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  • 14 hours ago by The New York Times

    The New York Times
    It is the largest penalty ever of its kind.
    Google Fined $2.7 Billion in European Antitrust Ruling
    13 hours ago Sanjay Sharma
    global warming is happening please, I plant trees and flower in my garden and clean my neighbourhood please, if everybody plant flower global warming can be stopped please
    13 hours ago Stef Slowatek
    Mickey King
    14 hours ago Nikholys Solstek
    Bravo EU
  • 14 hours ago by The New York Times

    The New York Times
    President Erdogan was sitting for early morning prayers when he seemed to lose consciousness for a few moments at a mosque in Istanbul, several Turkish news outlets reported.
    President Erdogan of Turkey Recovers From Minor Health Scare
    14 hours ago Jean-Xavier Bardant 3
    The real question is: How long will Turks remain unconscious?
    14 hours ago Ondrej Hanel 2
    too bad 😀 😛
    14 hours ago Amélie Charlotte 2
    14 hours ago Mark Anthony Hannan 2
    He thought the 30,000 journalists escaped....
    13 hours ago Cuthbert Sibusiso Mbonambi 2
    Don't worry,Erdogan. Only the good die young. Ask Mugabe.
    14 hours ago Karen Colleen Agena 2
    Am I suppose to summon sympathy here? Sorry it's all gone and was given to the hundreds of children who die there from simply being them.
    13 hours ago Afraz Ahmad 1
    Such a great person ... Every body love him...May Allah bless him good health.Ameen
    13 hours ago Richard Firth 2
    are you mental?
    13 hours ago Deborah Mason
    He is a dictator, not a person.
  • 14 hours ago by The New York Times

    The New York Times
    Does the health care bill in the Senate live up to Republicans' promises? We checked the facts.
    Read more:
    14 hours ago Nate Lindquist 10
    At what point do Republican voters stop voting against their interests? When they're literally starving and dying in the streets? Even then I fear they'll still blame minorities, gays, Democrats, socialists, globalists, and the media for all their problems.
    14 hours ago Jim Fitzpatrick 2
    Current Senate version is doomed. Several Republicans have bailed after CBO report issued today showing massive number of people left uninsured. trump, McConnell, Ryan and other Republicans are tone deaf on health care. Helping millionaires and billionaires is not the answer.
    14 hours ago Mary Albert 1
    Trump, Price & Conway are blatantly lying to the American people about healthcare. The GOP has to lie to further their agenda that takes care of the 1% and screws over the rest.
    14 hours ago Robert Swan
    Your President either does not know what he is doing or lies about healthcare...or both...I'm thinking he is a tool and both apply.
    14 hours ago Dave Eddings
    Which promises? The ones made to guys like the Koch's and Sheldon Adelson in private or the ones they made to a bunch of inattentive rust belt voters that shrug it off when it doesn't happen?
    14 hours ago Bonnie Martin
    Tom Price is a physician. He knows exactly what's happening.
    13 hours ago Philip Coon
    14 hours ago John Strand
    Obama Care will cause 25 million Americans to lose their health insurance. The Democratic Party of death is pushing the elderly, the young and the indigent off
    the cliff. Sky rocketing costs, substandard coverage and nonexistent service are the promises the DNC deliver on the failed policy.
    14 hours ago Dave Eddings 4
    The ACA has -covered- that many since implementation. If we want to hear from Russia Today, we'll go to Breitbart, you don't need to run over here and tell us what masters told you to say, Smeagol.
    14 hours ago Trevor Hardy
    How stupid are you? Seriously. Tell us all. How stupid are you? Does it get worse? I'm reading signs of dementia.
    14 hours ago Jo Lomond
    In less than five months in office, Trump managed to do the following: impose a travel ban on six Mislim countries, dismantled Obama Care leaving 23 millions Americans without health insurance, caused a major crisis in the Persian Gulf between Qatar and its neighbors, irritated European leaders/nations (his only friends in the Old continent are Hungary and Poland), withdrew from the Paris Climate Change Agreement, slashed EPA's budget by 31%, caused diplomatic tensions with Iran and Cuba... This is just the beginning. One has to wonder what he would be able to do in a four or eight year term
    14 hours ago Morgan Spears
    I dunno. They were crazy enough to pass it in the house. What is stopping then from doing it in the senate- morals? Hahahahaha
  • 14 hours ago by The New York Times

    The New York Times
    Jared Kushner was already represented by a former deputy attorney general who is known for steering clients through complicated Washington investigations.
