3
    Allison Jones, how did I say that?? I'm just saying it's good to see native Americans in the press
    1 day ago Holly Barton 2
    How is that ironic? Our lands did not stop at political boundaries. The O'odham (southern Arizona) moved in vast land areas that transcended country boundaries. Yet, they were never consulted with during the US/MEX boundary. Initially, they were told the boundary was symbolic and didn't mean anything. This is a typical story with other tribes whose lands were cut.
    1 day ago Sarang Banne 2
    Holly Barton, ironic in that persecution of natives happened at the hands of outside settlers.
    1 day ago Eva Sollazzo
    Vanessa Grant That is incorrect and dismissive of those who are culturally and historically indigenous to these lands
    1 day ago Holly Barton
    Under the National Environmental Protection Act, Tribes (if they are federally recognized) need to be consulted with in terms of archaeological and environmental resources. However, it is a scientific process which negates Traditional Ecological Knowledge. Sometimes, agencies said notification (e.g. letter or late notice) is sufficient consultation which doesn't work for tribal process (usually are consensus based) and is usually a tactic to fast track (Dakota Access is a great example). Remember NEPA started in 1992 and was not retroactively applied.
    1 day ago Vanessa Grant
    If you were born in the US, you are indigenous to it
    1 day ago Allison Jones
    Are you trying to say the natives can't just speak for themselves? Like they need some sort of invitation??
    1 day ago Holly Barton 12
    The one thing that the Op-Doc hinted at but didn't clearly state is that there are over 500 tribes and each one is different (e.g. geographically, culturally, and politically). Unfortunately, there are very few tribes that never experience forced removal however that is an historic trauma (such as Boarding School) that is generational and exhibited on a daily basis. Yes, we are sovereign nations but that autonomy has been compromised again and again (e.g. Major Crimes Act and Dawes Act). It's not that we are trying to compete against other movements, we are trying to educate and start the conversation of how we go forward together as a nation while respecting our differences and conserving our resources/identity/culture. #wearestillhere #survivalisresilience
    1 day ago Joseph Weatherly 11
    Hispanics are often genetically native American and the Hispanic label has a tendency to overshadow their native americaness.
    1 day ago Navil Varela 3
    Allison Jones I think he's referring to all of us that are from Latin America in other word what the average person refers to as "Hispanic". We are a mixture of native and European and other stuff so yes he's right
    1 day ago Ivan Portuondo Greene
    The overshadowing was purposeful as a soft form of genocide in order to destroy ones whole culture and persona.
    Thus, the socioeconomic cultural construct Latinoamericano social ladder.
    Natives could be elevated to Mestizo.
    And, Black people could be elevated to...
    1 day ago Allison Jones
    Hispanic refers to ethnicity. Hence. Cameron Diaz is Hispanic.
    1 day ago Ivan Portuondo Greene
    Hispanic (Hispania) is/are from the Roman Latin term for the Iberian Peninsula of Portugal and Spain.
    Mestizos and Criollos are mixed with Spanish.
    But, the prime members of Spanish society were the Castillian whose language is the preferred 'lingua franca' of Spanish and Latin America.
    1 day ago Kris Coolbersky 8
    I taught my students pre Colombian cultures, compared maps of native tribes with the eventually US and we used a Sherman Alexis poem.
    1 day ago Monica Lucero Garcia 2
    Sherman Alexie is my spirit animal (although I am not native) I have a huge respect for tribes all across the country. =)  He's from Spokane WA. The state I reside in!
    1 day ago Kris Coolbersky 1
    Yup Cortez, gold/God/glory, intertribal conflict that made them vulnerable to the Europeans later, the BIA, Custer, Wounded Knee and the Red Power movement, etc
    1 day ago Kris Coolbersky 1
    Monica cool. I dug his podcast. My first year teaching we read How to write the great American Indian novel in 8th grade us history. They thought it was racist then I asked does it matter that the author is native and you could see major comprehension on their faces.
    1 day ago Monica Lucero Garcia
    The first short story I read was "what you pawn I will redeem" And it made me think of my culture and how we try to make "fun "of our bad situations in order to stay happy... many more things made me connect, then I was hooked!
    1 day ago Monica Lucero Garcia
    I need to get on his podcast =). And thank you for being a teacher, a very selfless job indeed !
    1 day ago Glo Cha
    Did you teach them about the diseases weapons - death - genocide - the Europeans brought with them to the americas?
    1 day ago Giovanni Pasquali 6
    It's great to hear Native Americans do have a voice in this nation and the various Native cultures are still alive.
    1 day ago Alexandru Gherasim 3
    Because they live separately in their own sovereign reservations? Why would they care?
    1 day ago Sarang Banne 46
    And the US government put them there for racist reasons, that's why?
    1 day ago Adrian Jawort 41
    Because 70% of them don't live on reservations and are treated as if they are blacks from 1955 Mississippi.
    1 day ago Kyla Queuetea 26
    I live in a city. My father, his mother and father didn't live on the reservation. We're just so so so easy for everyone to forget. I just can't win. I'm a problem because we live on reservations, then I'm not a problem worth overlooking because I live in a city, but then my people and culture are far far away. And it's a lie, I'm still easy to forget. Easy to leave out of conversation.
    1 day ago Justin Roberts 18
    "Everyone is crying victim," said a Trump supporter.
    1 day ago Nirupama Orona 9
    I really can't believe how ignorant white Americans are.
    1 day ago Adrian Jawort 6
    It's a fake profile.
    1 day ago Kyla Queuetea 5
    I'm not crying, you're thinking of Italians playing dress up. P.s. you now have put into the universe you are undeserving of sympathy. You are to never ever cry. Don't cry. Not allowed. Feeling are for humans. We are robots. Beep Bop bee boo.
    1 day ago Kyla Queuetea 3
    Anne.... don't do it. . ... hey... better not cry
    1 day ago Arinita Canedo
    YOU are a guest in THEIR land! And not a very good one ! 🙄
    O truly hope your daughter marries a Latino or a Japanese 😂😂😂😂
    1 day ago Kim Correa
    That's an ignorant statement. #dummyofthedayaward
    1 day ago Cameron Sharrock 2
    I thought 'native American' was its own discussion-? "Race" doesn't cover the experience of an invaded, conquered, executed and subjugated people living in what was their own country.
    1 day ago Colleen Gaines Clark 1
    I wish we would stop talking about "race" altogether. We think it "means" something but it doesn't.
    People of native American heritage are just that, descendants of the first inhabitants of the Americas.
    1 day ago Shawn Her Many Horses 1
    I always find it interesting to see how natives from other tribes prefer to identify (Indian, American Indian, Native American, Native, Indigenous, etc). The kid in the video says he prefers "Native" and dislikes "American Indian." Personally, I prefer American Indian, but I'm okay with pretty much any of the above, so long as it's in a respectful context.
    1 day ago David Johnson
    Those who think Native Americans are absent from the "race conversation" don't really understand American racism. In the eyes of white supremacists, Native Americans, all people of any Latin heritage, and all other brown people are no different from black people. Native Americans just aren't specifically targeted anymore because most have already been killed off so the time came to move on to the next groups.
  • 1 day ago by The New York Times

    The New York Times
    The fragrance of an orchid lei; the taste of perfect sushi; grand island residences and the blue-green sea: This is Honolulu.
    1 day ago Lesli Lindgren 4
    Just ignore the homeless issue while you visit.
    1 day ago Linda Wolfe Zaner
    1 day ago Lawrence Chen 4
    Also a colonized land of an indigenous people for little more than some American capitalist interests.
    1 day ago Dirk Gates 1
    Larry, NO ONE grew out f the ground like indigenous plants. Every one came from somewhere else.
    1 day ago Dirk Gates 1
    Indigenous meaning: "originating or occurring naturally in a particular place; native."
    1 day ago Lawrence Chen 1
    Hawai'ians, a subset of Polynesians and Austronesians, were the first to settle the Hawai'ian archipelago. That makes them the people indigenous to their land.
    1 day ago Peter Castro 1
    America doesn't deserve the beautiful land of Hawaii
    1 day ago Lawrence Chen
    ¿¿?? Anyone else reading this? 😂😂😂 On which grounds?
    1 day ago Lawrence Chen
    Plants too had to colonize new volcanic rock. First the lichens, then grasses, brought by seabird droppings, then shrubs and trees. There was always a first.