    Kushner Adds Prominent Lawyer Abbe Lowell to Defense Team
    14 hours ago Paul Dudack 12
    Seems like the only jobs the Trump cabinet are creating are for fact checkers, comedians, and criminal defense attorneys.
    14 hours ago Paul Dudack 2
    Says the base that threw their excess weight behind a failed mail order meat salesman. Yeah, they've really got a grip on things.
    14 hours ago John Glennon
    TONS of jobs for liberals' psychiatrists, actually
    14 hours ago Charles Rowland
    John Glennon Seems logical with a psycho in the Oval Office.
    14 hours ago Barbara Tafoya 6
    if Kushner is so brilliant, so savvy, how is it possible that he 'forgot' to list his millions of dollars loan w/Mother Russia and his meeting with the Russians on national security clearance forms? he'll need all the lawyering up he can get.
    14 hours ago Charles Rowland
    He seemed to forget all those time he met with KGB agents.
    14 hours ago Daniel Cantü 4
    So much winning when your whole administration has to lawyer up within the first few months of your presidency.
    14 hours ago Shari Del Mariani 3
    When you hire Abbe Lowell, you know you are in deep trouble.
    14 hours ago Panagiotis Chatzistefanou 2
    Who elected Kushner? Why is he even near the White House? Who are these people?
    14 hours ago Panagiotis Chatzistefanou
    Mary Cronin Entitlement is something they are allowed to feel when they book some restaurant table in NYC. Only because they pay top dollar, of course. The White House is the power center of the world, it is simply unbelievable that non-elected random family members do as they please in there, not even in Stalinist Russia did such nepotism exist
    14 hours ago Mary Cronin
    It's the sense of entitlement they have about everything. It's about personal enrichment at the expense of others. And just imagine what would be going on if Hillary Clinton was in the White House and Chelsea and her husband moved there and set up shop in the WH.
    14 hours ago Carla Weaver
    And why does he have a security clearance???
    14 hours ago Tiffany Roberts 2
    Let's take a bet, when court proceedings start happening, how many times will the fifth be exercised??
  • 15 hours ago by The New York Times

    The New York Times
    The Editorial Board writes in The New York Times Opinion Section: "President Donald J. Trump has been not just cautious but also remarkably indifferent to what should have been a critical nonpartisan national security concern from his first day in office."
    Opinion | Tweeting, Not Leading, the Response to Russian Hacking
    14 hours ago Karen Colleen Agena 5
    I think the bigger problem is transparency. Saying "14 agencies said" isn't enough anymore. De-classify the information. Open up lines of communication.
    14 hours ago Chris Allen-Shinn 2
    All 17 of our intelligence agencies have made a joint conclusion on an unprecedented national security threat. Since this is the first time that's ever happened, saying "that isn't enough anyone" doesn't fit the circumstances because it implies (1) it's happened before, and (2) you think that your amateur opinion is superior to that of the entire professional U.S. Intelligence Community. I'd say the problem is with those who choose unreasonable denial, not with the people who side with the painstakingly constructed consensus conclusion of the U.S. Government. Finally, the point of the article is Mr. Trump's reprehensible behavior on this issue, and shame on him for that. We the People deserve better from him.
    14 hours ago Karen Colleen Agena 1
    I'm definitely not saying we do not deserve more from The POTUS nor that the agencies are wrong Chris Allen-Shinn. What I am saying is that we, the American people, have been exempt from hearing necessary intel and whole bodied information for so long and shrouded in so much secrecy it is and remains inevitable there will be doubt cast not only from the Right but also the Left as well.
    14 hours ago Karen Colleen Agena
    We have do something. Opening up lines of communication between government officials and the public is the very least that could be happening.
    14 hours ago Karen Colleen Agena
    I mean how many knew we've used Russian military bases and air space to move drones from the United States to Yemen?  How many realize corporate influence and ties also determine classified status?
    14 hours ago Skip Klauber
    Chris Allen-Shinn That is not an accurate statement. One agency suggesting a possibility w/o real evidence and then ordering it be made part of the records of every intelligence agency is cute bureaucratic legerdemain, but nothing more. Anyone who knows how the federal bureaucracy works gets a chuckle out of posts such as yours. You want a real investigation? Fine, so do: 1) Why did the Obama Admin not initiate an investigation when in 2015 "interference" and such coming out of Russia was first identified?
    2) What if any investigation(s) was done during the Obama Admin in 2016 and what was learned?
    3) What if any materials were passed between agencies as the result of the Obama EO at the end of his term permitting such procedures?
    4) Were there any connections between the Trump campaign and these suspicious activities arising out of Russia?
    5) Were and are there any connections between the Trump Admin and these suspicious activities arising out of Russia (i.e., following Trump's election)? Have at it. I'm all for a full and thorough investigation.