    1 day ago Dirk Gates
    Give it up, Larry. You lost the argument.
    1 day ago Carma Lewis
    And yet you live here!
    1 day ago Lawrence Chen
    And I recognize it and learn about it daily, seeking to undo the harms it entail.
    1 day ago Mayra Mai Areas
    Quamid, can't wait for my return!
    1 day ago Quamid Childs
    This is on the list!
    1 day ago Ngọc Anh Vo
    Ku Bul The Pig and The Lady restaurant ( Vietnamese Food), and Yanagi Sushi 🍣 restaurant
    1 day ago Ku Bul 1
    Nghe nói bên đó cái gì cũng ngon, để mai mốt có dịp đi ăn thử 😁
    1 day ago Rachel Kane
    Kim Schacher-Kane I miss it so much, maybe we can go back In January....this vid had some good shots of my favorite "wedding" hotel, maybe we could do both Oahu and Kauai... it will be whale season.
    1 day ago Carlos Augusto Farina
    Honolulu .. yes , much more to offer than surf, sun and sand. Dreaming!
    1 day ago Monica Baccichet Hanes
    Giulia too much to to handle! Too much to explain...
    1 day ago Uyên Huynh
    April Haldeman, next time we go here? I think Mike won't mind to join us? 🏝🏌🏼🏎
    1 day ago Caitlin M. McLeod
    Amy are you going to Honolulu??
    1 day ago Amy Godfrey 1
    Yes! We are staying in the north shore but will fly into Honolulu
    1 day ago Ke'alohi Maunakea
    "You don't worry here, it's too pretty to worry" wth ? No wonder things don't get done around here and no issue and no sense of resolve happens😕 👿
  • 1 day ago by The New York Times

    The New York Times
    Dozens of people at Michael Moore's Broadway show joined him on buses to protest at Trump Tower.
    Michael Moore Takes His Broadway Audience on Buses to Protest Trump
    1 day ago Edward Gordon 56
    You know the story of the cowardly lion right? All Americans are now faced with a simple choice, #Resistance or #Appeasement.  America has a long history of standing up to bullies and Nazis. The vast majority of us teach our children that name calling and excluding other kids on basis of race, gender or religion is not okay. We take pride in the melting pot that is America. Recognize that diversity IS the American identity. We can't change that anymore than a tiger its stripes. A list of all the great contributions immigrants, minorities and refugees have made to this country would dwarf a list of their misdeeds a million times over. Americans are waking. We know who we are. And we like it that way.  This is not about politics. Look at Trump's words. Log into twitter and review his timeline of tweets. It is repulsive. You'd be ashamed of your child if that was the method they used to become class president. He is a man of flawed character. He does not share OUR values and we must stand up together and punch him in the nose.  I urge all in #GOP, including the so called "moderates" who serve this administration, to declare yourself an independent, a freedom fighter or whatever heroic name you wish to give yourselves. Find your courage. Make clear to our Comrade in Chief that you stand for the people and the constitution and he will have trouble if he messes with either.  Today should be a wake up call to all patriots. This shitshow has gone on long enough. It's time to cut commercial and bring the adults back into the room. We can no longer afford to play Russian roulette with our democracy #Resist #HistoryHasItsEyesOnYou
    1 day ago Susan Schubeck 3
    Steve Attaway jerk
    1 day ago Silvia Viramontes
    1 day ago Steve Attaway
    ^^^ Spam
    1 day ago Nancy Heifferon
    Thank you for your comment
    1 day ago Kevin Robert Forsythe
    Nah they used to teach thier kids that stuff wasnt nice. Now it seems they encourage this type of behavior
    23 hours ago Joan Plunkett Harrell
    Awesome comment but I am afraid the GOP members that aren't speaking against Trump agree with him. Trump says what they believe and can not say themselves.
    1 day ago Shari Welch
    All of this.
    1 day ago Marky Rodriguez 54
    most memorable press conference in my lifetime....historical bottoming out of a presidency
    1 day ago Dirk Gates 9
    And yet with Trump, I think we'll see many more lows to come.
    1 day ago Carol Ann Parker 7
    Just when you think he is as vile as is possible he surprises us again.