    14 hours ago Brock Powell 3
    What did you expect from a reality tv star conspiracy theorist?
    14 hours ago Jim Fitzpatrick 3
    The constant and often crazy lying is trump trying to "gaslight" the country. Completely blur the distinction between truth and fiction. For example, trump babbling on twitter yesterday about Russia and blaming "collusion" on Obama and demanding an "apology" from Obama. Gaslighting is an important tool of dictators.
    14 hours ago Jo Lomond 2
    In less than five months in office, Trump managed to do the following: imposed a travel ban on six Mislim countries, dismantled Obama Care leaving 23 millions Americans without health insurance, caused a major crisis in the Persian Gulf between Qatar and its neighbors, irritated European leaders/nations (his only friends in the Old continent are Hungary and Poland), withdrew from the Paris Climate Change Agreement, slashed EPA's budget by 31%, caused diplomatic tensions with Iran and Cuba... This is just the beginning. One has to wonder what he would be able to do in a four or eight year term
    14 hours ago Dan Najera 2
    Donald J. Trump is a cultivated and compromised Manchurian Candidate. http://assets.docume...-Allegations.pdf
    14 hours ago Seth Adams
    What is the source of these documents?
    14 hours ago Mariuca Stroescu 1
    Remember the rally where "by mistake" people were waving these little Russian flags??? Idiots!!
    14 hours ago Skip Klauber 1
    BS. Until Americans know why the Obama Admin did not start investigating this issue in 2015 all this stuff amounts to are Trump haters speaking to each other. Until I know why nothing was done despite clear knowledge of problems coming out of Russia (not necessarily the Russian gov't) this is nonsense without any credibility.  I would like a full and complete investigation of everything, but that must begin with events in 2015 and answers about the conduct of the Obama Admin. If this was & is so serious why did the Obama Admin not treat it as such? It seems impossible to do what in a rational world would be a full and complete investigation.
    14 hours ago Bonnie Lynne Crispino
    This displays a lack of confidence and immaturity in someone not competent to lead a nation.
    14 hours ago Paul Diatlovich
    How many millions did the clinton crime family pocket from the Russians?
  • 15 hours ago by The New York Times

    The New York Times
    The program was started by President George W. Bush in 2005.
    U.S. Malaria Donations Saved Almost 2 Million African Children
    14 hours ago Chaudhry Waqar Gill 2
    First help these people grow young and later kill them just like you people did in middle east. A typical American Policy for the third world contries.
    14 hours ago Edmund Lam
    Yup, Lets all be cynical and watch the world on fire
    14 hours ago Chaudhry Waqar Gill
    My dear its not a matter of being cynical it's a matter of long earned reputation. Americans no longer have a good reputation all across the globe. Even Russia what americam keep stating a rougue state, is better than americans.
    15 hours ago James Shirley Barnes
    Yes. GW did a lot for Africa, more than a lot of recent presidents. However, he was amiss on Iraq.  Those people like their hierarchy order of things.
    13 hours ago Stephen Crane 1
    Google the fake Polio vaccine in Afghanistan that W. started.
    15 hours ago John Glennon
    Now they can all flood into Europe over the coming years! Great job, Bush!!!!
    15 hours ago David Mi Panda 17
    dude chill were talking about people not insects
    15 hours ago Ben Duigu 5
    15 hours ago Mike Daniels 2
    John Glennon, you will not escape Satan's hell.
    14 hours ago Matt Townsend 2
    David Mi Panda, speaking of insects that's exactly what John Glennon is.
    15 hours ago James Shirley Barnes 1
    What about history and pandemics do you not understand? A lot, apparently! Try history books at the library. ...
    14 hours ago Jairo Garcia 1
    John Glennon What if Europe stopped stealing Africa's resources, maybe so they wouldn't flood it.
    14 hours ago Ilia Gadjev 1
    'It is worth considering whether or not it is desirable to continue programs that contribute to this unmanageable population growth.' So, because there will be a significant growth in population, we should combat this by actively choosing to allow people to die from malaria? You HAVE to be a Republican...
    14 hours ago John Glennon
    Well when the UN is publishing propaganda about how the migration of hundreds of millions of Africans is INEVITABLE and DESIRABLE when in fact it's a huge problem, I think it's worth considering Africa's population explosion and its causes.
    14 hours ago John Glennon
    Some estimates say that by the end of the century, Africa will have a population of FOUR BILLION people, vastly outstripping every other continents' population growth.  It is worth considering whether or not it is desirable to continue programs that contribute to this unmanageable population growth.