    1 day ago Jackie Matthews 4
    I want this so badly to be over....
    1 day ago Matthew Godar
    the last 24 years were pretty low guy, have you been paying attention?
    1 day ago Francesca Draughon 26
    Thank you Michael Moore! We were at your show and on the bus with you tonight. This is what democracy looks like!
    1 day ago Carol Ann Parker 1
    Good for you
    1 day ago David Alexis 23
    It is time to remove this man. Congress do your f*cking job already.
    1 day ago Carol Ann Parker
    1 day ago Denise Davis 18
    I don't always agree with Moore, but I like that he isn't all talk. He actually tries to effect change.
    1 day ago Jodi Miller 2
    And he has been for quite some time
    1 day ago Tassa David Loncarevic 16
    Black lives matter are preserving the integration of life by asking for respect of their race. They are not racists, and I'm Caucasian.
    Did Fred Trump Sr get arrested for marching with the KKK ? Arrest records show he did. Trump needs to educate himself and step down. Business is nowhere close to ideological, anthropological or theory based studies etc. Step down Trump. You are in over your head. Kind of like your small hands trying to keep control of a big round ball.
    1 day ago Paul Austin
    like father like son...he has quite a checkered past as far as racism shock here http://amp.timeinc.n...otes/?source=dam
    1 day ago Debbie Miller
    He is not responsible for his father's behavior. You know that.
    1 day ago Mia Lotringer Marano 2
    Maybe if he hadn't maligned Hillary Clinton so much in the run up to the election, he wouldn't have to protest Trump and we wouldn't have a psychotic narcissist as president. But then he wouldn't be getting a paycheck so...
    1 day ago Mia Lotringer Marano 4
    Carol, except that SHE WON and creamed Sanders by 3.7 million more votes and then went on to get 2.9 million more votes than Trump. Seriously, stop embarrassing yourself when you can look these things up.
    1 day ago Carol Ann Parker
    Hillary lost of her own accord. So Bernie ran against her in the primary. Big whoop. She deserved to be challenged.
    1 day ago Samuel Bell 2
    Imagine if people like this would use their talents for good.
    1 day ago Angela Wright Osborn 1
    He does.
    1 day ago Samuel Bell
    Well, since you don't know me, you don't know what I do.
    1 day ago Marie Louise Hanadi
    So! All Hollywood celebs need to go out marching lead by The Terminator and Rambo, Hulk, Captain America, Thor, Ironman, Batman, Spiderman, ...., and donald The Duck! Cool! 😀 -
    1 day ago Rick Willingham
    Maybe you should practice what you preach. 🙂
    1 day ago Rick Waugh
    Who cares about Michael Moore! THis was the most couregeous Press Conference in Politics! Yes, the Nazi's white supremists are bad but I remember BLack Lives Matter's chant what do we want Dead Cops when Now!
    1 day ago Rick Waugh
    It's all about fairness in the press and until that happens this president is what we have to tell the truth to the American people! This is why he will be relected and the normal politicians will be gone. Drain the swamp and bring commom sense back to America!
  • 1 day ago by The New York Times

    The New York Times
    Amid reports that Steve Bannon has fallen out of favor, President Trump called him “a friend” and “not a racist.” But he added, “We’ll see what happens." Read more:
    1 day ago Marquis Thompson 217
    I am so sick of this man and his persistent presence in my life.
    1 day ago Janet Swift Egiziano 21
    Me, too. It's like having a constant low grade fever.
    1 day ago Nilab Tughian Ferozan 12
    I am not an American and I feel that way. Cannot imagine what decent Americans must feel. 🙁
    1 day ago Jason Braun 10
    I think there are literally millions of people who feel the same way.
    1 day ago Carol Ann Parker 10
    Agree Marquis. And we cannot look away from the man . He is dangerous beyond measure.
    1 day ago Jesse Redden 9
    His body language is repulsive as is everything else.
    1 day ago Greer GreenTea 7
    I love your honest comment. He's a complete disgrace to Americans, the People of the World and Planet Earth. ~
    1 day ago Reenie Mac 4
    And yet here we are, unable to get rid of him. 😕
    1 day ago Chona Guernsey 3
    1 day ago Kelly Thomas 3
    Me too
    1 day ago Marlene Olveda 2
    1 day ago Charles L. Antill Jr. 136
    He always says, "we will see." What that mean is: "I have no F***king idea what I am doing. I just make this crap up, trying to bait you, as part of my con."