    14 hours ago John Glennon
    Jairo Garcia lol what nonsense
    14 hours ago Sean Tate
    $294 per child.
  • 15 hours ago by The New York Times

    The New York Times
    The Supreme Court upheld some portions of President Donald J. Trump's revised travel ban. Here are some major questions the case presents.
    Questions and Answers About the Travel Ban Case
    15 hours ago Mark Brunson 6
    We'd do better to expel and keep out conservatives - they're the bigger threat with their own religious extremism and homophobia.
    14 hours ago Alex Swanson 1
    Wouldn't you better starting with the Left who don't accept the rule of law, don't accept the Bill of Rights, and want to "resist" the results of a free and fair election?
    15 hours ago Susan Fowler
    14 hours ago Mark Brunson
    Alex Swanson - You're looking in a mirror. Animals frequently do without realizing they are seeing only themselves.
    14 hours ago Alex Swanson 3
    I'm not a US citizen and I don't live in the US. It genuinely baffles me that anyone inside or outside the US thinks that I should have any rights under its Constitution at all, let alone the right to enter the country.  Also, the idea that a ban which affects only a small minority of Muslims should be construable as "anti-Muslim" defies logic.
    14 hours ago John Glennon 2
    Whoa, whoa, whoa... are you trying to use logic and reason in a comment on a New York Times article? Where do you think you are, man???
    14 hours ago Rod K. Cynic 1
    why don't we halt ALL immigration until we have a reasoned stance and position on who (and under what circumstances) we'll let ANYONE in here?
    we don't have to let anyone in. It's not required anywhere and it would certainly stop the complaints about 'discrimination' if we just turned OFF the spigot all together.. 😉
    15 hours ago David Morlet 1
    Proper vetting should happen on all immigrants, not just ones from certain countries.
    15 hours ago Carl Parent 6
    And that extensive vetting is already taking place and has been for years. The process for moving to and entering this country is incredibly involved. This travel ban is merely an excuse to discriminate to make it look like something is being done to solve an imaginary problem that doesn't exist.
    15 hours ago Karen Colleen Agena 1
    Given there has been proper time to implement additional (albeit unnecessary) vetting this ban is nothing more than thinly veiled discrimination. I have moved to several countries without knowing a single person and in almost every inspiring tale of overcoming Institutional discrimination, class and education one hears "I came to America not knowing one person here."  We do them and ourselves a disservice to ban people on Nationality.
    15 hours ago Paula Denice Quintana-Forrester
    Carl Parent, very well put.
    14 hours ago C Abel Sherrell 1
    Lets be fair and balanced: halt all immigration and military action around the world; let other countries pull their own weight. Let's focus on rebuilding our country and taking care of our own, not everyone else.
    14 hours ago Gerard Gallagher
    hahaha triggered lefties. We the majority support this ban
    15 hours ago John Glennon
    14 hours ago Susan Fowler
    Why should I wail and cry, John?
    14 hours ago Stacy Delgado
    This isn't stopping anyone from coming who would have come over anyway without the EO. It's a test of presidential powers. Curious to see how far it goes with other promises like the registry.
    15 hours ago Paula Denice Quintana-Forrester
    I don't see "liberals" wailing and crying, just you and your ilk. I'm not even a Dem... Just an observation. By the way, did you notice that Trump just made the rules more lax than they were? If 200,000 people have valid ties to the country, he has to let them in, it didn't used to be that way. They handed him nothing compared to what they handed immigrants but he still brags. Don't worry, if he figures out what just happened he'll start whining again.
  • 16 hours ago by The New York Times

    The New York Times
    Polls show President Michel Temer's approval rating at 7% — the lowest of any Brazilian president in nearly 30 years.
    President Michel Temer of Brazil Is Charged With Corruption
    16 hours ago Charles Rowland 23
    This is about where Comrade Trumpski's will be when the special prosecutor finishes.
    16 hours ago Keith Deirup 1
    Wrong. He won't dip much below where he's at. It's the low water mark of people with an IQ over Neanderthal
    15 hours ago Obed Ventura 1
    Neither trump nor russia are communists stop embarassing urself by saying comrade every other word also communism is good
    15 hours ago Charles Rowland 1
    John Daly The FBI investigation by a special prosecutor isn't fake. Only in Trump Chump Fantasyland would you spout so much "confefe."
    15 hours ago Charles Rowland
    John Daly Pappy, you said that Comrade Trumpski was NOT under investigation; where is your proof. How would your assertion become something I should have to prove?
    15 hours ago Charles Rowland
    John Daly Pappy, what evidence do you have they aren't investigating Trump and his family, why have they all hired lawyers to protect them from the FBI investigation?
    15 hours ago Charles Rowland
    John Daly Pappy, Comrade Trumpski retained his own lawyer has have most officials in the White House. How do you know that Comrade Trumpski is NOT under investigation; where did you get that "confefe?"
    15 hours ago Charles Rowland
    John Daly Pappy, we do have the fact that a Special Prosecutor has been appointed to investigate Trumps ties to Russia and Russian influence in the Trump Administration. General Flynn lied to the FBI about his being paid by the Russian government; he lied on his security application about meeting with KGB agents numerous times. We have a Special Prosecutor with two grand jury's looking into the ties between Comrade Trumpski and Putin's government in Russia. These are facts that are NOT in dispute.
    15 hours ago Charles Rowland
    John Daly Pappy, except that a special prosecutor was appointed right after he fired the FBI Director for investigation him. Your logic is that of a child. You said that Trump is NOT under investigation from the Special Prosecutor; where did you learn that fact?
    15 hours ago Charles Rowland
    John Daly Pappy, I see you have ZERO evidence of your claims that Comrade Trumpski is not under investigation by the FBI's special prosecutor, I will take your silence as and indication your for full of confefe.
    16 hours ago William Heath 6
    The polls are RIGGED! Crooked Media, Tremendous Liars! We Will Make Brazil Great Again! 🇧🇷
    16 hours ago William Heath 1
    15 hours ago Josiah Takang
    John Daly the guy? Dilma Rousseff?
    15 hours ago Zachary Lew
    As far as I can tell, corruption is pretty rampant in the Brazilian government -- mostly a blind eye is turned to it unless it can be used to the advantage of a particular party, like was done with Dilma Rousseff.
    16 hours ago Matthew Bishop 6
    If only America's President could get the same thing!!!
    15 hours ago David Watkins
    not going to happen that president is outbama out of office
    15 hours ago Les Cullen
    Wait a little while Matthew
    16 hours ago Gina McGalliard
    Don't forget Jared😏
    16 hours ago Harry Bowman 5
    "In nearly 30 years"? Wasn't it hazardous to strongly disapprove of Brazilian presidents back then?
    15 hours ago Rafael Rodrigues
    The military regime officialy ended in 1985, 32 years ago. After that, it was pretty safe to disagree with presidents. Actually, the amnesty of political prisoners took place in 1979, but even then some manifestations were infamously repressed with brutality, such as the Novembrada, in Florianópolis. After the regime was over, there were quite unpopular presidents, such as Fernando Collor, who were the target of ferocious manifestations of discontent.
    16 hours ago Prashant Sabharwal
    Just a tad. Hazardous to life.
    15 hours ago Luiz Lucio 2
    Our last president Dilma Rousseff ir workers party was much more corrupt but she os the One that choose the prosecuter (Attorney General) that now accuse our president. Workers party is tryng a coup in Brazil.
    16 hours ago John O'Neil 2
    He and trump should form a club. Not forgetting that trump already has one which is costing the American people BIGLY
    15 hours ago David Watkins
    anywhere he goes cost the same as any president its government policy to put so many secret service manybe democrats should threaten him less there is a thought
    16 hours ago Raimundo Maia Gondim 1
    Corruptos, além de penalidade máxima, que fiquem inelegíveis pelo resto de suas vidas. O povo sempre na expectativa, por Eleições Diretas já, e Reforma Política.
    15 hours ago Mohammad Yousaf Jhelumi
    With attention, discussion of honorable mr chief justice of wishing a happy eid ul fitr , who dares to hold accountable the former military ruler pervez musharraf with silent political support of the elected democratic prime minister nawaz sharif, who was overthrown by the former military ruler pervez musharraf in the past instaed of dragging honorable prime minister nawaz sharif and his respected family members in the so called panama papers trial is fabricated by the friends of pervez musharraf such as former president zardari, pti leader imran khan and Jammat Islamic is the old crooked crony of the former military dictators of pakistan.
    15 hours ago Eraldo Lima
    O Ladrão já existe desde que nasceu, Lula diz o mesmo e nem sabe setem barba, surgiu oportunidades e os ratos somem com o ouro e dizem que não gostam de queijo mesmo que o cheiro está na sua pele.
    15 hours ago Felipe Frank
    For those who want to understand better what is going on in Brazil right now, I strongly recommend the magnificent "Operation Car Wash", in which the lawyer Flavia Pacheco explores in superbly researched and beautifully written detail the biggest ever corruption scandal in the world. And you will realize that not even the scriptwriters for House of Cards could have devised such a complicated and explosive thriller.