    1 day ago Kara Binderup 3
    I hope when he's gone we can also call a 50 year moratorium on the phrase "very very".
    1 day ago Leejay Wu
    "We'll see what happens" is basically a plug for the next episode of a reality show. He certainly appears to care a lot about whether he's the center of attention, and how he is perceived.
    1 day ago Ryan Hazen 68
    It's kinda sad that "not a racist" is actually a compliment for a Trump official instead of I don't know... a required attribute that any decent human being has.
    1 day ago Charles Register
    1 day ago David Root
    It's even more sad that the phrase had to be spoken at all. Did Kennedy, or Johnson, or any other modern president ever have to validate a staff member by asserting they weren't a racist?
    1 day ago Danielle Evans 43
    Bannon, Miller, and Gorka need to go but we can't blame them for trump's own beliefs. We've suspected for a long time trump was at a minimum a racists sympathizer. Today the presidency revealed who trump really is, a full fledged racist sans the white hood! This man has no business representing the people of the nation!
    1 day ago Riley Hart 4
    Ummm, I am not sure he doesn't have one and we've just not seen it.
    1 day ago Diana Hart
    I agree. It's not about "playing to his base." No, he's a believer.
    1 day ago Lisa Marie
    1 day ago Steve Johnson Sr. 16
    It honestly pains me say this, but one GOOD, (ouch), thing Trumpanzee has accomplished is cause more people than ever pay attention to politics.
    I can only see the level of scrutiny for any candidate rising exponentially in the future.
    1 day ago Deb Kuhar 2
    and hopefully better candidates from the Republican Party (or whatever it has become)... how many of them tried as nominees and what were they left with -?! (Now, of course, any one of them would have been better)
    1 day ago Jason Nicholas 2
    Deb Kuhar Or maybe the dissolution of the Republican party. lmfao
    1 day ago Kieve Berkwits
    If we survive.
    1 day ago Catherine McClory Diedrich 13
    You can call a rock a "gold nugget," that doesn't make it true. This Administration wants us to ignore Bannon's background, previous statements (written and spoken) and his open association with Nazis and accept he's "not a racist" because the President says so.
    1 day ago Sharon Rossi
    With chief strategist Steve Bannon, senior policy adviser Stephen Miller and staffer Sebastian Gorka in Trump's White House, the People's House endorses White Supremacy.
    1 day ago Daniel Mance
    I don't think they want us to ignore. I think they don't care what we think at all.
    1 day ago Sohini Lahiri 12
    I'm convinced Bannon's not a racist because President Trump said so. Twice. I respect my president and if he's so sure then I am too
    1 day ago Sohini Lahiri 36
    I'm being extremely sarcastic
    1 day ago Joe Tierney 17
    Is that a joke?
    1 day ago Cedric Odom 5
    1 day ago Christopher Nordberg 4
    Joe Tierney had to be lol
    1 day ago Joe Tierney 2
    Sohini Lahiri lol k just making sure.
    1 day ago Damon Philip Jones 1
    U funny
    1 day ago Sherry Adams 1
    I think it is clever and funny.
    1 day ago Joe Tierney
    Sohini Lahiri and yes, u is funny
    1 day ago Nelva Zamora-Cuellar
    Geez for a moment I thought you were serious!!!
    1 day ago Sean Dunston
    Donald Is a racist, and it takes one to know one, so you may be on to something there. Probably not.
    1 day ago The New York Times 5
    President Trump refused to guarantee the job security of his embattled chief strategist, Steve Bannon. Read more:
    1 day ago Juan Lechuga 6
    And as king of the racists, Trump would know.
    1 day ago Allie Lane
    just wondering when the Russians are going to slip a dose of polonium in his grits.
    1 day ago Kishari Sing
    Where is Bannon on the bingo card? If we get a bingo will they all get spontaneously combusted?
    1 day ago Gregory Leone
    Great first hand account of Saturday's events. Unedited.
    1 day ago Steven Samelson
    "Mr. Bannon"..."Mr. Bannon is not a racist" ..."Mr. Bannon is a good man who gets a bad rap"? It's tough to tell who Trump is more afraid of, the white nationalists or the Russians. The Insult President only has good things to say about both.
    1 day ago Linda Cleary 2
    Honestly, I think Miller and Gorka are more dangerous. Bannon, as idealogue in chief, probably keeps them in check.
    1 day ago Janet Swift Egiziano 9
    All three need to go. Make that 4. Trump first.
    1 day ago Kara Binderup 2
    Also the leprosy tones him down
    1 day ago Carol Ann Parker 1
    Read Devil's Bargain by Joshua Green about Bannon. He is very dangerous.
    1 day ago Beth Harris 1
    Did you know Miller is from Los Angeles, CA & he is Jewish.
    1 day ago Linda Cleary 1
    Carol Ann Parker It's on my list. Thanks for the reminder.
    1 day ago Sandee Jackson
    I keep hearing about this book. Going to add it to my To Read list too.
    1 day ago Patricia Martin
    I just got it today on kindle.
    1 day ago Mary Lai Stirland
    I agree with you
    1 day ago Susan Burke
    All three have some BAD Karma to face down eventually. No hiding from Karma👻
    1 day ago Chris Noblett
    Somebody explain to me why one hate group gets a pass for attacking and injuring and denying the right to free speech to another hate group. Where is the logic? Why are the rules different? Isn't this still America? What the hell are you liberals thinking!
    1 day ago Ed Argo 3
    I'll make this easy. One group is fighting for equality. One group is fighting for superiority. Understand? By the look of your Facebook page you won't
    1 day ago Katy Kreller 2
    Chris Noblett so basically you're racist. Got it.
    1 day ago Sergej Fährlich
    There was only one group, that attacked the other (guess which one) and no it is not America, it is the USA, which is one country in America.
    So what a few liberals oder democrats or any normal kind of people think about your post is: read the newspaper and buy a geography book.
    1 day ago Chris Noblett
    Sergej Fährlich Wow, I'm not sure if that's just stupid or unintelligible. And Serg...guess you missed the hours of video that show Antifa attacking the white supremacists. The entire protest was peaceful but revolting until Antifa and Black Lives Matter attacked. The Klan went there to protest the removal of a statue. Antifa went there for violence. Pay attention!.
    1 day ago Chris Noblett
    Katy Kreller How do you figure?

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  • 1 day ago by Intrepid Travel

    Intrepid Travel
    An important read.
    What it’s really like to visit Egypt as a solo female traveller
    1 day ago Karen Wilson 1
    Ally DecoPie Hannon
    23 hours ago Benjamin Alan
    That's what the media does to our percpective, that's how they divide countries and even people within those countries. never let the media poison your minds!
    1 day ago Carmen Cheng
    Tanya Vu
    1 day ago TrendyGears
    1 day ago Laura McHardy
    Lauren Atkins
    1 day ago Mike McEwan
    Anna Wu
    1 day ago Sarah BatBob
    Alexandra Harper
  • 1 day ago by Intrepid Travel

    Intrepid Travel
    Truly a bucket list-worthy experience.
    What hiking to Machu Picchu as a solo traveller is really like
    1 day ago Betssy Terrones 2
    There is so much beauty in this world.
    1 day ago Jo Beth 2
    Nicki Lou ☺️
    1 day ago Nicki Lou 2
    so close 😊
    1 day ago Jo Beth 2
    Yes. Exciting. Can't wait to hear all about it. Hope the rest of the trip is fun. Stay safe xx
    1 day ago Beckworth & Co. 1
    Machu Picchu 😍😍
    1 day ago Geert Cortenbosch 1
    Done the Inca trail and Machu picchu in 2008 🙂
    1 day ago TrendyGears 1
    Curious to learn
    1 day ago Madan Singh
    Very soon 🙏🏻
    1 day ago Jane Henderson
    Nina Henderson - still doing this for our 45??
  • 1 day ago by Intrepid Travel

    Intrepid Travel
    So many important life lessons. Any to add?
    6 lessons that solo travel can teach you about life
    1 day ago Bernie Roberts 7
    Such a nice article. Solo travel was one of the best things I ever did. I also learnt you don't need to know the language to communicate meaningfully with people.... humans are inherently the same and most people just want to help 😊
    1 day ago Intrepid Travel
    So true, Bernie. What a special thing to learn!