  • 17 hours ago by The New York Times

    The New York Times
    22% of those interviewed outside the U.S. expressed confidence in President Trump to do the right thing, compared with 64% who had similar confidence in the late stages of Barack Obama's administration.
    Few Overseas Have Faith in Trump’s Leadership, Survey Finds
    17 hours ago Kristoff Modeste 96
    Further proof that Americans really are dumber than the rest of the western world. Still somehow people believe that our allies respect us again, like he hasn't made us the laughingstock of the world.
    17 hours ago Kristoff Modeste 11
    He lost the popular vote by 3 million votes and under 40% of Americans currently approve of the job he's doing. In other words, America thinks he sucks too.  The rest of the world's view of us is important because, like it or not we interact a lot with other countries and depend on them for economic and military purposes, just like they depend on us.
    17 hours ago Lisa Mann 10
    Dumber than all of the world. People in third world countries have much better understanding of the effects of dictatorship.
    17 hours ago Lisa Mann 9
    Alexios GK In fact his base hasn't changed their mind a tiny bit. The majority were laughing when he was running, and are angry now.
    17 hours ago Alexios GK 8
    It actually surprises me that Americans couldn't see through Trump when the rest of the western world was laughing when he was running for presidency, it only took 100 odd days for the majority to come to their senses, better late than never
    16 hours ago Julia Ault 8
    Hey we are not laughing at you in the UK. Look at the shameful deal our Prime Minister has just done with a dreadful party in Northern Ireland to cling on to power. I think most decent Americans and Brits are cringing together at our governments to be honest 🙈😘🇬🇧🇺🇸
    16 hours ago Lisa Mann 5
    Electoral college doesn't work, proven by history. Anyone who believes that a country can separate itself from other countries and still do well is just kidding themselves. Anyone who believes that a country should only take advantage of other countries without repaying the favor to reach win-win is just ignorant.
    17 hours ago Colm Kilbane 2
    You've been that for a while now.
    17 hours ago Kristoff Modeste 2
    Fair enough Colm, fair enough.
    17 hours ago Shewangizaw Sisay 1
    he's elected to serve his country not the outside world.. Means, he has nothing to worry about what the outside said about him... Trump himself said "I'm not elected to serve the washington media or the special interest groups or whatever the outside world. I'm elected to serve you - the American people"... That's he said "this time onward it will be *America FIRST*"..
    17 hours ago Kristoff Modeste
    but my point was that our standing in the world has diminished.
    17 hours ago Alexander Elling 81
    22 % is still a surprisingly high number. I would not have guessed that.
    17 hours ago Josh Schoonover 13
    These are likely the people that support their own despots, like Putin, Duterte, Erdogan, etc.
    17 hours ago Darin Williams 8
    Shewangizaw Sisay see that's the problem, Donald lost the popular vote. Meaning most voters in this country did not vote for him and worse he's made Z E R O strides to bridge the gap between his voter base and the rest of the country.
    17 hours ago Henning Menzel 4
    Well, he has to talk to foreign leaders to negotiate or as he says, to make "deals". It is easier if you are liked by others, especially with your allies who despise him, he will have a hard time.
    17 hours ago Darin Williams 4
    Keep in mind that the trump corporation is multinational. That along with his hotel brand is pretty much all some know about him so to the outside world he's just a businessman that's now president
    17 hours ago Debbie Warshawski 1
    Shewangizaw Sisay I see you live in Ethiopia. Does that mean you don't believe the US should provide any relief to your people. The president of the US is supposed to be the Leader of three Free World. We have military bases worldwide. We trade with dozens of nations. Our companies produce and sell products overseas. This is a global economy. Plus, we have tension with enemies: North Korea, Iraq, et. We cannot only be America first. Great hollow phrase
    17 hours ago Shewangizaw Sisay
    he's elected to serve his country not the outside world.. Means, he has nothing to worry about what the outside said about him... Trump himself said "I'm not elected to serve the washington media or the special interest groups or whatever the outside world. I'm elected to serve you - the American people"... That's he said "this time onward it will be *America FIRST*"..
    17 hours ago Shewangizaw Sisay
    he's elected to serve his country not the outside world.. Means he has nothing to worry about what the outside said about him...
    17 hours ago Trond Davidsen
    Most people know him from his Reality show The apprentice. Also a lot followed his champagne prior to the election, at least in Europe, that is.
    17 hours ago Michael Edwin Stuart 67
    This is actually a plus in the eyes of Trump's followers- they really, truly, believe that people in other countries are inferior by virtue of not being American and so a negative mark about Trump must come from jealousy or ignorance. Which is INCREDIBLY rich given the fact that Trump is seething with jealousy about how beloved Obama was/still is and the fact that Hillary handily won the popular vote.
    16 hours ago Kyle Stephen 11
    If Trump's insecurities and jealousies aren't clearly obvious to you, you're not paying attention
    16 hours ago John Stapleton 1
    Seething with jealousy? How beloved Obama was/still is? get a grip dude
    14 hours ago Amy Smeraglio 1
    Of course he's not paying attention! He is the exact type of person that Trump relies on.
    17 hours ago Brock Powell 47
    He's a reality tv star conspiracy theorist that speaks at a 4th grade level and attacks allies while giving allied intelligence to Russia, why would we have faith in him?
    16 hours ago Michelle Johnson 4
    Fourth grade? Really? You think much more highly of him than I do.
    17 hours ago Carolyn Breen
    Well said Brock
    16 hours ago Brock Powell
    As per the The Flesch–Kincaid readability test he speaks at a 4th grade level.
    17 hours ago Mihalache Popa 15
    And media has a lot to do with this perception. I'm no fan of Trump but media is desperate to prove he is not fit for president. Obama on the other hand was always treated with rose water even during his greatest political mistakes.
    17 hours ago Alexander Elling 32
    Well, he really is not fit to be president. The amount of lies that man has told.. there's nothing to prove. Really. https://www.nytimes....trumps-lies.html
    17 hours ago Jaali Jabari 29
    By who? Have you not noticed the insane love FOX gives trump gtfo
    17 hours ago Kim Degeer 26
    I think you mean SOCIAL MEDIA, IE twitter 😅 Trump doesn't need any help making himself look like a dummy
    17 hours ago Jayashri Venketasubramanian 26
    I love obama and yet I agree that he wasn't really judged as harshly as he should have been by the media. But honestly I don't think trump's incompetence is at all being exaggerated, I truly think he's that incompetent
    17 hours ago Petra Wegner 23
    The media? Don't think so. People read his Tweets or hear him talking and this is already enough. We don't need the media to find out that he is not the brightest candle on the Christmas tree. That he had not a clue about how the EU or NATO works added to it as well. Not to forget the G7 meeting and his behavior and we can be pretty sure he will act like a bull in a china shop at the G20 meeting as well. So to blame the media is wrong
    17 hours ago Tyler Peterson 23
    Considering his mistakes were eating dijon mustard and wearing a tan suit compared with the clusterfuck we have now, I think the media's response has been appropriate.
    17 hours ago John Steitz 15
    No, he's doing that all by himself.
    17 hours ago Beatrice Adichie 9
    Are you kidding? Were you living under a rock?
    17 hours ago Kamendra N. Mishra 5
    Please let me know five greatest mistake you consider President Obama made in first 200 days and the best decision President Trump has made in his close to 200 days which media has misrepresented.  I vote either side based on candidates.  These kind of hypothetical evaluation or comments without facts will hurt future of our children and future of our country.
    17 hours ago Ryan Cook 2
    Those surveys and polls really were accurate, especially during the election right?
    17 hours ago Rosemary Giardini 13
    This president has aggressively declared a cold war on allies, with every loud angry word, shove and deed while aligning and forming allegiances with dubious leaders and out right enemies. He is irrational, erratically emotional, ego driven, uniformed, and dangerously unstable. Single-handedly he continues to give putin victory. On the positive side for the US and their president, Russia loves them.
    17 hours ago Michelle Johnson 1
    Robert Peter You can't possibly think it's smart for the U.S. President to alienate all of our allies?
    15 hours ago David Watkins
    we have all of our Allies however Angela Mykel seems fond of aligning her country will muslims while Germans move out bigger picture
    17 hours ago Robert Peter
    tell ME whats it like going threw life as a BRAIN DEAD ZOMBIE???
    17 hours ago Klaus Lewinski 8
    Trump is not a political leader he is just an old man not knowing what it means to act in a responsible way. Wrong place, wrong job for this man thinking all over the day only how to make more money for his own family business !
    17 hours ago Heinz Frey 4
    "The United States itself and its people and culture still retained support around the world."  May the American people continue to represent those principles and values which have made America great ... "with liberty, justice and equality for all"
    15 hours ago France Bellier
    Give me your tired , your huddled masses yearning to be parked behind a wall?
    14 hours ago Heinz Frey
    A bridge of understanding and mutual trust,
    not a wall of exclusion and hate ...
    17 hours ago Mark Spikes 1
    Of course. He is doing the same shtick ("policy") that Reagan to Obama did - meddle, overthrow, bomb. Most foreigners don't care if it is a Dem or Rep. You are not partisan when bullets and bombs are flying that say, "Made In The USA". The empire building needs to stop.