    1 day ago Mikey Sadowski 3
    Rebecca Shapiro so important
    1 day ago Rebecca Shapiro
    fade away plz
    1 day ago Lanie Shand 3
    Norrie Shand ...would recognise that orange cap anywhere!
    1 day ago Norrie Shand
    It's now officially a trademark....
    1 day ago Christopher Skene 3
    Just remember to apply the opposite when you meet people visiting your city :). You can be the reason their visit is perfect.
    1 day ago Intrepid Travel 1
    Absolutely - people can make all the difference when you're exploring somewhere new!
    1 day ago Marcus Shapiro 2
    No comment
    1 day ago Jane Henderson 1
    So true!
    1 day ago Carmen Cheng 1
    Rachael Khor 😊
    1 day ago Rachael Khor
    So relevant ❤
    1 day ago Abigail Cane 1
    Lia Cane
    1 day ago Lia Cane 1
    thats a great one! today I climbed the worlds oldest and biggest pyramid in the world, and tonight Im staying in a military style war hostel in Sarajevo! even have to shower with just a candle for light!
    1 day ago Abigail Cane
    That's awesome Lia.... nothing has changed here, and it's raining!!!
    1 day ago Megan Parr 1
    Ayla Miller
    1 day ago Megan Parr 1
    I loved that bit so so much!! 😍
    1 day ago Ayla Miller
    "People all around the world – regardless of the language they speak or the religion they believe in – are much more alike than they are different. Whether you’re in Canada or Cambodia, people want the same basic things: to provide for their families, to make a good living, and ultimately to be happy." So true! <3
    1 day ago Norrie Shand
    Brilliant - me and my orange hat will be off again soon....
  • 1 day ago by Intrepid Travel

    Intrepid Travel
    The ultimate celebration of solo travel. Check out our brand new tour range. Who's in?
    1 day ago Trish Anderson 6
    What a shame this video shows so many young people. Plenty of solo people are older people who have separated and are looking for solo travel options. Don't think this video is a selling point for that market.
    1 day ago Intrepid Travel 5
    Hi Trish, thank you for your feedback. We strongly believe that travel is for everyone and we try our best to make sure our imagery and videos are as inclusive as possible, and representative of our tours. We host diverse groups of travelers from all backgrounds, ages, and genders - and are trying our best to reflect that.
    1 day ago Cloé Grace 2
    Trish Anderson then come along! The more that come then maybe next time they will have diverse ages.
    I personally love having a few mature people on my tours as they give a different prospective.
    1 day ago Trish Anderson 2
    Cloé Grace Catch 22 don't you think? Market to older ppl and they might too. I know plenty of single, fit, active, adventurous older ppl.
    1 day ago Trish Anderson
    We tend to be independent travellers where possible. Middle aged but still intrepid 😀
    1 day ago Cloé Grace
    There are older travellers on the page attached. It's likely because more younger travellers tend to do these tours
    1 day ago Traveldealsnow
    1 day ago Ruth Greenaway 2
    Tried to subscribe to news but wouldn't accept my email address. 😕
    1 day ago Ruth Greenaway 1
    Hi there - i tried again and it did it! yay. thanks.
    1 day ago Intrepid Travel 1
    Hi Ruth, thanks for letting us know. Would you mind sending us a message with your email address and we'll get it sorted for you 🙂
    1 day ago Jessica Saunders 1
    1 day ago Georgia England 1
    Amy Hodge the Best of Morocco tour would be fantastic! 🙂
    1 day ago Victoria Johnson
    sorry, I really don't get this. If you insist in calling group tours which people boik without a partner "solo travelling", what is your new term for what to date has been known as soli travelling, and refers to people travelling alone - which is something entirely different?
    1 day ago Peggy Schmeink
    Page not found 🙁
    1 day ago Intrepid Travel 1
    Hi Peggy, hmm not sure why it didn't work for you - sorry about that! Perhaps try this link instead: 🙂
    1 day ago Peggy Schmeink
    Unfortunately that page does not open up either
    1 day ago Fiona Mansell
    It opens
    1 day ago Traci N Nath Perth
    Jayde .... thought of you xx
    1 day ago Jayde Salomone
    Ohhhh #2, 3, 4, 5 and 6 haha loved Intrepid 😀
    1 day ago Traci N Nath Perth
    And they have a $1 deposit at the moment!