    15 hours ago Blake Bjornstad
    Trump sucks but even still Obama was well liked because he's good for the capitalist class/global finance/"free" trade corporatists. Different forms of poison
    15 hours ago David Watkins
    obama was not liked if spoke out against him your deemd a racist
  • 18 hours ago by The New York Times

    The New York Times
    Much of the entertainment industry doesn't reflect the demographic diversity of the U.S.
    Theater Jobs Skew White and Male, Study Finds
    18 hours ago Jesse Sanchez 17
    Business as usual. A racial disparity in places that should promote more inclusivity. What else is new?
    18 hours ago Lore Ingersoll 13
    Water is wet.
    17 hours ago Adam L Brinklow
    Lacking empirical evidence, some people would argue about water too...
    17 hours ago Kurt Geissel 13
    Next thing they are going to figure out is that there are a lot of gays in musical theater! 🙂
    17 hours ago Kurt Geissel 2
    I don't know... I like musical theater and frankly, I don't care who produces it or acts or whatever.
    15 hours ago William Allen
    Your statement is bias and homophobic. The majority of award winning males that dance, sing and act for a living are heterosexual. Your assumption are wrong.
    17 hours ago Ethan Erickson
    They are a very exclusionary minority.
    17 hours ago Florinda Mintz
    That is what I just said. There is a high number of white male gays in the entertainment industry, count as males when in reality, they are a minority that there, is a majority.
    17 hours ago Colleen Hinkle 8
    ...and trees are made of wood! Who made money doing this Captain Obvious study?
    16 hours ago Konstantin Voytsekhovich 6
    Acting talent has no race or gender. It is either there or not there. Talent should be the only criteria. Just like in the NBA, the NFL, the NHL and the MLB. If you can play in the Big Leagues and you want to play - you play, no matter who you are, what you are or where are you from. Aroldis Chapman and Noah Syndegaard are baseball players because they can throw above 100 mph, McGwire and Bonds and Sosa were baseball players because they could hit more than 50 HRs a season each. Sydney Crosby, Alex Ovechkin and Ryan Getzlaf are hockey players because they can skate, pass and score better than others. As simple as that. Michael Jordan is a basketball genius not because he is an African American but because HE IS A BASKETBALL GENIUS. And so were Kareem, Russel, Doctor J, Magic Johnson, Larry Bird and Shaq.
    15 hours ago Joe Malapitan 3
    And how many of those athletes had to audition in front of predominantly white folks?
    15 hours ago Kendyl Ryne Grender 2
    Just wanted to point out that theatre jobs aren't just acting. (Stage managers, lighting, sound, directing, etc.)
    15 hours ago Bart Grossman 2
    Underrepresented compared to what? "African-American performers, for example, got 11 percent of the principal roles in Broadway and touring plays, and 9 percent in musicals. Off Broadway, African-American performers did better: about 14 percent of the principal roles and 22 percent of chorus jobs." If you are comparing to percentage in the U.S. population, African Americans are 12%, so in some categories they are somewhat underrepresented and in some overrepresented, which shows the inherent ridiculousness of the percentage game." However, I guess it'll get you published in the Times.
    17 hours ago Stephen Fuhri 2
    5 comments...still dont get the hint!! #boycottnytimes #supportourPresident #unitedasoneAmerica
    17 hours ago Kimberly Marie 15
    You say boycott the NYT, yet here you are commenting.
    17 hours ago Kimberly Marie 6
    Yes... and no I won't go away. I'm protesting your boycott
    17 hours ago Kimberly Marie 3
    Stephen Fuhri you can't boycott me
    17 hours ago Bryan Fernet 3
    Kimberly, Stephen's the kind of guy who thinks boycotting Starbucks means buy into their coffee just to get them to write Trump on the cup. He doesn't know what the word means, is what I'm trying to say.
    17 hours ago Stephen Fuhri 2
    Are you bored...go away
    17 hours ago Kimberly Marie
    Stu just read
    15 hours ago Stephen Fuhri
    Does Bryan need some democratic tissues?
    14 hours ago Serhend Sirkecioglu 1
    why should it? theater both on and behind the stage is an art-form where performance and reliability are paramount.
    15 hours ago Mark Ramos 1
    I think they should put on a play about Trump to address this issue and the person playing the role of Trump should be black, disabled, female, muslim and Spanish speaking, there you go, ticks every box lol.
    14 hours ago Mark Ramos
    oh and lesbian as well, I forgot to add that demographic lol.
    16 hours ago Paul Page
    Probably want to consider ethnicity or religious background too.

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