    1 day ago Meaghan Cerri
    Iceland should of been on the list!
    1 day ago Intrepid Travel
    We love Iceland too! Definitely wasn't easy narrowing down the list 😉
    1 day ago Karl Black
    Deborah we should do some of these when based out of London. Not together obviously
    1 day ago Veronica Forsayeth
    Been on three intrepid tours and they are great. The single supplement cost is often quite expensive though. When you're on your own, sharing with a stranger is not something a single person is used to or comfortable with. Single supplements are the bain of a single travelers all hotels etc too.
  • 1 day ago by Intrepid Travel

    Intrepid Travel
    Tasmania is paradise for nature lovers. Have you discovered its hidden gems?
    Tasmania is paradise for nature lovers. Have you discovered its hidden
    1 day ago Deborah Curcher 2
    See if you can find my rellies house whilst you're there!
    1 day ago Sheridan Ashlea 1
    Yes! Horse shoe falls was beautiful
    1 day ago Intrepid Travel
    Wow, amazing photo! And yes, SO beautiful 🙂
    1 day ago Teresa Campos 1
    1 day ago Sybil Robertson 1
    Looks like Liffey falls, not too far from us
    1 day ago Josephine Hookway 1
    It is a true paradise
    1 day ago Damien Raggatt
    nice pic.
    1 day ago Brie Dunstan
    Tamara Jayde
    1 day ago Tamara Jayde
    1 day ago Jayne Taal
    Henk Taal Teresa Campos road trip
    1 day ago Henk Taal
    Camper Tasmania
    1 day ago TrendyGears
    1 day ago Teresa McMahon
    Andrew Dolliver
    1 day ago Teresa McMahon
    Or go to die.....
    1 day ago Andrew Dolliver
    It is where people go when they die
  • 2 days ago by Intrepid Travel

    Intrepid Travel
    Who agrees?
    Why Japan does whisky bars better than anyone
    2 days ago Umber Simon 4
    Jake Muller
    1 day ago Jake Muller 1
    Gion was so sick
    1 day ago Phuket Hotels
    I agree
    1 day ago Cathryn Rose 3
    Having lived in Japan for 6 years, I totally agree. Not only the whisky bars and bartenders/owners pays great attention to details, Japan produce one of the best whisky as well (in my opinion) 🙂
    1 day ago Intrepid Travel 1
    Wow, sounds like you know your Japan (and whiskey), Cathryn 🙂
    1 day ago Derek Mahony 2
    My favourite whiskey in the world
    1 day ago Derek Mahony 1
    Kunal Walia perhaps I'll buy duty free on my way in
    1 day ago Kunal Walia 1
    Are you bringing this to our graduation in San Francisco?
    1 day ago Liam Dougy Walter 1
    yeah but I bet they dont do ice cold melbourne tallies Adam
    1 day ago Reece Rusty 2
    Adam J R Sanders Jason Measures Bob Jacobs
    2 days ago Chris Francisco 1
    second to none
    2 days ago Intrepid Travel
    We couldn't agree more!
    1 day ago Peter Bradley 1
    Send me over there and I will give you a full comprehensive report. (Should only take about 4 weeks)
    2 days ago Amelia Johnson 1
    Kylie Johnson Kyoto is on my bucket list, has been forever, do I take you two with me when I go?
    2 days ago Amelia Johnson 1
    HAHA, perfect!
    2 days ago Kylie Johnson
    Yes coz we out of whiskey
    2 days ago Kirsty McMillan-Field 1
    I had never seen ice in such huge round varieties before I visited a whiskey bar in tokyo! Mind. Blown.
    2 days ago Jen Charlton 1
    Darren Charlton
    2 days ago Darren Charlton
    Will have to test this
    1 day ago David Dvd
    I had no idea about the existence and superb quality of Japanese whiskey until a best friend brought me a bottle from Tokyo and it blew my I seem for high quality scotch but certainly miss the subtle and refined taste of that gifted bottle